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Obviously not gonna be fully accurate
will determine the likelihood if you're trans or not
this is just for a laugh don't take it too seriously lol

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    If you were presented with a button that could turn you into the opposite gender, would you press it? There will be no social consequences of this.

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5 days ago
@Trans, thats excatcly what i do. every time im online with people i dont know, i adopt a male identity
11 days ago
I enjoy Second Life where I can be the gender I choose. It helps me unpack the years of baggage ;-)
13 days ago
There was another quiz on quizondo or something weird like that and it was just feeding the stereotypes THE FIRST QUESTION WAS 'WHAT TOYS DID YOU PLAY WITH MORE IN YOUR CHILDHOOD' and it was either 'dolls' or ''football' so i was kinda offended this quiz is much much better (also my results were 'yeah you're kinda trans')
19 days ago
hi there! im a closeted trans guy. ive only told online friends about me being trans. i am 100 percent sure im trans. when i move out of my transphobic household, i will start testosterone and grow a beard (hopefully lol) this is a nice quiz and i hope all yall other trans people live the life you dreamed of.
19 days ago
yeah i got the trans "You need an absurdly high score to get this result"
34 days ago
Try adopting a male identity online and see how you like it, that might help. It helped me a lot.
36 days ago
please help ive been taking these quizzes for weeks now but i still dont know im 75% sure im ftm trans but i dont know
36 days ago
Yoyo! Just wanted to say to every guy whose not sure who they are yet that you will get through it. The process of discovering yourself is hard, and trying to keep yourself from worrying about social circumstances and other peoples reactions about who you are is likely more harder. I realized that Im trans a few months ago, since Ive been my whole life believing that Id need to act as a feminine figure to get through life. Well I was wrong, since that came with severe mental issues and self hatred and resentment. Only now, did I realize that all of those signs of me being a man have been there. Writing to a friendbook that Id want to be a man in the future and even making multiple social media accounts acting as a man all lead to the sudden realization that I didnt need to pretend anymore. I still hate myself and I fear to tell anyone out of my family and friend group about this, since only now I feel as though Im myself. I felt so relieved finally realizing why I hate myself so deeply. Why I ruined my mental health trying to get people to like me just so I could get validation and feel happy about myself. Ya know, I feel like Ill love myselfit one day from now, but it will take a lot of work. and I hope you all will get to that point too.
42 days ago
I feel I'm transgender that is why I took thi
43 days ago
it says i am almost certainly trans, but the dysphoria i feel comes and goes. it's really intense sometimes and other times i don't think about it at all or i'm even cool with being a woman. when i think more deeply about being a woman, though, it's agonizing. i feel like i'm confused and keep changing my feelings and opinions about all of this. i feel like i'm trying to fight myself and being my own t*rf / antagonist.
44 days ago
also btw Jordan (37007)
CrankGamePlays is a gaming youtuber. He's done a lot of things with Markiplier, including the channel Unus Annus (they took it down) and Marks youtube series 'Markiplier Makes' (along with his friend Tyler and his girlfriend Amy)
that was good knowledge I should charge you
44 days ago
i got an "absurdly high score" for this and I didn't even study for it 💁
guess I'm a hecking boy now
52 days ago
I got that I might be trans. I do like to fantasize about being a boy I mean if I were to be trans I already have a name Kaleb or Kameron. My middle name starts with an I and all my initials spell K.I.D I and if I were to be trans I would want to keep it that way. My name ideas would be Kaleb Kameron (then my last name) or Kaleb Ivan (my last name) or Kaleb Irvin (my last name) or switch the Kaleb with the Kameron. But if I were to be trans I love the sound of this name Kaleb Irvin ( my last name). Well I may be trans I may be not but I have no idea what the future holds for me. If anyone is having trouble with their gender identity its ok you are not alone so many people are fighting this battle with you and I love you. And to parents if you're reading this no matter who you are if your child comes out love them to show that you care (p.s it is also your job to love your children). Have a great day!
53 days ago
Ok! Thx, Be! I think I will try that! :)
53 days ago
Maybe? What if you were called a son? A he? A man? Try adopting a male identity online and see how you like it, that might help.
53 days ago
Everything is confusing...I've always thought I was tomboy. I've always hated how people said stuff like "daughter" or "she" or "woman." It made me uncomfortable and really conscious of what they said at that moment. I have a pretty gender neutral name, but it feels feminine so I want a more masculine name close to it, perhaps Jayden. I just don't know what to do since I live in a really religious environment... I hate how I put "female" as my gender on websites as well. Do you think I'm trans? I'll try my best to log on here to check any replies. It would be really assuing if someone told what it sounded like. It said I was likely trans. Help me. Thank you...
54 days ago
Long story short, I’m AFAB and didn’t even consider being trans until this summer. Now I have to take The Pill for medical reasons and I’m dysphoric AS 🦄. Still I don’t know if it’s an hormonal reason or what. I still haven’t talked to my the🦄 about it
55 days ago
Me wearing two sports bras to make my chest flatter and wishing I had a binder: hMm I wOnDeR iF iM tRaNs
55 days ago
I don't see your problem, my quiz has clearly helped quite a few people and I advise individuals to get professional help no matter what.
57 days ago
There are no more extremely low mentality such quizes which not only humiliate mostly young people, but most of the times they are only there for the economic benefit of the "quiz inventor" or to lure inexperienced young people inside a "deadly storm" because they ("quiz inventors") so happen to be inside the storm themselves. These types of quiz should be simply classed as "internet garbage" and avoided. The young people have to understand that free advise is 100% dangerous especially if it is unknown where it comes from. If any one feels that he/she is not sure of his/her gender, should consult a registered expert and talk to a psychologist after aofcourse discussing the matter with his own family.