Am I Transgender (FtM)?

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This quiz has been created specifically for people who biologically are females. If you are biologically male, stop right here. You might want to try the MtF version, also on this site. Taking this one would most likely lead you in the wrong direction. I wouldn't want that.

  • 1
    Do you feel you are male, despite physically being female?
    Do you feel you are male, despite physically being female?
  • 2
    If I were to tell you I think you're a very pretty girl/woman, would that annoy you?
  • 3
    Do you present as male (hair, clothes, bathroom choice, etc.)?

  • 4
    Would you ever consider taking hormone blockers to stop the development of female puberty? (If you've already gone through female puberty, imagine you can go back in time and make this decision.)
  • 5
    Would you ever consider taking testosterone to develop male secondary sex characteristics?
  • 6
    Would you ever consider "top surgery" (the removal of breast tissue through surgery) if you had the money?

  • 7
    Would you ever consider getting "bottom surgery" (the transformation of a vagina into a penis through surgery) if you had the money?
  • 8
    What kind of name would you like to be called by?
  • 9
    Which of these labels do you think best describes you?
  • 10
    Which of these would be the worst for you?

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3 days ago
I just took this test to feel more comfortable about myself and yes I really know this isn't as psychological as real therapy.
But even as a child I had thoughts about how it could be, being a real boy.
Since I got sexually abused by an older dude while still being a girl, some people may think this situation might be responsible for feeling like that.
I'm sure it isn't. I feel like a male, I like this "gentleman" fashion and I like when girls admire me. I like shows leaned more towards the male audience and I like to think of myself as a man.
As my living situation is difficult it's hard to tell my real feelings to the people that know me. Also my "trauma" is in the way.
Has someone experienced similar things?
5 days ago
@Please Help!!! you literally just described my life. Like what- I completely relate to every aspect of your comment, and just so you know, I get it. It's so hard sometimes. The only thing is, that the whole questioning thing didn't start with a dream. Instead, I was once reading a mlm book at about 11, and noticed feeling immense sadness about never being able to experience the same love. But I've always felt different genderwise I guess. But I only really started questioning because I felt really uncomfortable imagining myself as a girl with a guy... but yeah, anyways, questioning is completely valid, and you're not alone. I'm scared I'm just convincing myself I'm trans, because I managed to think I was wlw for nearly 3/4 of a year hehe. And I didn't really show signs of being trans as a kid, but yeah anyways, typeing this made me feel pretty sure I'm trans. Anyways, sorry for ranting, and hope you slept better than with that dream :)
7 days ago
Hi! I was taking this test, out of many, to see my gender Identity, I thought I was a lesbian, but lately I have also has a attraction to men too, and women, and on top of that, I have been having second thoughts about my gender, even my friends and family keep on asking if I want to be a boy, so thanks for this quiz!
9 days ago
I'm so so confused. I don't feel like a female and thinking back to when I was little I don't think I ever did (?). Btw I'm afab, bisexual and 13. I don't feel male either I think but i think I like male pronouns!?!?! Still not sure about that. I think I feel body (chest) and social dysphoria but I could just not like my body. I think I also feel euphoria when I tried backing with packing and in social situations. Even before I knew what trans was I remember not knowing which box to check when I was asked about my gender. I don't think anyone is my life would believe me because I have always acted feminine but what they don't know is since I was in kindergarten my goal was to just blend in a be the pretty, feminine, cute girl. I pretended to love pink, dresses, ect ( you can't guess how many dresses I have that I have only wore once). I know not liking those thing doesn't make you a boy tho. I don't feel comfortable in my body (female) but I don't think I would feel comfortable in a males body. Some days I feel differently. I feel like I am making this up for attention or something so I can't seriously think about it without feeling guilty. I have always felt this way I think. I have been having this dream were I am a male who is in a serious relationship with another male. Every time I have this dream I have a had time going back to bed so last night I got 4 hours of sleep. I am so confused. Please, please help! Thank you for reading this long rant. Were masks, stay safe, and spread kindness! Have a beautiful day/night.
10 days ago
I have felt like I’m a ftm gay man lately... idk why?? I used to think I was a lesbian but I don’t feel any attraction to women. I want to date a boy and also be one. 😔 I don’t know how to come out because my mom didn’t like or didn’t believe when I thought I was a lesbian. So I chose the name Eddie for myself (Edward) because I like it and it’s fitting.
16 days ago
Oh dammit. I just like to 💗
16 days ago
Eh this test wasn't THAT good. I thought I was a girl but my bff/girlfriend (I am bi) said "U are totally trans" and I decided to take the test. I'm cisgender. 🍦
17 days ago
Welp I've known for 2 years but still decided to take the test since I have gone to therapy and the words "but are you sure?" still linger in my mind even if I do know for sure. But yeah, this was a pretty cool test to take cause It partly helped to sooth the feeling out of place and bring me back into reality. Also woohoo i'm planning on coming out to my mom this weekend so yea, go me i guess 😗✌️
18 days ago
I’ve been really confused lately, at first I thought I was Cis (Female) than that didn’t feel right. Than I thought I was a demiGirl (Female and Non-binary/Agender. Than that didn’t seem right than I though I was gender fluid and that also didn’t really seem right. Now I think Trans (Ftm) I Like that but at the same time a part of me feels like I’m Agender. I’m considering I maybe A demiboy but I’m not sure. ;-;
21 days ago
I don’t even know who I am anymore. I made mistakes and lost myself within those mistakes and here I am, searching the internet for an answer that doesn’t exist yet.
21 days ago
@BRUH IDFK There’s a lot of things that could be but you need to keep in mind gender is very fluid no matter is you’re cis or queer. I suggest you research terms and definitions, but definitely don’t settle in a label as soon as you find one you like. Trust me, I’ve been there done that and it’s not healthy. No I’m not saying it’s a phase, I’m simply saying that it’s ok not to know right now, just follow what your heart says (as long as you aren’t hurting yourself or others)
22 days ago
@BRUH IDFK there’s something called being bigender so maybe that’s you! Or perhaps gender fluid?
24 days ago
I DONT UNDERSTANNNNNNDDDD IM SO CONFUSED I DONT LIKE BEING CALLED FEMININE BUT I LIKE GIRLY THINGS BUT I ALSO LIKE DRESSING BOYISH but i uhm also dont like being a female but i dont wanna be a male either ------so like basically mentally i feel both male and female but i also dont want to be male or female so.....------ (I'm biologically female btw) AND UHM IDK MY SEXUALITY EITHER WHICH IS MAKING ME CONFUSED AS WELL
24 days ago
Hi so uhm I am was assigned female at birth, but now idk what I am anymore. This is so confusing pls send help o_o (My English is very bad sorry)
25 days ago
It was 100% accurate for me. Genderfluid my dudes. (or nonbinary or female lol)
30 days ago
I've been questioning my gender lately I really do think I'm trans-FTM. Thanks for the quiz. The only other reason im still questioning myself is because my parents probably wont
30 days ago
man,,, i thought i was nonbinary but ive been feeling male lately
32 days ago
33 days ago
@Hello, beautiful person!
Same to be honest...I feel so uncomfortably in my own body my mom, and two of my sisters support the LGBTQ+ but my father and other siblings nope...
33 days ago
100% I'm worried if I'm just making myself feel like this...or if I'm actually trans... My 11-12-year-old self messed up my gender and here I am a 15-year-old gender-questioning...