Am I Transgender? (AMAB)

This is a test I created especially for AMAB people ("assigned male at birth" - in other words, the doctor announced, "It's a boy" when you were born). If you're AMAB and are exploring your gender identity, or are just curious, try this test now. I hope it helps give you clarity!

  • 1
    Do you ever feel uncomfortable with people expecting you to "be a man" (e.g., show no emotion, be aggressive and competitive, etc.)?
    Do you ever feel uncomfortable with people expecting you to "be a man" (e.g., show no emotion, be aggressive and competitive, etc.)?
  • 2
    Have you ever fantasized about being a girl or a woman?
  • 3
    You are given a magic button that will turn you into a female immediately and permanently when you press it. Your reaction?

  • 4
    Personal question, but how do you feel about your genitals?
  • 5
    Would you ever try presenting as female? Not necessarily as in being a drag queen; even experimenting with lipstick or wearing a skirt could count if the goal were to look or feel more feminine.
  • 6
    When AMAB people have high blood levels of estrogen, feminizing effects occur, including the softening of skin, the shrinkage of genitals, a decrease in body hair, loss of muscle mass, and the development of breasts. How does that sound to you?

  • 7
    Your partner comes up to you and, out of nowhere, pats you on the head and calls you a "good girl." Your reaction?
  • 8
    How would you describe your opinion of the transgender community?
  • 9
    Gender dysphoria is a highly distressing, depression-like feeling that comes from feeling like you're not the gender you're "supposed" to be. Have you ever felt this type of dysphoria?
  • 10
    At the end of the day, the most important deciding factor in whether you're trans is whether you feel like you are. What do you think?

Comments (55)


1152 days ago
Well, thank you for confirming my identity. "Your answer are typical of a transgender female"
1154 days ago
"Your results were somewhat ambiguous"
Well that certainly cleared things up a bit *sarcasm*
1176 days ago
it says that my results are "somewhat ambiguous" i guess this means that i might be trans?? im confused 😕
1214 days ago
You are not trans! When you just take a look at question 1 you can see that sexism and stereotypes in our society make you think you are transgender! I thought I was a transgender myself but I want to break out of the sexism of heteropatriachalic society. Let us destroy sexism not our bodies!
1217 days ago
I was doing this test as a double check, I know I was trans (MtF) from a young age, but only recently came out. I’m still transitioning slowly. It’s hard for me because I’m going through puberty (as a male) right now though.
1241 days ago
I've been thinking for a while and I think I'm non-binary although if I could I would definitely choose to be a girl so I'm kind of confused. (epurple))
1322 days ago
My mom sent me this quiz after I told her I was trans. After taking it, the results said my answers was somewhat ambiguous, but I think it's because I don't feel as apalled with my male body. It just feels more comfortable being female which is why I want to transition.
1340 days ago
Even though I am not sure, this test and others says I am typical transgender mtf. I had these feelings for many years and fantasize being a woman every day. I am terrified to come out though.
1358 days ago
You caught me. I did this one as a kinda double check. Says I could just as easily be a cisgender man in touch with his feminine side, a transgender woman who is still figuring out her identity, or anywhere in between.
Still struggling, at this moment I feel on the masculine side of things.
1384 days ago
I feel like im trans and i want to come out but, my parents and family are against that so what do i do??
1539 days ago
I'm not quite sure should l Iv all way though about it benign a women but I'm not sure
1691 days ago
Marcella and Ash;ey its awsome to hear that you are trans and come out but you should be "sure" like I did test and im trans
1748 days ago
I’m thinking of coming out, but I’m not 100% sure. My female name would most likely be my male name but backwards. The origin of the name, of my parents had twins, the female would be Nadia, and the male Aidan.
1776 days ago
This test helped me partially it was the first test I’ve took from a while ago and I came out to my parents on my birthday and took me straight to a the🦄 to be certified for HRT and SRS. I dress at school and the school changed my name on my account to Ashley and my 🦄
1805 days ago
this helped me soo much!! I came out 5 months ago and my parents are calling me "she/her" now!!