Are You FTM Transgender? Quiz (Highly Accurate Trans Test) ⚧

When you arrived on the planet, you were assigned a sex based on what you looked like on the outside. But now, do you sometimes, often or even always feel that the adults got you all wrong? Do you want to take a quick, easy test to see whether those feelings are something more than just the tomboy blues? Here it is! Try it right now - I hope it helps. The main thing to remember is, you're awesome no matter what!

  • 1
    Do you feel uncomfortable being referred to by female pronouns?
    Do you feel uncomfortable being referred to by female pronouns?
  • 2
    Do you feel happy hearing someone refer to you using male pronouns because you feel like those fit you better?
  • 3
    Do you feel uncomfortable being referred to by a traditionally female title?

  • 4
    Do you feel happy when someone refers to you by a traditionally male title?
  • 5
    Do you feel uncomfortable about your chest?
  • 6
    Do you feel uncomfortable about the area below your waist?

  • 7
    If you had the opportunity to transition hormonally, would you?
  • 8
    Would you ever consider having top surgery (the removal of the breasts) or bottom surgery (the formation of a penis)?
  • 9
    Did the beginning of puberty make you feel uncomfortable?
  • 10
    When did you start questioning your gender?

  • 11
    What genders are you romantically and/or sexually interested in? (Not that liking any specific gender invalidates your trans-ness, of course.)
  • 12
    Is the idea of gay intercourse between two men attractive to you?
  • 13
    Is it sexually stimulating to you to see/picture yourself as a man?
  • 14
    If you could wake up tomorrow and be a biological male with no way to reverse the process, would you?
  • 15
    Do you dress more typically masculine?

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I don’t really think I’m trans I’m probably bigender
10 days ago
Yes but.. my country won't allow me that.. they will lock me down in mental sickness hospital.. in in Russia.. and nobody.. even doctors accept it here.. i don't have money or anything.. guess I'll forever stay in uncomfortable female body...
14 days ago
I'm scared of going on T, but my voice and my chest feels so wrong. what makes it even more complicated is that i like men. Mom tells me that it's a phase and i will be normal again soon. it makes me question, but that day when i realised that i was trans, it was so real and hard to accept. even if i will end up de-transisioning, its ok cause if you change, than that is ok.
What i feel is real and nobody can change that. I want to join the boys in whatever they are doing and run around shirtless, sing with a deep voice to my favourite songs. i allso write lyrics, and when i read it i imagine a male voice singing it, but no one elses but mine male voice witch i dont have. i imagine myself being in a biker gang with a long beard coloured in rainbow traveling around the country in the future.
i look at other boys around me when they joke around, i want to be a part of that but i can't, i came out but no one is taking it seriously, they still see me as a girl because i like to wear crop tops and fishnets and slaying wherever i go.
I also want to be a part of some stuff that girls do to even if i dont feel like one, i like to discuss about boys and have "feminine sleepovers".
you dont have to be or feel a surtain way to be trans. People trying so hard to find a way to put everyone in boxes, but when we see a rainbow on the sky it isn't separat, it changes from red to orange and yellow to green, we can't just divide it to six colours because there is so many other shades in between. everyone is different and we all have different experiences.
if you made it here, hope you are doing good and i hope that reading this left some good thoughts and maybe some answers in your wonderful mind.
16 days ago
My first trans quiz wooohooo and idk what I am
18 days ago
I'm an ftm I found out about a year ago that I am trans and I'm proud of it I just wish my family accepted me but they didn't I'm a man with know family
18 days ago
I took this test for fun mostly I already know I’m trans some people say we are trans because what happened in our life’s some people are like that and don’t wanna be trans after they transition but me personally I know I can feel it don’t go off of what happened in your life go off of how you feel and what your body tells you yes we may have mental issues but it don’t effect our gender identity don’t get it mixed up
20 days ago
hey people, im rex, and my pronouns are he/him. i feel so powerful writing this omgggg. anyways, gl to yall. it’s very hard to figure out ur sexuality and gender, but once u do, trust me, it feels amazing. you will eventually, so dw abt it too much. remember, you’ll be ok, and everything will work out in the end !!
23 days ago
You might be FTM trans, but it's pretty unlikely. You are probably experiencing body dysmorphic disorder

yeah im mtf
23 days ago
oh why have they censored the word therap!st. Oh nvm probably bc of the word
23 days ago
So this is what I got
"You are probably FTM trans, but it isn't a completely sure thing. I recommend you go to a the😍 and get a gender dysphoria diagnosis before you start any kind of transition, as symptoms of being trans might be caused by other underlying mental illnesses and/or trauma/abuse."
And I feel like this is so accurate. I have been here at the place that I could go to a special the😍 for these type of things. If I indeed had gender dysphoria I could've went on T. But I chose not to. Why? Because I am scared. I'm a coward. I backed out. I wouldn't change it though. I am more comfortable in my own body than I just to and I don't really mind having people call me their daughter. It's more offensive now to call me their son eitherway since I no longer dress and look so masculine? This test made me realise that maybe it was just because of an illness. As I wasn't doing so good at that time. But even now when I'm so much comfortable, I still feel like there is something missing. Like a part of me is missing and the feeling is so empty. But maybe it's just my mind blaming it on 'I wish I was a boy' instead of an actual underlying illness. Because what if that empty feeling is just because I'm lonely and not because I'm someone that isn't me...?
25 days ago
I realised I was trans a few months ago, and I live in a very religious, transphobic household. For the past couple of days, my dad has been making jabs at the clothes I wear and how they are drab and too boyish and I'm dumb and disgusting for wearing them. Since then the self doubt has been creeping in so this test was really validating. It's so hard when all you're told is how stupid and ridiculous it is to think about changing your gender. Idk what to do right now. I think I am just going to hold out until I can move out and get HRT and top surgery. My friends is bringing me an old binder of his tomorrow and I'm praying that it will fit because it's my last hope at this point.
Sorry had to take a rant there. It's nice to get this out.
30 days ago
It took me a lot to accept my transness but I started having doubts because everyone says I am wrong and it’s just a phase etc. i am wondering if anyone else feels this way too ?
31 days ago
i really dont know, i feel like i might be trans with not a lot of dysphoria, or abrogender, or maybe a demi-girl, i just dont know
33 days ago
Help! I’m having trouble finding out what gender I want to be, i need advice
38 days ago
I’m a young teen I’ve wanted to be a boy for a long time but I’ve been going through a tough time and I wanted to talk this for fun just to see if it says something different then how I feel.
39 days ago
Hey it’s Noah here, i’m trans and to be honest I just took this for fun. if you’re confused on your gender, there are a lot more genders than male and female! It’s OK to not be sure of your gender and you should take your time, this is your journey not anyone else’s!
40 days ago
Not sure if I'm just a tomboy or that I'm a man
42 days ago
As much as like to consider myself a guy, I still doubt myself and think that I might be mistaken. I'm blaming this on my mother because I can. Also she's been telling me for years that my autism means I might not actually be trans (she just thinks I'm helpless lol). So even though I've been comfortably identifying as male for a while, have come out to my friends and teachers, have been breaking the laws of physics by standing up to p¡ss, and have come to terms with the fact that my "ideal body" is literally a man's... I'm back on a trans-ness quiz, seeking validation. I don't want to be treat any different to a cis man, but it would be pretty nice for someone to just look me in the eyes and tell me that I'm a boy.
43 days ago
I'm experiencing a lot of dysphoria but i have always wanted top surgery but bottom surgery is a no and i love masculine pronouns
44 days ago

Hello dear Sarah i'm Ivy

I'd like to tell you about my experience with it, how I first discovered it, but my story is the same as yours, so I don't need it.

The thing is, when I first read this, I was happy because I feel exactly the same as you. (and I thought I was the only one in the world to feel this way)
And I may have been a little upset because you literally described my feelings so it was like facing the facts.

I did research about it and people
said it was to fetishize g@y s€x, that it was normal, and that cis hetero men did the same to l€sbian s£x.
But I always knew it was more than that.

just like you, i don't want to go transformation so i guess i'll stay a woman or change my pronouns to she/they at most

And as for advice for you Sarah (I'm telling you cuz you asked, btw): I think you could be non binary or she/they, uh I don't know...

I just want you to know you are not alone and you can talk to me whenever you want, I'm replying late as I saw this comment but please send a sign if you see this comment.

TCOY Sarah🥲 🖤