Why Have I Never Had A Boyfriend? Quiz

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This quiz is designed to help you pin point why you’ve never been in a relationship, try to answer as honestly as possible and remember this is just advice! 💓

  • 1
    Which set of words best describe you and or your personality? 🧠💗
  • 2
    Which sentence best describes how you feel about yourself? 🔮💭
  • 3
    Which of these qualities/personality traits are you LEAST proud of? 🥵💔

  • 4
    What attributes does your ideal boyfriend have? 🥰🌹
  • 5
    What is your ideal first date? 💝🌸
  • 6
    What stereotype best describe the boys you usually find attractive or have crushes on? 💘🦋

  • 7
    In why do YOU believe that you haven’t had a boyfriend? 🤔💛
  • 8
    Which if these words do you like the best? 🤪💓
  • 9
    What is the most important thing to you in your life right now? 🏆🤩
  • 10
    Which colour do you feel best suits your personality? 🌈🎨

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392 days ago
For 70% you are: You got friendly but under confident! 🦋🥶💙

You’re a super friendly person but you’re not the best in social situations. It seems like you’re not ready for a relationship yet. You also have very low self-esteem and lots of self-doubt ;(( but everyone is amazing in their own way and before you can love someone else you have to live yourself! In order to get into a relationship work on building self-confidence and self-love.
22% of 5814 quiz participants had this profile!
416 days ago
Haven't found the right person, haven't had strong feelings for a person for it to turn into anything and bad in social situations
420 days ago
Mine said I didn't like guys enough to date want to them... I had a 🐬 crush on a guy for 9 months. Trust me, I would date in a heartbeat if anyone liked me back
618 days ago
no one likes me :((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((
740 days ago
6th comment!!! Yay
886 days ago
Got the results of i'm cocky and self-absorbed. Which i guess is sort of true, but i do make time for my friends to talk and i don't really talk about my personal life or anything to people i don't know well. but also it's probably because i've read to many romance novels.
this quiz made me think about why i'm still single. and ive realised that i don't want a relationship.
thankyou for taking your time in crerating this quiz.
1020 days ago
The reason I don't have a boyfriend is, I haven't found the right person. I'm also to mischievous and I'm to bold. I need to relax and chill out! (Which I'm REALLY bad at!)

I need to hang in there and wait, the day will come!
1067 days ago
Okay so i'm and 8th grade and there's this really cute boy i like but i am very socially awkward and not good with talking to people especially boys but i finally billed up the confidence to text him and asked to be friend he replied yes then i asked for his number And i've been left on read and its winter break.
1100 days ago
The only reason your haven't had a boyfriend, is because you haven't found the right person yet! You may have liked many boys before, but not for long, because it wasn't meant to be. On this, I agree. Because, yet, many boys do not like me. Though they should, I'm quite the catch, says my friends. I believe that I will find the right person one time in life. I feel it.
1268 days ago
yes first comment!