Are you trans?

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Hey guys this is Del (again) and this quiz is a quiz to see if you are cisgender, genderfluid, transgender, agender or bigender! This is not a professional opinion so this may be incorrect.

  • 1
    Have you ever felt that you don’t feel like your current gender fits?
  • 2
    Have you ever thought about taking hormone blockers?
  • 3
    Have you ever wanted to be called a different genders name? (Like if you’re a guy and wanting to be called a girl name)

  • 4
    Would you take the opposite genders hormone for their secondary sex characteristics?
  • 5
    Do you present as the opposite gender (hair, clothes, etc.)?
  • 6
    If I were to tell you that you are pretty (if you are a girl) or handsome (if you are a guy), would you get annoyed?

  • 7
    Would you consider “bottom surgery” where you trade in your genitals for the opposite genders?
  • 8
    What label do you think best describes you?
  • 9
    Which of these options is the best?
  • 10
    Would you consider “top surgery” the adding or removal of breast surgery?

  • 11
    No matter what you get, just remember that you are special no matter what! (Does not count for results)

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454 days ago
AMAB. Says Im trans. I wish I was born female, but I dont know if I would transition.
499 days ago
I am AFAB, and I don’t really mind being a girl, but I have really bad bottom dysphoria. I want a 🐬 so badly. I’ve been using the label genderfluid(closeted), but I’m starting to think maybe it doesn’t fit me? Somebody helpppp meeee
566 days ago
I GOT GENDERFLUID but really scared to adopt the term genderfluid since I don’t want to abandon the term cisgender… my gender changes though.
629 days ago
i got trans ok yes thats what i thought just wanted to make sure
641 days ago
ok so i get different results on every test that i take (i take a lot) and i keep getting either genderfluid, nonbinary, or bigender, and I DONT KNOW WHICH ONE I AM
680 days ago
Ok so I’m a girl (I think) I’m also AFAB, but I don’t really feel like a connection to a gender. I don’t have dysphoria though if anything I’d get a binder that I wear acationaly. But I’m not sure if I’m some other gender or a cis girl you presents differenty from time to time. (Does that make any sense? Probably not)
703 days ago
I’ve taken tons of tests and most of my results are basically androgynous but Idk
704 days ago
ive taken 20 tests now. 20. it's always "yes, no, fluid, nonbinary" but im sure im trans. i just need some way to confirm it and NOTHING IS HELPINGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH
704 days ago
I've really wanted to say this so... Hi, I'm Ben. I'm still trying to figure out my pronouns but it's either he/they or just he/him. I'm still struggling with being a straight white male, but have a great day!
719 days ago
I got... genderfluid... I am confuzeld. I am just trans by the way!
720 days ago
Well, I got agender (I think) but I'm a demigirl. So, now I'm just confused
735 days ago
I got genderfluid but I feel like nonbinary or agender but I just dont know how to compare my feeling to them so I cant decide
808 days ago
I got bigender xD But I'm really not sure.
893 days ago
@kai song, could you be a demiboy?
898 days ago
@kai song literally the same thing for me LMAO
902 days ago
Ik that im trans but i still take these quizes...AAAAAAAAAAAAA
911 days ago
i got bigender, but i’m quite sure i’m either nonbinary or a trans boy. i feel like i’m somewhere in between the two, if that makes any sense at all.
976 days ago
What is this ? Sometimes I go out as a Man, but it is hard to hide my 42C Chest, but if I am shopping for clothes I go as a Woman. At home I am always the Wife, I am always ready for my partner to enjoy Me, and I Him. Gender is a state of mind
982 days ago
i want to be the opposite gender, but my parents are extremely homophobic, any one know what to do
984 days ago
I just don’t know I don’t want people to see that I’m my actual gender