Single and Ready to Mingle or Tied Down Forever?

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Based on the answers you choose, what lifestyle fits you?

  • 1
    Your friends want to set you up with a guy that they think is "perfect" for you. Your friends say that he agreed to meet up. Would you go?
  • 2
    You're going out to meet some friends. What do you wear?
  • 3
    Your boyfriend of a month wants to meet your parents, what will you do?

  • 4
    What do you do over the weekend?
  • 5
    If you could have a dream wedding what would it be like?
  • 6
    Choose a quote.

  • 7
    Are you the bride or the bridesmaid?
  • 8
    What is your longest relationship?
  • 9
    Your dream guy.
  • 10
    What do you think you'll get?

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1646 days ago
I am also in love wiyh someone but I am not sure he is or not he sits rightnext to me once he was looking at me and was smiling because I got mumps those days I was with him in the van and I was going out of it and he hold his bag for me so I easily put him on his seat to get out of the van without any problem now I don't know someone tell me is that guy in love with me or not
1678 days ago
I still like the same guy from before and I think he still likes me too cuz everyday at lunch he comes up to my friends and I to annoy us and all my friends think he's annoying
1678 days ago
@Luna Moon what do you need help with?
1723 days ago
Does anyone have any love advice for me? I really need help in my love life but don't know where to get it. My mom hardly talks to me. And my dad would KILL me if I went to him about this stuff,so I need help from you guys. Please help me.
1723 days ago
Cupcake please give me love advice I don't want to be single forever. Will the love of my life find me. He acts so shy does he love me back? Everyone says he does but I don't believe them he hardly ever talks to me.
1723 days ago
Good job! I guess I do want to settle down with the right guy. Maybe buy a house, get married and have a kid or two. I do want to be tied down eventually
1751 days ago
Karol I think it sounds like he likes you so yeah you should make a move!
I still like the guy I was talking bout before and I'm pretty sure he likes me bbbbuuutttt he thinks ima stalker
1753 days ago
cupcake- if you want to date him, go get him! sometimes girls have to make the first move.
i have this guy-jock dork flirt, you name it- who probably likes me but never told me. he's really cute with me, and treats me different than the other girls.
should i makme a move, even though i ddon't know for ccertain he likes me? thx!!
1800 days ago
There's this guy I like and I know that he likes me but he doesn't know I like him and I want to start something but Im not sure how
1832 days ago
I like this guy but IDK if I wanna date him cause honestly I'm fine being single and I don't really want a boyfriend yet
1839 days ago
Being or starting a relationship is extraordinarily hard for an asexual person
( ´△`)
1843 days ago
I like a cool guy but he never notices me and i wish he could.Pliz help!!!