What kind of girl is best suited to you? The perfect girlfriend quiz

This is a test to help determine what kind of girl you could successfully date, possibly. Good news - this quiz doesn't sexually discriminate! It's gender-neutral as well, so bi- and lesbian girls are warmly welcomed to take it as well. Hope you get the answer you need. I know how hard it is to find someone good.

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    Which of these traits do you like best in a girl?
    Which of these traits do you like best in a girl?

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115 days ago
Ima straight guy and got 42% perverted girl. PERFECT!!!
156 days ago
im very deeply into men.
183 days ago
When it says which thing will she eat does if i choose me is that oral😘or cannibalism
184 days ago
I partially died reading the comments half of them are just insecure homophobic kids who don’t even know what lgbtqia+ stands for and think they’re all perverted. Lolll
260 days ago
I died laughing at "anywhere the people aren't annoying" on question 4 and then realized it's very relatable...
378 days ago
homophobes are just scared slimy little banana peels
390 days ago

I am straight, not perverted.
460 days ago
how many can you name?
540 days ago
Anyone who's not straight, rethink your whole life you 💗. Screw the lgbtq community.
568 days ago
I’m nonbinary AFAB btw and bisexual I’m so glad you made this
572 days ago
My name's Callan No Beanie Redden and I do not support straight and outeracial relationships
573 days ago
that was cool if it have a pictures for the questions it was too be more cool but it is awesome
580 days ago
I don't even know how to answer question 2... I guess I came here for you to magically tell me what I like. Or well maybe I am aromantic.. 😔
580 days ago
Perberted. I sooo love girls. . . I want to marry them like right now especially if they are sexy
584 days ago
Cool thanks for the quiz it was fun
607 days ago
I did the quiz twice, cause I just wanted to see if I'd get the type that I like, which is either confident and funny or smart and nice.
645 days ago
Boo...Not What I Had Wanted!
651 days ago
Got cute/funny...found one :D
660 days ago
Cute and funny for me, perfect.
663 days ago
I got emo girl which it very sensitive and not confident at all ( this is very accurate