Transgender Quiz (MTF) For Real

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Here's a quiz that tests you without actually asking how you FEEL about your gender - because isn't that the point? You've come to the quiz because you don't KNOW what it is! Not 100 percent accurate, obviously, just a guideline! I hope it helps some of you. Good luck!

  • 1
    Which of these toys and games were you most drawn to when you were young? If your favorite isn't listed, pick the closest.
    Which of these toys and games were you most drawn to when you were young? If your favorite isn't listed, pick the closest.
  • 2
    Did you have more male friends or female friends?
  • 3
    Have you ever tried on women's clothing?

  • 4
    How do you feel about hair on your body and face?
  • 5
  • 6
    Do you have a large number of LGBTQ+ friends?

  • 7
    Ever felt odd about going to public bathrooms, or playing sports, or any other form of gender-separated activity?
  • 8
    Do pronouns - when they are referring to you, no matter what gender - feel odd or misplaced?
  • 9
    How do you feel about your name identifying which gender you are?
  • 10
    Why are you taking this quiz?

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21 hours ago
haha funny doubt go brrrrrrrrr
5 days ago
Got transgender always felt like I was
7 days ago
I am a Transvestite and it states I could be transgender what I suspected.
9 days ago
wow this gave me some euphoria IM A WOMAN WOOHOO
10 days ago
Wow who would of thought
12 days ago
It told me I'm probably not transgender but I might be non-binary. Now I'm more confused than before. Can't I just be something? No, I didn't mind playing sports but I played sports like tennis, no, I don't do my nails that would get be looked at funny. Yes, I have lots of gay friends because I'm bi. Yes, about half and half. You know, here's the thing. I've got a ton of girl's clothes mostly given to me by cis girls. Some of it is from ex-girlfriends. I look far better in it than I do in guy's stuff and everyone agrees. From the honest answers I've been able to get, I'm about a 6 as a guy and an 8 as a girl. I feel so much better, sexier and calm in the girl stuff. But I also don't hate being seen as a guy. I'm just not as good at it. Why did God have to do the non-binary thing too? Wasn't she already confusing enough? I feel worse now than before.
15 days ago
I am a trans woman I like that!
16 days ago
I’ve done 7 quizzes and extensive research, they all lead to me being trans ;w;
18 days ago
I guess i'm trans, so i need to start looking for a girl name now.
20 days ago
I wanted to be a boy, jesus help me.
20 days ago
Duckkkk it thought me a boyyy
26 days ago
I can't believe I ever thought I wasn't a girl, it was always so obvious. I can't come out or start HRT for a long time due to my living situation, but I know I'm a girl now and it's hard to go back to pretending. Also, just a side note on this quiz, a lot of these answers rely on societal stereotypes of women and are actually kind of sexist. Just remember, if you want to be a girl, you probably are one.
27 days ago
i really want to be a girl!!!!
33 days ago
Do not take this seriously! Anyone is is really concerned, please seek help from a gender consultant or professional. If you can’t do that for family reasons, then there are other discrete, confidential options like joining an online community or use a hotline to talk to someone about your issues and concerns. There is always help and support out there, good luck to anyone reading this who is confused or needs help!
35 days ago
I think this quiz is sumper sexist and its totally besides the point of yout identity identity. Being trans is simply that you are non conform with the gender that you have being assigned at birth, it's how YOU feel about your self. The clothes have no gender and neather does toys or hobbies. This is so stupid, we are in 2021. You can be trans and not follow any rules that society tells you to do. I don't have to like makeup to be a girl. :/
36 days ago
I didnt like the questions or answers to this quiz, and I dont think it was very well pur together for the topic at hand
40 days ago
That's pretty silly quiz, don't you think?
51 days ago
this is so sexist lmao
53 days ago
to be honest i am questioning i don't have prefured pronouns i mean i don't care but i would like to be called a he/him they/them i really don't care tho
54 days ago
my parents said they wanted a girl but they’re also transphobic and every time my hair grows long my mom makes me style it or cut it so i “don’t look like a girl”. i’m really confused out here.. the quiz says i may just be questioning but i don’t know i really don’t.. this is so frustrating....