Your Perfect Match (Quiz for Guys Only)

Are you looking for "the one"? Well, this quiz will help you find the girl who's meant to be with you.

All guys (and some girls) want to know that, right? We can't exactly bring her to your side, but maybe we can help you spot her in the crowd!
Good luck! I hope this test helps you in your search.:-)

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    What kind of hairstyle does your dream girl have?
    What kind of hairstyle does your dream girl have?

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35 days ago
i got the shy girl
52 days ago
I got the book girl...

How did it guess my exact tastes? Lol!
353 days ago
how is it guys only? none of the questions called the quiz taker a guy? also “she is great to be with if u have organizational issues” SKKSANSNDJD YOU CALLED ME OUT SO BAD HELP-
543 days ago
how would you say Gus only when girls can also acsess it
553 days ago
ok but can some people just be honest yall lesbians' ignored the guys only just to see ur perfect match
589 days ago
DAAAAMNNN!!!! kinda feel like an old Cadillac tryna go 260 on a high way
604 days ago
For 40% you are: You got a popular girly-girl. She loves social media, and her friends, and the latest clothes. She will always be at the top, and people will always adore her and want to be near her. Great match! Good luck!
10% of 66402 quiz participants had this profile!
616 days ago
I gt regular girl. Same with you, no name
625 days ago
I'm a girl too, this is a girl. I just wanted to see what boys thoughtt
641 days ago
I got: She is happy, and organized, and tries to keep calm and get on with life. She is a great companion if you have organizational issues. Great match! Good luck!

Man this girl is really for me... except I've never had a girl and I'm starting to feel like I never will... never dated anyone before and I'm basically almost an adult. I feel lonely
646 days ago
Christ was this test made in 2012!

I still respect that you made this
678 days ago
clap clap clap (yea, its me again)
678 days ago
also, why is eveyone simping? i mean, cute that u love ur partners but do i really need to know that??
678 days ago
lol sike, I am probs a lesbian, too. results are kinda accurate, idk
738 days ago
For 40% you are: You got the crazy, outgoing, funny kind of girl. She just wants to have a good time! And laugh along the way. Her way of making someone's day is making them laugh. She just wants to share her loud, obnoxious jokes with everyone. Great match! Good luck!

lol im a girl and this is not me at all
752 days ago
i got the rebellious girl. She breaks the rules, but she is really fun to be around. When you first look at her, you see some "Goth chick" riding on her skateboard, egging someone - but really, if you get to know her, she is awesome.
754 days ago
i think this test was a true one. i like shy, cute but not trendy, girls who like books and D&D
754 days ago
Keep your eyes open for a girl who seems shy at first, and doesn't seem interested in anybody but the characters in her books. Once you get to know her, she is amazing. She opens up to you. She is a down-to-earth kind of girl and is very compassionate. Great match! Good luck!
770 days ago
Lol sike, I’m not a guy, I’m lesbian
802 days ago
Woah i totally sent it twice accidentally, I'm so smart please forgive me and don't steal my kidneys ok thanks :)