Transgender Quiz! Any gender at birth.

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Do you question your identity? Do you feel uncomfortable in your body? Do you just want to check this out? Then this is the test for you! As a transgender person myself, I will do my best to figure it out! ^^

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    Be honest: What do you think you are?
    Be honest: What do you think you are?

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Yeah, I'm a trans boy. I actually already knew that ^^
6 days ago
im okay with they them and he him when i go by the name kai but my real name isnt kai and i dont like it but my irls dont know so they call me my real name and use she/her pronouns and im not the biggest fan of it but i havent told them bc im scared but im okay with she/her pronouns when someone calls me ayushi but i really dont like it when i go by kai and someone uses she/her and tbh id prefer to go by kai and use they/he pronouns yk this is really confusing to me as well bc i dont understanf how a name could change how i like being referred to
idts id ever tell my irls bc i dont wanna be made fun of so theyll prob always call me my real name and use she/her pronouns and ig i dont mind it that much but i woukld much rather prefer to be called kai with they/he pronouns
6 days ago
Imso happy! It started around when I started to develop the “top things on my chest” and I like, freaked out so bad!!! I also never liked dudes in the way other “girls” did and it made me wonder. I was internet surfing when I saw the word trans and I knew what it meant but wanted to know more. I read and it sounded like me SO MUCH!!! That’s when I turned to quizzes, then alone time, then more quizzes. I hate being a “girl” so badly!! TYSM for helping me!!!!!!
27 days ago
also the last message from alex was from me
27 days ago
@Gunner I think
It sounds a lot like you are Genderfluid if you really need to know if you are then check this quiz out it helped me figure out that i was genderfluid so it may help you to!
- Alex (They Them)
56 days ago
So, i think i'm a guy, but not always super masc. I go from being femme to masc to neither but I still feel like a guy, at least a little- I need help
61 days ago
Yian I believe your name is genderless buy I am yt
62 days ago
Well, I am trans* (non-binary, make that demiguy). Means I don't particularly care about lables, being a person doing stuff and going on with my life. But since I feel more comfy with he/him Pronouns and my masc name I'm just your average trans guy for everyone. No need to complicate things.
101 days ago
my pronouns are he/they, i am a trans guy :) i know that and i just felt like taking a quiz for the laughs, i thought the quiz would tell me im non-binary or something because i dont have any intentions of bottom surgery and the questions that asked about wanting to be male were difficult for me, lol. friendly reminder everyone experiences transness differently, and not everyone will have the same, if any, dysphoria,, trans people are trans regardless of if you think theyre "too different" so just respect everybody
116 days ago
Is my name neutral?
116 days ago
Is my name neutral or kind of genderless?
119 days ago
He/they are my pronouns.🌫🐭🐸🐉
124 days ago
I’m most likely trans but since I compare myself to other trans ppl and I haven’t experienced it for my whole life I’m second guessing myself and I’m waiting till I have a the😻 again
126 days ago
Envywithnoname thanks I think IMA go with Gabriel/Gabe
126 days ago
He/him, and idk if I should make my name Gabriel as my last name is Campbell and it sounds weird. Smh.
154 days ago
I took this quiz because my mom keeps invalidating me and now I’m questioning if I’m really trans.
158 days ago
174 days ago
He/him plus any neos!
177 days ago
Pronouns probably they/he/she lol
184 days ago
I think I may be trans masc but I’m not sure