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What Is My Type? (Lesbian Only)

What is the girl of your dreams like? This is a quiz I developed for lesbians, not for men. Find out now which type of girl you really belong with! P.S.: Guys, you can definitely take this if you think it would be funny, but I doubt it will help you very much!

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    Which is the hottest?
    Which is the hottest?

Comments (75)


8 days ago
So I actually have a online crush her username is PrincessSpark if anyone knows her I really love her but she is my ex-friend and she doesn't really talk to me lol to everyone out there who is insecure I think you look like a sexy motorcycle vroom vroom~
8 days ago
I am a bottom and when I find someone the only thing I'm gonna do with them is be a good girlfriend and steal cuddles cause I love cuddles
37 days ago
I’m a panromantic lesbian and I mostly like femme girls...omg how are femme girls so hot🤤💖
73 days ago
Btw Lesbain_searcher it’s not sexist it’s homophobic :) have a nice day
74 days ago
i'm the soft cuddly type and the explorer type and i like that kind of gilr
75 days ago
I can’t decide whitch of them are handsome I’m so confused
75 days ago
Well I change my mind guys are cuter too
75 days ago
But I have to be nice and respectful with people
75 days ago
I think tomboys are cuter than guys
75 days ago
Whatever I don’t like guys cause boys are gross and I’m not into boys
75 days ago
I was never lesbian I had a boyfriend and he cheated on me for a another girl
76 days ago
I was 18 during the pandemic when I found out I was gay. At first I had this shock feeling,but I got passed it once I accepted. My family is like yours luh.Andrea ,so I'm scared to tell a soul. Only me,God, and now you know.I enjoyed this test to give me an idea of my future girlfriend
84 days ago
yesss they got it right i love fem girls uwu sooo cute, i'm bi but i can't tell anyone because my family is really homophobic :(( any advice? x
90 days ago
Im kinda qestioning but leaning towards lesbian so these quizes help me alot! (:
92 days ago
I got profile A and I am happy. I am also bi... so yea and it feels good to know people will always love me and even if some hate.... haters gota hate
95 days ago
I just found out I am a lesbian I am scared and nervous to tell my family I want a girlfriend who will love me for me and not judge me for the things I’ve done or my scars I want to be loved.
106 days ago
i like girls who are feminine and cute and i like boys who are masculine and cute too,
106 days ago
i love girls and boys, both nice and i like profile b girls periodtt
107 days ago
I'm into the nature nerdy type girls
126 days ago
50% relaxed and chill cool with them selfs 30% ready to shout in a crocus and express there feelings10% bookworm 10% quiet but strong vary interesting