Are You FTM Transgender? Quiz (Highly Accurate Trans Test) ⚧

When you arrived on the planet, you were assigned a sex based on what you looked like on the outside. But now, do you sometimes, often or even always feel that the adults got you all wrong? Do you want to take a quick, easy test to see whether those feelings are something more than just the tomboy blues? Here it is! Try it right now - I hope it helps. The main thing to remember is, you're awesome no matter what!

  • 1
    Do you feel uncomfortable being referred to by female pronouns?
    Do you feel uncomfortable being referred to by female pronouns?
  • 2
    Do you feel happy hearing someone refer to you using male pronouns because you feel like those fit you better?
  • 3
    Do you feel uncomfortable being referred to by a traditionally female title?

  • 4
    Do you feel happy when someone refers to you by a traditionally male title?
  • 5
    Do you feel uncomfortable about your chest?
  • 6
    Do you feel uncomfortable about the area below your waist?

  • 7
    If you had the opportunity to transition hormonally, would you?
  • 8
    Would you ever consider having top surgery (the removal of the breasts) or bottom surgery (the formation of a penis)?
  • 9
    Did the beginning of puberty make you feel uncomfortable?
  • 10
    When did you start questioning your gender?

  • 11
    What genders are you romantically and/or sexually interested in? (Not that liking any specific gender invalidates your trans-ness, of course.)
  • 12
    Is the idea of gay intercourse between two men attractive to you?
  • 13
    Is it sexually stimulating to you to see/picture yourself as a man?
  • 14
    If you could wake up tomorrow and be a biological male with no way to reverse the process, would you?
  • 15
    Do you dress more typically masculine?

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I want to yeet my 💗 out of the window...since I was a little girl .-.
4 days ago
It said I could be FTM but I’m honestly not sure. I’m so confused and i just wish there was an ‘I don't know’ option because I really wanted to click that throughout the whole test. I just can’t be bothered to deal with my friend saying ‘I miss the original you’.
6 days ago
Hey @Miles we can talk if you like i know what it's like to feel confused about your gender, but I'm not confused anymore because now i know I'm nonbinary and my pronounce are he/them and I'm also gay! Just thought you would want to know a bit more about me, but anyway I'm here if you wanna talk maybe i can help you out a bit! Gotta go stay strong you got this! ;) anyway gotta go now - Dylan
7 days ago
I’ve been questioning my gender for a while and I think this quiz helped me a bit. Thanks :)
8 days ago
Does anybody know what it’s called when you like having a big chest and the idea of a female chest but still want to identify as a guy I still want to be referred to as a male and be one but I like the look and the way having 😍 feels I’m comfortable with them pls help I’m confused
17 days ago
This was helpful thankyou
18 days ago
CW: kind of sa, body dysmorphia, fetishization?
so, last year i met a girl and we started dating, so i thought i was a lesbian. But i have always blushed more at mlm stories etc. than wlw ones, at first i was mad at myself bc i thought i was fetishizing it, but maybe im just, jealous of their relationships. I hate my breasts and lower genitalia (biologically born a girl) so i came out as genderfluid, but was so afraid of thinking being mlm bc, yk, i came out as lesbian and suddenly being the opposite felt like i was lying to myself and others. But i keopt questioning, and feeling uncomfortable in my body. But its not like i really want a beard or be like fully masculine. Maybe its just body dysmorphia (have a past with bad sexual experiences from young age) so yea im just so congused. atm i use she/he (feel more comfy with he) and try to not think abt labeling myself too much and just dress how i want and like. But on some days it is really frustrating :/ haha this turned into a little vent, welp, Have a great mornng/day/night everyone here! Remember you are loved and cared about :)
19 days ago
hey ! i got probably ! im Demiboy ftm and use he/they pronouns ! I took this quiz as a joke to myself and I wasn't dissapointed. it was actually a nice quiz
21 days ago
Hey @Luca i just want to say i know how you feel i came out to my family as nonbinary my pronouns are he/them and i came out as gay to and nothing changed for me either, p.s. it's completely normal to feel nervous about getting your hair cut, i was really nervous to i kept thinking and worrying to about if i wouldn't like my hair cut, but i actually loved my hair cut real short i feel more comfortable and confident, p.s. do what makes you feel more comfortable, ;) and if you need to talk or any advice I'm around, stay safe my warriors!! :) I'm out!!!!
21 days ago
Hi! Been questioning for almost a whole year about my sexuality and gender, my conclusions is that I’m almost almost sure that I’m a trans boy and gay. I have come out to my parents, nothing is changing. I wanna get a haircut but I’m way tooooooooooo scared I won’t like it. What do I do?undefined
21 days ago
Been questioning my gender for years since I was in middle school. I though I was ftm for several years then the past two years I have thought I was nonbinary, now I am questioning it again. I think I might be a trans man and gay. I have used they/he pronouns for a while now and I don't think I really like they/them for me at all, I'm going to give it some more thought and use he/him for a little bit and see how I feel.
22 days ago
Hi @Cass thanks for the advice! :) and thanks for your strong and meaningful words, you are very wise! :) and I'll remember your words!! ;) and thank you so much!! For calling me amazing!!!! That really and truly means a lot to me!! ;) stay safe my warriors I'm out!!!! ;)
23 days ago
hi there-
i read your comment, and i would just like to say that you are amazing! (I mean i might be just some random blob out on the internet, but hey!) I know that there are gonna be some really bad times,(yeah i know they SUCK) but you gotta power through em! ...Yeah i know that being positive can be hard sometimes, BUT REMEMBER-
No matter how mean,horrible,or ugly it can be, know that people care about you!!!!
also, gtg now!

cass :D
25 days ago
You know it's funny that i always try so hard to help everyone, and i forget i need help to sometimes, I'm not perfect just a person who has been through hell in my life, i mean i have a family who hates me parents who don't care if I'm even alive or not, I'm living a life where i have nothing stabled, I'm covered with scars all over my arm's because i did self harm and my family who always treats me as a piece of trash, I've been beaten slapped around drugged up at age 12 by my own parent not one day goes by where i don't ask myself where do i belong!? I'm still asking myself that same question!!! But know matter how many times i ask there's still know answer, all i want is just a home where i can be my true self and accepted for being me, it's just so hard to let go of the past when someone is always brining it up, and i - i - i hate one of my parents i know it sounds bad to hate your own parent but this one has put me through embarrassment, pain, suffering, keeping me away from my own family, i just can't move on maybe in the future but for now i just can't move on, even though someone ones told me if you have hate in you than your really hurting yourself, I'm sorry i just had to let all that out, anyway stay safe my warriors I'm out!!
26 days ago
I just want to say i always wanted to be acting in movies, and voice acting in cartoons and stuff, but something is holding me back I'm exsperencing voice dysphoria sometimes it's real bad and sometimes it's not, i mean how can i achieve my dream if i sometimes i can't stand my voice and sometimes it's not to bad my voice dysphoria and sometimes it's really bad, but I'm thinking of taking Low T but i have to leave my home first because my parents won't accept it, but good knews is that I'm 18 so I'm definitely able to move but I'm not gonna lie it is a little scary to take that huge step of moving but fear won't stop me from moving out, i gotta admit it does hurt knowing I'll never be accepted by my parents but i don't go for fake love and that's exactly what my parents give me because if they really loved me they would expect me for who i am, and I'm gonna move and do everything i have to do to start taking Low T and to start living my life on my own although i am scared I'm not gonna lie that i have to do everything alone but sometimes in order to get what you want and what you need you most first look fear straight in face without turning away and say I'm the leader not you fear, I'm saying this because I'm going to do everything i can to reach my dreams and my dream life and I'm telling y'all this because this goes to everyone I'm gonna show everyone never give up on your dream or dream life chase it yes it is hard sometimes you will get nocked down many times chasing your dream but when you get hit you hit back so the meaning is never give up on what you need or want for you stay strong my warriors!!! A wise person ones told me always follow your heart your brain is stupid
28 days ago
Hey @Richie you can talk to me if you like, any questions you may have I'll try to answer as good i can and I'll give you some advice, also I'm nonbinary my pronouns are he/them and I'm also gay just thought i tell you who i am but anyway stay safe my warriors!!!!
31 days ago
So the quiz said I was trans ftm. Previously I’ve used labels like non binary, genderqueer etc. I still dunno if this is correct. I feel like I might be a boy but I dunno if i am a boy but nothing else feels right and I don’t think I fit into a box but I hate not fitting in a box. It’s so frustrating. Also now I’m questioning my sexuality again (i identify as queer at the moment, I feel pretty comfy with this label. Also labels for my gender like demiboy or genderflux or agender or genderfaun just don’t feel right on me. Can anyone help lmao? Sorry this is so confusing.
33 days ago
also i need help with my new name too ;- im asking the internet this i hope this is not bad
33 days ago
I took this quiz to find out if im ftm trans, i think im bigender, but i like the pronouns they/them.
im soo confused about my gender now, help undefined
35 days ago
i usually say im genderfluid and go by all pronouns, but for some reason whenever someone uses a feminine title or she/her pronouns for me, i dont feel all that good. they/them pronouns feel great, i like when people use them. he/him pronouns also feel okay. but she/her spike a bit of an odd feeling in me. it's not that i loathe she/her pronouns, it's just i dont know if i am comfortable with them or not.

i think i might just be non-binary. but for now im going with genderfluid because im not sure about anything. still, i think i would feel much better if my chest was flat, and if i had a bit more masculine body features. i dont really care about what's down there, i think im comfortable with everything. but i also would be comfortable with a 💝.

ughhh this is all so confusing. ill just go by all pronouns. it's not like this country or my family are supportive of lgbtq+ anyway. nobody is ever going to use anything other than she/her pronouns in real life, only on the internet do i get a chance to be addressed the way i want.

whatever, nothing ever goes well for me.