Sissy Test / Gender Quiz

Get ready to answer 40 questions about whether you're a sissy, based on years of my own personal experience. Please note that I don't mean the word "sissy" as an insult or a derogatory term - it's a real thing and is nothing to be ashamed of. Answer honestly to get the most accurate result. Thanks for taking my test!

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    Hello! First, why are you taking this quiz?

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26 days ago
I know iam more women then the result a girl trying to break out 👠💋💄
31 days ago
I did it out of curiosity and found out more about my self
43 days ago
im ftm trans so ive done alot of these things lol
48 days ago
I like feeling Fem & sexy
48 days ago
Just as I've always known. Now if I could just find a boyfriend to make me his gurlfriend.
57 days ago
i am trans very much, thanks
57 days ago
i am straight up trans and i got curious, what??????
67 days ago
i knew it that im a sissy
73 days ago
I'm sissy, through and through. Like the others, I knew this long ago. Deep down, everybody knows. I'm a very happy sissy!
79 days ago
im trans mtf and i got curious lol
135 days ago
Yup, transgender. Already on 2 years HRT but I was curious. Femininity doesn't arouse me. It just feels natural.
141 days ago
I thing it's not very good test because 6 qustean about clothes. I live with my parents how I can wear female dreasse😢? Or how I can nail 😢
149 days ago
Mmmmmmm i cane up effeminate, and I answered honestly, ummmm yeah, okay.
155 days ago
he he i took this test ps. you boys are so wird
170 days ago
Love you too, proud to be a sissy. So true, started to notice already at a young age
186 days ago
Okay let me get this straight. I was born a girl but identify as non-binary.
So if there are binary quizzes which one do I take?
213 days ago
im a girl and i still got curious not sissy...
219 days ago
😍 I feel called out personally by some of those questions. Definitely borderline cross dresser/wannabe trans/enby though, and got effeminate... still confused as hell
227 days ago
Curious (about the test)
229 days ago
Got sissy knew I was