Transgender Quiz (MTF) ⚧️

For a while now, you have been feeling like you might be transgender? Being uncomfortable in your body exceeds the normal experience of puberty? Of course, you want to be sure before you take the necessary steps towards matching your appearance with your gender identity (should you so desire).

Figuring this out can be a long and winding road that no one can walk for you but you. However, you don't need to do it alone. This 'Signs you're MTF' quiz can be a start in finding out what you need. Answer honestly and instinctively, and you will get closer to your truth!
Good luck!

  • 1
    When did you start feeling like you don't really fit into your body and societal role?
    When did you start feeling like you don't really fit into your body and societal role?
  • 2
    What group are you drawn to most when looking for friends.
  • 3
    Have you ever dressed up as the opposite gender?

  • 4
    How do you feel about the traditional lifestyle?
  • 5
    How much do you care about your appearance matching your inner identity?
  • 6
    Do you have a large number of LGBTQ+ friends and have you talked to them?

  • 7
    Ever felt odd about going to public bathrooms, or playing sports, or any other form of gender-separated activity?
  • 8
    Do pronouns - when they are referring to you, no matter what gender - feel odd or misplaced?
  • 9
    How do you feel about your name identifying which gender you are?
  • 10
    Have you looked into the process of sex change already?

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14 hours ago
"Baum 🌍🏳‍🌈 (98789)" Stop lying ... it litterly ask you "What group are you drawn to most when looking for friends." & "Have you ever dressed up as the opposite gender?" so i fyou say yes... then it will say you are... its a good test
It's a bad test. I'm really a transgender but you say I'm definitly not. That's wrong - sorry, but I hate it when somebody say I'm a girl and NOT a boy.
16 days ago
Questions are pretty leading, considering some have no option to decline what is offered.
33 days ago
Have been unknowingly questioning this all my life. Suffered major depression on and off as a result of it. Through therapy for depression came to understand that I had Gender Dysphoria. Am frightened of all the issues around this and am slowly coming to terms with it. Will be a long process which I hope to come out the right side of.
54 days ago
CC (97030):
I didnt want people to know me and know who i was.
I tried to be social and do things, but it was another distraction from who i am.
I locked myself in so that i could figure myself out.
I isolated myself from the world. For several years.
I was suffering badly from gender dysphoria.
They didnt know i was struggling with all this stuff in my head.
54 days ago
To be honest, I’ve taken a few tests and they all point to that I’m more likely trans than not. It just feels weird for me to be even considering that it might be something that I am. Like I’m a detective trying to figure out who I am in the third person. Never been honest about it with anyone though; not even myself, so only one person to blame there. I’m going to do more research and see if this is something I need to act on, because if it is, I’d rather be who I am sooner than later. Thank you for making this quiz- even though it’s not a professional diagnosis, it’s enough to make me question the reality of the life I’m living, and to at least learn to be more honest and accepting of who I am.
58 days ago
Lol, I already knew, but nice quiz, most other ones just ask 🐤 like "are you trans" lmao :>
61 days ago
i knew it. im not trans dont feel trans. dont act trans. just fine the way i am. but im fine w/ trans ppl.
82 days ago
I most of the time feel like a boy, but occasionally, talking like 3 times a year at most, I'll get a random feeling of wanting to like feminine things, like flowers and drawing and stuff. I also don't always experience dysphoria while changing, its only sometimes? Its weird. I'll feel like a boy almost 24/7 but then for like 2 hours in a day I'll feel feminine. But I like being a boy and I don't want to be a girl. I just have no idea what I am
82 days ago
I’m really in a strange place. I’ve wished I was female since I was very very young, earlier than four. I’m early 50 now and the world has changed so much since I was a kid. The impossible is possible but there is probably no way for me. I’ve been a guy too long. I almost died and everything has changed in the way I’m thinking. I wish this could have been possible when I was young. Cool blog.
87 days ago
yeah, honestly, I changed my name to Dillan. My friends call me "he, they" I'd love to go deeper
90 days ago
i am trans i was born female and want to me male my birth name is zaidie but i hate my 💋
95 days ago
Polly (06151) Yeah, same and that is why i´m only interested in females and m2f, and would be fun to date another m2t as we take the journey together, and see each other become more and more feminine, i have always been drawn to feminity, trough everything, cloth, hair styles, girls night out, just sitting at home with other girls, even watching old movies, i get jelous and wish i lived as a women back then
113 days ago
The quiz is irrelevant to me ,I've always known inside that I crave to be the lesbian girl that I am.And to have srs and settle down with a trans girl would me my heaven.
113 days ago
Your so right mtf 2021 inversion therapy should be allowed on pre op girls.
113 days ago
When I read of a post op girl experiencing her first 🕊 after several dilation sessions and how she described the feelings, I pray I could be the same and experience the same.What a lucky lucky girl, I bet it s the most beautiful feeling when them juices start to flow for the first time.
128 days ago
I'm would have breast augmentation and vaginoplasty in a heartbeat given the chance.Being male is not for me anymore, and it never was, it's boring and overrated to me. And when I see the the girls shopping I envy them wishing I was part of their group.
129 days ago
I know I want too be female, and all I think about is SRS
129 days ago
This is my fem name since i was about 16. My birth name was Larry. I looked into gender surgery around 1965 it waant common or accepted then, too bad
179 days ago
25244 Hey she/her, she/her, she/her