Sissy Test

You must kind of wonder about this, since you're checking out this quiz. So are you a sissy? You might not be as tough - or as weak - as you think you are. To find out for sure, try this quiz right now. Your result might surprise you!

  • 1
    Have you ever worn a bra?
    Have you ever worn a bra?
  • 2
    Did you become aroused when you wore the bra?
  • 3
    How big is your penis?

  • 4
    Would like to wear high heels?
  • 5
    Have you ever shaved your legs or dreamed of having a hairless body?
  • 6
    Has any girl commented about your penis, saying it's tiny or below average?

  • 7
    Have you ever been dominated by your gf or wife?
  • 8
    Does your girl know that you dress up in female clothes?
  • 9
    Has your girl seen you dressed-up in a girly avatar?
  • 10
    Do you moan when you're turned on by your gf or wife?

  • 11
    Has your gf ever called you a sissy?
  • 12
    Would you like to get locked in chastity for a lifetime with your gf or wife?
  • 13
    Has your girlfriend ever treated you like a girl?

Comments (11)


5 days ago
Hi My friend suggested me to go and visit this site. The question were nice for sissy. My score were 0%. And I knew this would happen. Just happy. But I would love to date a transgender woman ( sissy) because they are really hot and sexy
52 days ago
I'm 75% sissy
102 days ago
I got 75%, I can't wait to get the other 25%
252 days ago
I got 30% witch I’ll say is about right

Since I’m am not too masculine because I’m not too physically strong or in to sports

Yet I’m a little bit feminine since I like shopping (but it’s depends on what shop) and sometimes gossip (this also depends on who we’re talking about)
321 days ago
I got 50% which is about right. I wish there were different multiple choice answers on a couple of the questions, so I could of answered slightly different.
384 days ago
Should be questions not related to a gf. I not have a gf so hard to answere correct. I got 50% Sissy and getting more day by day. Never thought i was that much of a Sissy 🙈
391 days ago
I can't answer the questions, because I am gay and never had a gf or wife.
434 days ago
I am a sissy in the early beginning stages
448 days ago
my outcome of this test is 100% Sissy

after this test, i only wear women's clothes
and get female hormones
my body will always become feminine.
and proclaims masculinity
450 days ago
Most of the question assume you have a GF with no choice of not having any...its disapointing
462 days ago
I dress girlie as often as I can . I like feeling pretty.