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What Type of Girl Are You Most Attracted To?

Looking for the perfect girl?
Oh, but hold on tight, because this quiz isn't your ordinary "which pizza topping are you" kind of deal. No way! We're diving into the world of captivating conversations, adventurous spirits, and brilliant minds. From sassy Netflix binge-watchers to dreamy souls who'll light up your life, we've got it all covered!
Picture this: you'll be matched with the girl of your dreams – the one who'll just get you like nobody else. So, if you're on the hunt for that perfect partner, look no further. Our quiz is like a magical compass that'll steer you towards your true north in the land of romance.
Are you ready to uncover your perfect puzzle piece? All you have to do is spill your preferences, and we'll reveal the nature of your ideal partner.
Let's get started!

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    What body shape do you find attractive?
    What body shape do you find attractive?

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142 days ago
It. Doest really bother me Im never really looking just aslong as she makes me smile thats all im really into tbh
155 days ago
Last question is so difficult for me
436 days ago
Hey, so I’m actually Bi, and I was jsut scrolling through Tik Tok, and I found a woman with short, blonde hair (boy short but not a buzz cut) my height, green eyes, in a suit, and I was like OMG I WANT! Thing is this woman is probably like 10 years older than me if not 5, but it was amazing to feel this way because I finally think I know what my preference is in a girl, not to be such a girly girl, but sorta like an Ellen Degeneres vibe with all of her nice suits!undefined
628 days ago
dnc do not care jtard jtoh tryhard eo elite obbyist todc tower of difficulty chart
866 days ago
lmao I just realized this wasn't for lesbians
875 days ago
Just realised this wasn’t for lesbians...or at least I don’t think it was for females?idk
1062 days ago
1068 days ago
im sry i made this when i was still learning about the LGBTQ+ community
1074 days ago
if ur a trans boy, ur still gay wether u like girls or boys
1093 days ago
Wdym its a gender???
Nice quiz annalise
1121 days ago
Btw transgender isn’t a sexuality, it’s a gender