Are You Trans? Quiz

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Obviously, this test won't be fully accurate for everyone. It will determine the likelihood of you being trans. This is just for a laugh, so don't take it too seriously.

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    If you were presented with a button that could turn you into the opposite gender, would you press it? There will be no social consequences of this.

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81 days ago
I might be non-binary but meh lmao
I do feel like I'm more manly, and personally being a hermaphrodite isn't a bad option either but idk
maybe I'm just a tomboy? XD
Somebody please help me LMAO
116 days ago
@milo ayo we chose the same name let's goo :)
146 days ago
I would be 100% more comfortable in most situations as a guy and would rather look like one, but the thing is maybe I'm only feeling this way because I'm attracted to them?
150 days ago
@Ash THATS LITERALLY MY SITUATION RN!?! MY Best friend is ftm and i think everyone will think I copy him! I also used to identify as a lesbian- welp I still dk if I’m trans or Genderfluid but I’m gonna figure it out someday-
153 days ago
I want to be A boy but I feel like I'm not having the ordinary "Trans experience". I'm so confused because I like being feminine sometimes but I hate my 😘. I think they just ruin my outfits and I just want to be super flat. But sometimes they're okay and when I see them i'm unphased. Am I supposed to feel sad about my body all the time if i'm trans? Please tell me if you can relate I want to know if this is normal/
175 days ago
Welp, just figured out im trans last night and I took this quiz to make sure, my best freind is a trans boy and I fear everyone will think im copying him. But im pretty sure my new name will be ash, im scared i don't know how people will react the good thing is that me parents are surportive. i guease people just know me as a lesbain and if i come out to them i might be a shook. idk what to do lol
194 days ago
i want to be a boyyyyyyyyyyy
219 days ago
I honestly just want my mum to call me 'son'. I go by Clay and my pronouns are he/they/xe. I honestly have the best teacher ever, though. He accepted that I'm trans and I had a sub teacher today and when my teacher came back he asked me if I wanted him to call me 'Clay' instead of Melanie. I said yes and he asked me if I wanna talk about it and I said no but he's amazing..
311 days ago
I wish my mom would say I'm her son :(
I wish my dad would too
I wish my grandma would call me her grandson
I wish my grandpa would call me his grandson
I wish I was not a girl
I wish I was a boy
I wish...that I would accept myself :(
376 days ago
I know that I’m trans and I’m not really good at English but I read the end result and idk if I just read it wrong but it kin of came over like they think I’m scared of hormones I’m actually taking Testosterone and already have got my upper body surgery and I just kind of had the feeling this isn’t stereo type but I still don’t really understand what this answer means
379 days ago
Kalum does not have supportive parents 😭😔☹☹☹😢🤫😫😥😶😥
420 days ago
I got an abusurdly high score, and I am quite young, but my parents are telling me I still need to experiment. I am very sure im trans. My parents are supportive.
434 days ago
I got an absurdly high score, but my parents aren't supportive, and I dont even know if i am trans, or like gender fluid or nonbinary or whatever, but I'm am not a girl.
435 days ago
Soooo we're are all in the same boat XD. #Gender dysphoria time. So I believe I'm a demi boy or trans , but still use he/they prns. However , i'm veryyy much closeted and hate it when people call me she or her etc. But I still like what are considered " Fem " and "Cute" . Ik lots of trans , especially ftm , stop from deciding if they're are trans , because of this fact- me included. But just remember there are loooadddsss of ppl liek you , and even uf you can't come out , relatable lol, then thats ok! Your valid! Have a great day/night!
437 days ago
I have a lot of body dysphoria but I’m very fem and would never pass and like my parents are transphobic so yay
445 days ago
i haven't taken i but i do hope the results are me being trans bc i am so confused, i like being called theo and i like people using
he/him but at the same time i like being a masc girl so i dunno
467 days ago
I genuinely don't if im trans, non binary, or genderfluid. all I know is that I'm not a girl :(
509 days ago
yall I've posted on this test before about the cutting hair short thing i came out to my mom and classmates my mom fully supports my grandma on the other hand not so much anyways i was a girl on the outside but ive allways been a boy so i go by he/him and im living my best life
514 days ago
well im not gay no more
516 days ago
Got an absurdly high score, I know that i’m trans but I often feel so invalid so I constantly come back to quizzes. I really want HRT, top surgery and metoidioplasty. I’m losing patience and it’s hard to live like this.