Are You A Sissy?

Could it be that you're a sissy?
This quiz is all about exploring different sides of your personality. Your sensitive side mostly! Ever wondered if you're a sissy? Well, this quiz will help you uncover some interesting insights. You might be tougher or more sensitive than you think!
Get ready to be surprised by your results! Let's go!

  • 1
    How often do you cry?
    How often do you cry?
  • 2
    Do you flinch when someone scares you?
  • 3
    How manly do you feel?
    How manly do you feel?

  • 4
    Are you interested in girl's stuff?
  • 5
    Have you ever shaved your legs or dreamed of having a hairless body?
    Have you ever shaved your legs or dreamed of having a hairless body?
  • 6
    Do you take criticism well?

  • 7
    Have you ever been dominated by your gf or wife?
    Have you ever been dominated by your gf or wife?
  • 8
    Does your girl know that you dress up in female clothes?
  • 9
    Has your girl seen you dressed-up in a girly avatar?
    Has your girl seen you dressed-up in a girly avatar?
  • 10
    Do you get excited easily by stuff?

Comments (28)


40 days ago
Thank you, it’s only 75% but we live in a harsh world we gotta be protected at all times I don’t like being emotionally hurt
43 days ago
Well, well, well! Aren't we on an exciting journey? You've hit that 75% mark, darling, which means you are most definitely a closet sissy.

I answered honest and all but i dont have any girl clothes but i wouldn't mind to wear them
43 days ago
My score was 75% cool And I did not think that I would get 75 % to the good I am happy with my score.. this test is right on of my self wow nice test... Every one have a nice day..
92 days ago
I'm somewhat surprised about the mid seventy percentile mark. I was very honest.
199 days ago
I'm 50% sissy. This quiz is is amazingly accurate, since I actually identify as a person. Not a boy or a girl, as I like to wear clothes for both genders, just... a person.
228 days ago
Definitely want to take Hormones that will help grow Breasts. Dress up now and really enjoy geeting Made Up, wearing Nylons and High Heels.
236 days ago
I'm only 75 percent sissy?!? I need help becoming Effeminate beyond reason. And I have now desire for women, that way...
247 days ago
Yes, I am a sissy who happily discovered this essential truth for intimate fulfillment. I got 100% on the test and I was happy.
314 days ago
I am definitely heading to full time sissy status. Love to be with real men who take control
341 days ago
I luv to be a Sissy I want everybody seeit
359 days ago
I love being a sissy, it’s take some time for my wife to understand but now she dominates me telling me what to wear and humiliating me in front of her friends.
401 days ago
hi thank you so much for that test
417 days ago
439 days ago
im 30 precent sissy lol
457 days ago
I know I have been a sissy for many years. Ex wife found out and moved me into another room and made it girlie.we live as girl rehouse mates once she got me a 👮job. She had doctor give me 38 dd, and payed for it🙂🥰
568 days ago
I enjoy wearing bras and have recently began hormones to grow real breasts
I love being a sissy and wearing dresses and heels
589 days ago
I'm admire Caroline Cossey she's my heroine and she was called sissy Cossey, I wouldn't mind being called sissy and eventually becoming like Caroline.Being a model and bond girl, she had pressure from the press but I admire and would die for a body like hers.
594 days ago
I am a sissy and love dressing up as a lady
603 days ago
good i am a sissy hope you are good
810 days ago
I got 75%, I can't wait to get the other 25%