Am I Transgender? (AMAB)

This is a test I created especially for AMAB people ("assigned male at birth" - in other words, the doctor announced, "It's a boy" when you were born). If you're AMAB and are exploring your gender identity, or are just curious, try this test now. I hope it helps give you clarity!

  • 1
    Do you ever feel uncomfortable with people expecting you to "be a man" (e.g., show no emotion, be aggressive and competitive, etc.)?
    Do you ever feel uncomfortable with people expecting you to "be a man" (e.g., show no emotion, be aggressive and competitive, etc.)?
  • 2
    Have you ever fantasized about being a girl or a woman?
  • 3
    You are given a magic button that will turn you into a female immediately and permanently when you press it. Your reaction?

  • 4
    Personal question, but how do you feel about your genitals?
  • 5
    Would you ever try presenting as female? Not necessarily as in being a drag queen; even experimenting with lipstick or wearing a skirt could count if the goal were to look or feel more feminine.
  • 6
    When AMAB people have high blood levels of estrogen, feminizing effects occur, including the softening of skin, the shrinkage of genitals, a decrease in body hair, loss of muscle mass, and the development of breasts. How does that sound to you?

  • 7
    Your partner comes up to you and, out of nowhere, pats you on the head and calls you a "good girl." Your reaction?
  • 8
    How would you describe your opinion of the transgender community?
  • 9
    Gender dysphoria is a highly distressing, depression-like feeling that comes from feeling like you're not the gender you're "supposed" to be. Have you ever felt this type of dysphoria?
  • 10
    At the end of the day, the most important deciding factor in whether you're trans is whether you feel like you are. What do you think?

Comments (51)


13 days ago
I got "somewhat ambiguous" :(
49 days ago
Holy 🌻. I want a binder and testosterone
49 days ago
I am a trans man. Could you boys tell me what it’s like to be a boy before I come out?
60 days ago
I meant to say, I got b**bs it changed it.
60 days ago
To whom ever reads this, I was a boy too!! But I overcame my fear, got 😍 and hormones, and am living happily! You are soooo loved! If anyones patents didn’t accept their now daughter!! I am now your mother! My parents hated me. But I formed a support system. I LOVE all of you so much!! Have a wonderful day!
167 days ago
To whoever called themselves "retard": I know it's hard. But you've gotta hang in there. There are people who will love and support you no matter what. No matter how hard it is now, I promise you it gets better. Hang in there!
168 days ago
I think i’m gonna kill myself i don’t wanna be this
234 days ago
Hi, im a male at birth and I want to be transgender. I am 14 and I have the "typical teenage girl" room. I LOVEE painting my nails cyan, pink and purple. I already told my parents; and for the people who need to come out, I told my best friend to do it. I love you being with girls in a non relationship way. I told them too and they approve.
241 days ago
I’m only a kid and I got the trans. Should I come out?
249 days ago
Confuzzled * :)
249 days ago
Uh I got trans in this test and non binary in another...

268 days ago
It told im trans i feel happy about im gonna start callling myself Eleanor i get all happy in the inside when i say eleanor i cant what people want man to do i want someone to that for me
305 days ago
This just made me even more confused :')
337 days ago
It said i might be non-binary and i think i am but i am probably just a feminine boy
340 days ago
I am cis and I expected that, didnt ever feel like an female, but I think I might potentially be non-binary or genderfluid
344 days ago
i don’t know i got a terrible answer
349 days ago
guess i'm trans, need to start looking for a girl's name now. i guess i shouldn't be surprised though.
368 days ago
Well 💋 this helped I came out a week afte this
375 days ago
Well that answer was not helpful, I mean I know that I am not sure you don’t have to say that
403 days ago
Well this test gave me the answer i knew alreadyI am