Are you trans?

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Hey! Yeah, you. Are you confused on your gender? Maybe need help figuring it out? Here you go. This quiz won’t give you an exact answer on what gender you are but it can help

  • 1
    How much do you feel like you should be the other gender or are the other gender
  • 2
    How often do you fantasize about being the other gender
  • 3
    Do your pronouns (she/her or he/him) make you uncomfortable or give you an icky feeling

  • 4
    Have you ever been mistaken as the other gender and if so how did you feel
  • 5
    Why are you taking this test?
  • 6
    If you had to pick which gender you wanted to be who would you pick

  • 7
    Are you scared to tell anyone you are Trans or how you are feeling
  • 8
    Just so you know what you are feeling is valid and you have no reason to be scared because if people around you do love you they will accept you no matter what
  • 9
    Do you wish you had the same sex as the other gender
  • 10
    Would you change(ex: binding or tucking) in order to look like the other gender

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117 days ago
hi, im sure im trans, i hate everyfeminine part of my body. I'm still longing to be a guy!
644 days ago
Helo its so beautiful to be a 😻
695 days ago
Yes am trans love it want too get dress up as a women
698 days ago
Ok so I'm really confused since I always thought I was a girl cause that's what my parents raised me to be, but I have been questioning my gender for a bit now, and the thought will not go away. I think I am non binary (my parents do not like it oof)
720 days ago
i just wish i was a boy but i feel like i would just regret it and come back to a lesbian girl not an ace gay trans :(
744 days ago
I have been promoted as a TransGender 🏳️‍⚧️ I am so very happy that they said this to me and I’m still afraid to tell anyone my mom and dad know but they didn’t say anything of it, what should I do?undefined
783 days ago
I took about 5 or 6 of these quizzes and they all said i might be trans so im very happy
787 days ago
I got 100 percent but im scared to tell people. imalso 11. and im lesbian
791 days ago
just saying I SUPPORT EVERYONE HERE!! (I don't know if I'm trans)
802 days ago
I don’t know if I’m trans (FTM) or non binary i’l, have to more quizzes this helped a lot
807 days ago
i was pretty sure i was trans (ftm), decided to come out. my parents were not happy about it of course. they have been insisting to convince myself of being female when i already tried to for so long because of internal transphobia. i want to just disappear
811 days ago
I've been mistaken for being a male before and multiple people have asked me if I'm a male or a female, but in a way to make fun of me. I sometimes wish I was a male since I'd feel happy as a male and I've been feeling like this since I was twelve. Many people I know wouldn't be accepting and they'll misgender me and I'm scared to tell them. I've talked to one of my grandmas before about feeling like I'm a male and/or wishing I was born a male but she told me not to say that or whatever since she was hoping for me to be born female and she's glad I was born a female, or she would've been the only female in the house. I feel really happy when I'm referred to as a male.
812 days ago
it's probably gender dysmorphia but it's been getting so much recently. I wish i was feminine in trhe ways boys are.
813 days ago
Although I am not particularly confused, I like to take these quizzes as a double check and to help with dysphoria, it is when you get he wrong thing when it gets bad, but most of the time it leaves me feeling really happy. As someone who is still in the closet and is only known by bff and sister these really help and act like I am talking to someone when I am not.
814 days ago
What would I do if I weren't... "me"? What if I could show off the body I dream of? I strut around in my changed voice and just gleam at my reflections everywhere I go. People would call me the name I chose, and would treat me just like nothing happened, instead of me being a monster or a sin. What if I weren't what society wanted me to be? What if I could actually be "me"?
816 days ago
hi.., im trans FtM. i know i am but i need help coming out. pls message back...
818 days ago
818 days ago
@sophia i dont really think you should want to/try to be a boy just because its "cool" i think you should want to/try to be a boy because it fits you as a person better. I might not be the right person to give advice tho, im only in 5th grade and very confused also i am trans
818 days ago
I never thought of myself as a guy because I was raised to be a girl but I recently thought it would be cool if I was a boy and i just am so confused >_
822 days ago
i really wanna be a guy just to fu** girls and love them in the right thing i love my friend and i fantesize about her alot , i rally care about her , and i dont wanna be a lesbian because i don't want her to treat me as a girl but as a guy i wanna protect her and have children of our own , and also i wanna be trated like a lady but only in 2 percents of the time , also i don't wanna dissapoit my familly , don't know what to do , i wanna some help , ps: i got positive resault of this test just in case , thnks for reading .