Am I A Sissy?

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Have you ever wondered how much of a sissy you are - or maybe are not? Then this is the perfect test for you! You might be a macho straight man, a transsexual, a cross-dresser, or a full-on sissy. Your result could confirm your worst fears, or your happiest hopes! Whichever is the case, find out now!

  • 1
    What are you wearing under your clothes?
    What are you wearing under your clothes?
  • 2
    How often do you wear women's lingerie?
  • 3
    If you could magically become the opposite gender, with the body you have always dreamed of, and never switch back, would you?

  • 4
    Do you like petticoats?
  • 5
    If you could choose one of these hairstyles for yourself, which would you pick?
  • 6
    Which of these types of shoes would you most like to wear?

  • 7
    Which outfit would you most love to wear daily?
  • 8
    If it were socially acceptable, would you paint your nails?
  • 9
    Do you like when people fuss over you?
  • 10
    Which of these jobs would you like best?

Comments (41)


disgusting animals no matter what u vote it tells you to become disgusting 🚔,
16 days ago
l am a sissy and l love it to wear women's cloths make me feel good and l would love to please a man by letting him undress me and 💑 my💑and l would love to take his💑in my mouth and eat him cum
21 days ago
It said I was a little bit of a sissy witch makes sense since I’m not the most masculine guy but not the most feminine one ether so at least it’s a decent answer
39 days ago
it said i was a sissy, but i am not at all. i would never paint my nails. gross.
43 days ago
me too Me. and even some makeup if it was acceptable.
44 days ago
If it were socially acceptable, would you paint your nails?

Yes but only if it where socially acceptable
45 days ago
ilove wearing girlely panties and abra it make me fell very feamene
45 days ago
i love wearing panties every day make me feel very feamenie
57 days ago
Hehe I used glittery nail polish and then it started looking like🦄but i didn't know where the nail polish remover was, also I'm not that much of a sissy but just weird, very weird.
60 days ago
I love being a sissy
60 days ago
omw to being a sissy hell yeah
62 days ago
i am totally not a sissy i am rn wearing boots and leather with jeans and i have a buzz cot lol idk know y this test told me im a sissy but idek why i took it in the first place
63 days ago
I am a confirmed sissy, relieved and excited.
75 days ago
i am a sissy i love being a girly
79 days ago
im happy now im sissy
81 days ago
yo boys i am girl and less sissy than you
83 days ago
Yay! I am a sissy!
I know I sure would love to live among other sissies or a group of girls.
87 days ago
It said I am sissy , awkward but right
100 days ago
It says I should let go of my last shred of masculinity. Would be great in a perfect world but it is not unfortunately.
104 days ago
I would love to become a woman all the time it feels very comfortable to be dressed as a woman with makeup and nails done