Why are you single?

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There is nothing wrong with being single but if you're curious to know why, take the quiz!

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    When was the last time you sent a text first?

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1258 days ago
I guess that I am shy
1279 days ago
I'm a shy guy but I feel I'm not worth anyone's time or attention
1451 days ago
My crush told my best friend he loved her even though he ignored her for weeks. Later that day he touched her so 🤷‍♀️ I guess he's an 💋
1677 days ago
So I got this and the last part made me laugh like sure let me see say Hi, that's sarcasm I probably will never have the balls to do that "For 90% you are: You are very shy! There is nothing wrong with being shy but sometimes people mistake it for arrogance. The next time you see your crush, just say hi! You never know, he may have been too shy to talk to you too!"
1709 days ago
It is true, I'm not shy person but when it comes to my crush, I'm super shy!!😹😹
1763 days ago
will he ever like me? i doubt it
1775 days ago

In primary school that was how it was too
1776 days ago
I don't even have a crush RN bc all the boys at my school are ugly sorry but true
1782 days ago
Cupcake the weird thing is that he's a popular dude, but I'm just there. He's not really shy. He flirts, but I don't know if he flirts a lot or if it's just with who he likes.
1783 days ago
Thehowlingwolf same I'm really shy and praying that hes gonna ask me out cause o
I know he likes me but he is shy too
1783 days ago
I really don't understand boys sometimes. I know girls can make the first move. But I'm so shy I'm just literally praying he's going to ask me out.
1854 days ago
I am shy and its killin me inside😖
1923 days ago
yeah..I'm shy when it comes to boys...
1926 days ago
Yep it’s true the test said I was very shy and it’s sooooooo true
1948 days ago
Explains it.