What's My Type Of Girl? (Quiz for Guys)

Have you ever wondered what your type of girl is? No? I don't believe you!
I'm sure you think about girls a lot! You probably have a type and just don't know it yet! Is your type dependent on her looks or her personality? Do you gravitate to the sweet girl next door? The bad girl that might break your heart, or the intelligent, challenging, one? Just like guys, every girl is different, but types do exist!
So what are you waiting for?
Find out here what your type of girl is right now!

  • 1
    What hair color do you think is prettiest?
  • 2
    Which of these days is your favorite?
  • 3
    Which is most important in a girl?
    Which is most important in a girl?

  • 4
    Favorite date out of these?
  • 5
    Which is closest to your style?
  • 6
    Best vacation spot out of these?

  • 7
    Favorite car out of these?
  • 8
    Your dream house is ...
  • 9
    Your dream girl will ...
  • 10
    Your girlfriend asks you for a drink. You get her ...

  • 11
    Your favorite season is ...
  • 12
    In a conversation, you care most about?

Comments (109)


2088 days ago
a guy named Aaron loves me but idk what to say and im a girl
2088 days ago
I love a girl named Jessica and she is super hot
2094 days ago
i am a girl
2095 days ago
it was a game it said whats your type XD i really have no life
2095 days ago
I came on this because i was tired of roblox and wanted to play something elsa then found this and came on cause i got no freaking life :(
2101 days ago
boared to death and found this online :/
2102 days ago
im a girl i was bored
2103 days ago
hey im a girl and i was dieing for something to do
2108 days ago
I’m a girl and I was bored so... I guess I like gothic girls...it ok I’m bi
2115 days ago
i need a girl who is pretty
2117 days ago
i got a 58
2119 days ago
Thank you for letting me know
2123 days ago
I need a pretty girl
2126 days ago
It was a tie for everything...
2127 days ago
I Found someone who is nice, beautiful, respectful, smart, and has the cutest(I know) blue hair. Only down fall, I am leaving to wisconsion in three days... Sadly, it's true. I just don't know if she likes me as I do her
2130 days ago
well ummm so i got a ten
2130 days ago
this helped me alot
2131 days ago
Bullseye! 🎯 Well, except the last 8%. Gothic/Emo creep me out 😷
2133 days ago
i want a girl freand i like soccer so much i like girls that like socer.
2134 days ago
I like to type in stuff in I like helpings techers in I like math because its important to know so you will know every thing when you change school