AMAB Gender Dysphoria Test

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This is an experimental format for a gender dysphoria test.

For the best results, please select your answers quickly and without overthinking.

If you find yourself unable to quickly answer a question, select "unsure."

At the end you will get your results.

(There are a couple of things which could confound those results, and this platform doesn't support a mechanism to compensate for that.)

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    How does this compliment make you feel?

    "You look good!"

Comments (22)


12 days ago
Saying dislike to no. 7 "You're such a b***h!" and hoping I dont get 10000000% cos or some dumb deal like that lmao
230 days ago
This test is absolutely useless. It never asks relevant questions and it always asks about what people asks you. What people I do not go out. Work computer, game. I do not even visit doctors where I have to undress so don´t tell me I feel fine in this flesh prison.
231 days ago
i only said no to the "you🚔at this" questions because that's rude also i have no stubble and have -9999999999 emphasis on the negative desire for facial hair. nbdemiflu nope. so am i.
285 days ago
Apparently if I was AMAB i would not have dysphporia. good to know
307 days ago
am i the only AFAB here? xD
314 days ago
I got social dysphoria but tbh i think i the worst voice and body dysphoria.
324 days ago
I'm a closet trans girl who is trying to grow my hair out and friends sexist sister trays to insult me by saying "you look like a girl" she doesn't know she's one of the few people that make me happy cause I take it as a compliment
331 days ago
They should have a stand awkwardly choice
389 days ago
It says it’s for both guys and girls and being I’m probably a transgender male that was born female, I answered all the guy questions with “Yes my KICKS man.” But got that I don’t have dysphoria...? I- I took this because I’m convinced I have dysphoria. Like, every feminine thing in the universe makes me go “Blegh” besides from.. uh.. pumps was it? Black pumped boots? They have a masculine look and make me taller so- win win I guess. But idk. My result gave me a headache.
409 days ago
Says i have dysphoria but also its all guy stuff and im either a girl, demigirl, or agender so
450 days ago
yes i apparantly have disphoria
509 days ago
That akward moment you realize this quiz is for men and your a girls...
528 days ago
They should make a AFAB one for girls:/ Of corse I was pretty confused during the quiz since I'm not male......

I think?
567 days ago
Some people here may not be aware of what AMAB means. It means Assigned Male At Birth. If you are AFAB or Assigned Female At Birth this test is not for you.
573 days ago
now i realize this is for humans who have a d*ck ;-;
580 days ago
I’m very confused about my gender at the moment, and this was no help since my🐤is a woman
580 days ago
I have told all my friends that I am Trans and have a girlfriend and now they are ignoring me because of this. BTW I'm a girl...sadly
581 days ago
I'm a Woman this is stupid.🙄
584 days ago
bro most of these i was like wth r these qs?and just did dislike lol
586 days ago
Shorly they would need to know your birth gender because it ses im not trans but i am and im a male and happy now😂