Transgender Quiz (MTF) ⚧️

For a while now, you have been feeling like you might be transgender? Being uncomfortable in your body exceeds the normal experience of puberty? Of course, you want to be sure before you take the necessary steps towards matching your appearance with your gender identity (should you so desire).

Figuring this out can be a long and winding road that no one can walk for you but you. However, you don't need to do it alone. This 'Signs you're MTF' quiz can be a start in finding out what you need. Answer honestly and instinctively, and you will get closer to your truth!
Good luck!

  • 1
    When did you start feeling like you don't really fit into your body and societal role?
    When did you start feeling like you don't really fit into your body and societal role?
  • 2
    What group are you drawn to most when looking for friends.
  • 3
    Have you ever dressed up as the opposite gender?
    Have you ever dressed up as the opposite gender?

  • 4
    How do you feel about the traditional lifestyle?
  • 5
    How much do you care about your appearance matching your inner identity?
    How much do you care about your appearance matching your inner identity?
  • 6
    Do you have a large number of LGBTQ+ friends and have you talked to them?

  • 7
    Ever felt odd about going to public bathrooms, or playing sports, or any other form of gender-separated activity?
    Ever felt odd about going to public bathrooms, or playing sports, or any other form of gender-separated activity?
  • 8
    Do pronouns - when they are referring to you, no matter what gender - feel odd or misplaced?
  • 9
    How do you feel about your name identifying which gender you are?
    How do you feel about your name identifying which gender you are?
  • 10
    Have you looked into the process of sex change already?

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880 days ago
I love dressing as a women, its who I want to be. So I am going to make it happen, I am starting on E Hormones at the end of the month.. Wish me luck .. - Robyn
892 days ago
Ok so i’m 80% sure i’m trans but it’s scary, so these tests telling me that i’m valid are making me feel sooo much better :D thank you
898 days ago
It says that there's a big chance of I am being a transgender and I knew that. I want to explore more
903 days ago
This is is pathetic. “Hi, welcome to our one size fits all trans quiz, where we even cheapen people like Gotmik”
904 days ago
Ya, I've been thinking about this idk if I'm trans or not, then again I do love going by blair on the internet, and being called by she/her pronouns does make me happy and I hate my body hair but is too scared to ask my dad how to shave my legs or anything, (I'm out to him but when I told him I though I might be trans he told me I wasn't and he wouldn't call me by my pronouns) also faceapp is one of my favorite apps on my phone, only second to animal crossing. I like guys too. But you know, I could possibly just be pretending... Ahhh it would be so much easier if I wasn't told it's bad to be girly when I was younger
907 days ago
Well I’m a girl and I wanna know, am I trans?
919 days ago
BTW I knew I was trans before. I took this test I just was bored.

A while back I started questioning my gender identity and what not, then, after I figured out I was trans, my stupid brain decided I needed imposter syndrome. More recently I started. To think I might be genderflux or a demigirl cause I sometimes want to lop off my 🍆, but other time I just don't care much about gender.

I hate my body hair!!!!!
925 days ago
i have sissy behavior and thin body, i can't be a real men, my friend call me sissy. i only feel comfortable when dress up like girl.
932 days ago
I feel like a female on the inside, but mostly like a guy on the outside
942 days ago
I take this quiz cause I think I'm transgender...and I'm very much confused, idk how to comr out as it either...but ever since I was a little kid (5) I felt odd about my body, and I unlike my chest part of a girl and all girly things about myself...but I also used my boy name here, Jing...I really wish to get help of this quiz!
943 days ago
I know I'm trans, mtf.

Might be stereotypically different as I'm not super feminine, so I got the result of not being trans. I like to think of my gender expression being quite like a tomboy, so a lot of the things I like are masculine. But I want to be seen as a female and treated as one, and to wear masculine clothes in a female body.

I haven't see too many tomboy mtfs, but with the gatekeeping going on, I reckon a lot of people similar to me don't think they're trans when they probably are.
950 days ago
I'm 21 (AMAB) and struggling a lot with my gender recently. I used to always pretend I was a girl online in anonymous games and such ever since I was like 12. When I was 19 my hair was getting pretty long for a dude and I thought I wanted to be more accepted by girls as one of their own, I always wished I had more friends who were girls, and I was always jealous of people who did whether they were a guy or a girl. But whenever I started to talk to a girl, I would be made fun of by male family and friends who would accuse me of trying to date them. So throughout my childhood I never felt like I could be friends with or hang out with girls unless I was actually going to date them, but dating is scary and I was a pure Christian boy who wanted to save myself for marriage so it didn't work out too well... I also often have felt excluded from girl things. I've also wished ever since I was like 12 that I would be able to switch sexes kind of like a shapeshifter, but I also wished that *if* I had that superpower that everybody would be chill about it and not care which gender/sex I choose to be. But I never knew or understood about queer theory of gender or that it could be valid to be trans! Because I was raised in a Christian right-wing household, my source of info when I was a teen on trans people was those jackasses Ben Shapiro and Steven Crowder and other anti-feminist youtube BS. I have progressively been expressing a bit more feminine over time and only just recently did I notice this pattern. I liked receiving feminine-coded compliments, was especially happy when a friend said my hair looked girly. But it wasn't until the past few months I have started hating to be called a "man" or "son," being seen as a man, he/him pronouns sometimes bother me and sometimes don't. But I don't mind so much being called "dude" or "guy." Recently I've felt good looking in the mirror in androgynous clothing, feminine hair, and nonbinary identity. But I also, as someone who overthinks my own thoughts/biases/feelings constantly, can't help but think I can't possibly be a real trans because maybe I'm just confused because of my sexuality, or maybe I'm just insecure in my femininity, or maybe it's a fetish, or maybe I just don't like the gender expectations of manliness... but whether I like it or not at this point I pretty much hate my male body and my facial hair and body hair and my shoulders and my 😻 and my name... but I don't like the idea of being trans or being a woman and all the problems which come with that. So I doubt myself on both the cis and trans side and nothing makes sense and I don't know what's normal and what's not and I wonder if I'm maybe I'm just going nuts and have deluded myself somehow into gender dysphoria and connecting memories of my childhood which were never there. TERFs make me doubt myself too. Still going on the journey though, I've found some gender the😻 videos on youtube to be helpful... Am I nonbinary? Am I really trans at all? Am I just weird? Am I bonkers? I honestly don't know. Considering getting my ears pierced next, keep experimenting and questioning and go with the flow! Just gotta get better at coping in a healthy way with the dysphoria...
952 days ago
haha funny doubt go brrrrrrrrr
955 days ago
Got transgender always felt like I was
958 days ago
I am a Transvestite and it states I could be transgender what I suspected.
959 days ago
wow this gave me some euphoria IM A WOMAN WOOHOO
960 days ago
Wow who would of thought
963 days ago
It told me I'm probably not transgender but I might be non-binary. Now I'm more confused than before. Can't I just be something? No, I didn't mind playing sports but I played sports like tennis, no, I don't do my nails that would get be looked at funny. Yes, I have lots of gay friends because I'm bi. Yes, about half and half. You know, here's the thing. I've got a ton of girl's clothes mostly given to me by cis girls. Some of it is from ex-girlfriends. I look far better in it than I do in guy's stuff and everyone agrees. From the honest answers I've been able to get, I'm about a 6 as a guy and an 8 as a girl. I feel so much better, sexier and calm in the girl stuff. But I also don't hate being seen as a guy. I'm just not as good at it. Why did God have to do the non-binary thing too? Wasn't she already confusing enough? I feel worse now than before.
966 days ago
I am a trans woman I like that!
967 days ago
I’ve done 7 quizzes and extensive research, they all lead to me being trans ;w;