Am I Transgender (FtM)? - The Trans Quiz 👩🏽‍🤝‍👩🏻

How to know if you are trans? Find out with this 'Am I trans' quiz. It has been created specifically for people who biologically are females. If you are biologically male, stop right here. You might want to try the MtF version, also on this site. Taking this one would most likely lead you in the wrong direction. I wouldn't want that.

  • 1
    Do you feel you are male, despite physically being female?
    Do you feel you are male, despite physically being female?
  • 2
    If I were to tell you I think you're a very pretty girl/woman, would that annoy you?
  • 3
    Do you present as male (hair, clothes, bathroom choice, etc.)?

  • 4
    Would you ever consider taking hormone blockers to stop the development of female puberty? (If you've already gone through female puberty, imagine you can go back in time and make this decision.)
  • 5
    Would you ever consider taking testosterone to develop male secondary sex characteristics?
  • 6
    Would you ever consider "top surgery" (the removal of breast tissue through surgery) if you had the money?

  • 7
    Would you ever consider getting "bottom surgery" (the transformation of a vagina into a penis through surgery) if you had the money?
  • 8
    What kind of name would you like to be called by?
  • 9
    Which of these labels do you think best describes you?
  • 10
    Which of these would be the worst for you?

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2 days ago
well, i got 70%. i really like male pronouns, i am uncomfortable with my feminine body and all that, but i still am quite feminine. maybe im like, a feminine transboy? i dont know. ;-;
7 days ago
i wish my dad would see me as a boy and not a ''girl boy''
30 days ago
I got 100% but idk. I started questioning my gender around 11 after finding out what trans meant, but I said I was nonbinary at first because I was scared to change all the way from a girl to a boy. As a little kid, I never explicitly stated I was a boy, but I didn't say "I'm a girl" or do things to express that I was female, which is something I've noticed most cisgender kids do. Like, when a girl is put into a group with all boys as school, I would be elated, but other girls would say stuff like "Ugh, boys are so annoying, I wish I could hang out with girls." I hated stereotypically feminine things and tried to hang out with the boys, but I had interests that both genders like, and I wasn't extremely tomboyish either. I was happy being a kid. Then, puberty -- I think the fact that I'm attracted to females really confused me because I was romantically attracted to females, so I thought that I wanted to look like that. I remember thinking that I would like my body once puberty finished and I looked like a proper woman. The social expectations of being female were confining throughout middle school. My best friends were boys, I wanted to dress like boys, I was so jealous of their bodies and hair and clothes. I cried myself to sleep because I would never experience life as a boy. If I could press a button and change my🕊and no one would care, I would press that button in a heartbeat. I want a 🕊, and a flat chest, and facial hair, and to be 6'2'' and ripped, and the fact that I can't have that makes me want to jump off a bridge. But I'm still afraid that I'm not actually trans, that I'll realize in a few years that this is all a phase and that I pushed away my family and friends for no reason... I just want to restart.
105 days ago
159 days ago
Hey so for the past year and a half I’ve struggled with my gender identity. About one year ago I came out to my friend as non-binary but the moment I came out I realized it wasn’t right. I now rhink I might be trans and gay.
I very much dislike my female body
I don’t see myself as a girl when I grow up or a boy either though.
I rlly rlly want a flat chest even if I am I girl and not trans
I feel uncomfortable when referred too as she/her
But my dysphoria changes some days I’m fine with being a girl others I rlly want to be a boy
I’m not sure what to do, if I should wait see if it becomes more clear later.
If you have any advice i will take it

162 days ago
--annnd i forgot to mention my dysphoria varies some times. Some days I don't care (as long as i dont take a shower) and some times I can't sleep because of it and end up having a breakdown at 3AM (last time it ended with me doing something pretty bad to myself, i dont want to mention it) but really the main thing i struggle with is my voice (i wish it was deeper lmao)
162 days ago
I've been questioning my gender identity for about 2/3 years now. I am currently 14. As most of my childhood, i liked fem things, like playing with ponies and stuff. But I also didn't mind cars and ''boyish'' things and i'd rather hang out with my male friends if i remember correctly. I dislike my fem body and i'd rather have a masculine one, i'm for sure that's correct. I've came out to some people as a guy for about a year now, and i feel very happy when im with those people as they treat me like the guy i was meant to be. I also feel uncomfortable when she/her is used on me, ngl. I pass pretty well, im glad... And i cant imagine myself as a woman when i grow up-- that sounds incorrect. Anyway this is the first time i write about this thing (even if its to some random strangers on the internet)
190 days ago
Let me restate that
So what I’m experiencing is that when I look at a boy i want to be them and I want a flat chest so I think I am trans (there r more reasons why I think that Im just don’t wanna type a bunch) I also want to cut my hair but idk if I’d look good, but I get rlly nervous when telling something to someone I got nervous when I wanted to tell my mom I wanted to cut my hair short idk why tho but I am like pretty sure I’m trans I just am super nervous. I’m like 75% sure but there’s still that 25% that’s not sure. Whether I’m trans
211 days ago
Lately I’ve been questioning my gender and I sometimes rlly want to be a boy (i’m a female at birth) but when I think about being trans it seems right but at the same time it doesn’t anyone know why?
219 days ago
233 days ago
I'm ftm trans but I'm really nervous about coming out. My parents were fine when I came out as bi, but I was their only daughter and my mom's side of the family (except one of my aunts) is very homophobic and transphobic and they would likely disown me. Anyways I'm definitely not coming out for A while
289 days ago
Took it again today and I got 60% trans. I’m talking to my the😘 soon, so we’ll see…
291 days ago
30% Trans, 30% bigender. I’m so confused!!!
302 days ago
My name is Penny and I’m a trans F/M. I’m around 15 and have only come out to one person. My former best friend, I’ll call her Alana. I’d known Alana since I was 4 and we got on so well. We did everything together and from age 8 I’d ride my bike to her house everyday, it was exactly 600 meters away, so not to far. When I turned 11 I started questioning my gender. (Is that to young?) and when I was 13 I decided that I wanted to use he/they pronouns, but my parents are super transphobic and have always told me that if I was trans then they would disown me and ruin my life. I basically told them they sounded like the stepmother from any My Story Animated video. On my 14th birthday I came out to Alana. She said to me
“Not to be rude or anything, like I’m not homophonic or anything but I really hate like, LGBTQ or whatever the hell your called people. It’s just stupid, there are two genders and you can’t change your birth gender. And girls can only like boys, such as how boys can only like girls. So uh yeah 🙄”

Yeah I left, and haven’t come out to anyone since because you can’t really ask some ‘HEY ARE YOU HOMOPHOBIC’ like you don’t do that. I think I’ll come out when I’m 18 or moved out (Planning to move out at 18, but we’ll see where it goes). I’ll change my name at 18 and start using my preferred pronouns. Any tips for avoiding sinking into the concrete? I don’t like my name I haven’t liked since I was 7, I’ve wanted to change it to Tao, or Aled, since then. I guess r the time I didn’t notice that wanting to use boys names (Tao is a gender fluid name but still) probably meant I was trans. Dunno what kind of message I was trying to get across, but here we are. Yeah I think I’ll change my name to Tao. Dunno. Hm. Well if you read down to here good job, have a cookie. 🍪
335 days ago
Omg I got 100% trans and its right. I identify as a guy, I use he/him pronouns and I'm starting to transition. 😊 I hope you all a good day!
362 days ago
I js don't know 🕊 I am💀💀
406 days ago
I would literally go die if I had to spend the rest of my life as a girl
413 days ago
I believe I'm trans because being female doesn't feel right
414 days ago
I already know im trans i only took this test because i was kinda bored
416 days ago
It's so hard to figure out if I'm Trans... I would love to be a boy and I would do the surgeries but I'm afraid that I'm just confused lately...