Are You Transgender (FTM)?

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I am FTM (female to male), and I made this quiz to help anyone curious or questioning. This test is not an end-all; only you can know who you truly want to be. That goes for anything. Please know that you are valid no matter your gender/sexuality/race/religion. Love!<3

P.S.: Remember, I am just a random person. Don't let me tell you who you are. Use the results as something to help you think about what you want your next steps to be in terms of gender expression.

  • 1
    Do you avoid looking at yourself in the mirror before showering/changing?
  • 2
    What would you say your gender expression is?
  • 3
    Do you like your body?

  • 4
    Do you like your birth-given pronouns?
  • 5
    What top would you grab on a regular day?
    *Answer honestly, but this doesn't have much bearing on your result.
  • 6
    Which pants?

  • 7
    And shoes?
  • 8
    Let's move away from clothes now. Do you ever get the urge to correct someone when they call you she/her/a girly name, etc?
  • 9
    Do YOU think you are transgender?
  • 10
    Did you like this quiz? I might make another one on sexuality, would you want that?

Comments (77)


140 days ago
thanks it was a very nice quiz, but about the make up and clothing bits r a bit stereotypical i have a ftm friend he identifies as a male and wears makeup soo ye thanks sm tho i feel less confused ehe
188 days ago
this quiz isn't nice. it is too stereotypical
231 days ago
I hate my body I wish it were a males body this gender dysphoria is really getting to me
328 days ago
I didn't like the test so much, because it's too much about clothing. Girls who like boots and denim, or boys with some make up and nail polish are still their gender.
But the result is great nonetheless. Thanks for pointing out that it's you do you, and no one has to fit into the too small boxes of other people's opinion.

Raven, the trans* demiguy who loves creating things, which might be considered girly. ;)
397 days ago
They got my music taste spot on in the results!
506 days ago
the test made things a little easier for me, im still slightly unsure. I use all pronouns right now, but i dont like when people use she/her. idk. i dont wanna have to come out to my parents, it makes me feel sick inside. but i love when people call me by he/they tho lol
520 days ago
This test made me realice a lot. Super accurate, 10/10 !!
I am a trans boy going by he/him pronouns :)
558 days ago
hmmm I guess this is the second best thing after a gender clinic it says i'm a demi girl..
567 days ago
replying to Mac:

Same on both accounts.
567 days ago
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Are you Transgender (FTM)? - Test results
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Are you Transgender (FTM)?
According to your test results, you are likely transgender: you don't identify with your birth-given pronouns and body type. The road ahead may seem daunting, and it will get rocky sometimes. But you can do it! You are probably looking for body-altering things such as hormones/surgery/binders/etc...
Don' t rush it! Just be you, and take the altering gender-re-affirming things slowly so that you come out of the closet as yourself.
You are valid, loved, beautiful, handsome, all that!
*One more tip: don't feel pressured to drop anything that is viewed as 'girly' even if you like it, simply because you are out as a boy. Gender expression is a vast wide valley of styles and preferences, and you can still 'pass' while being yourself.
You are probably super cute, funny, and have good taste in music(aka Nirvana, Queen, David Bowie, Journey...)
I would probably date you...
571 days ago
Wait no... it thinks I'm a demigirl. :(
571 days ago
578 days ago
i touched a maggot today
620 days ago
i was going to say i didn't get an accurate answer and then a cucaracha appeared on my bed :((
635 days ago
I was right. I am trans! This quiz has helped me loads, well done to the creator.
643 days ago
well it's right about me being a demigirl,,,, god i wish i can know 100% what my gender is 🙃
655 days ago
i feel ftm, when i was younger i always played as boys in games (i still do). lately over quarantine i’ve been wanting to try out she/they pronouns and act as a demigirl, honestly though i feel like he/they/it pronouns might fit me more. i wouldn’t say i hate being a girl but i don’t that great about it either :/
661 days ago
Bruh I finished it but like how do you know my taste in music? I am kinda scared
672 days ago
ive known im a boy for months and i remember taking this quiz ..10?? months ago. anyway yeah i feel bad and idk invalidated today so hearing i have good taste in music and all that validating 💗 makes me feel ever so slightly better :)
672 days ago
I took this out of curiosity since I've been really confused about my sexuality and gender for a while now. I wouldn't say I'm a demigirl, though I do feel like it fits how I'm thinking. I dunno, I'm a little new to the gender anxiety club so yeah. And ofc we can be best friends! :D