Transgender Quiz for Any Gender at Birth

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Do you question your identity? Do you feel uncomfortable in your body? Then this is the test for you! As a transgender person myself, I will do my best to help you figure it all out! ^^

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    Be honest: What do you think you are?
    Be honest: What do you think you are?

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190 days ago
Is it weird that if I had the choice to be a biological male I WOULDN'T take it because I hate being trans but love it at the same time because:
1. I understand what girls go through so I can be a better boyfriend (I'm gay so it would only relate to straight/bisexual trans guys)
2. Girls will feel safe around me because they know I won't hurt them or sexualize them because I used to be a girl (for obvious reasons).
I do also kinda hate being trans though just because of dysphoria, surgeries and transphobes :(
190 days ago
I'm genderfluid but I only switch between he/him and they them. Don't say 'you must be a demiboy because you technically go by pronouns he/they.' NO. Sometimes I feel neutral and sometimes I feel male but (weirdly) never at the same time.

P.s. I'm sorry if it was quite long but if you read it all thanks :)
194 days ago
Thanks for making this. I don’t really like the pronouns I was given (she/her) and I mostly like using neopronouns (Xy/Xyr) but I also use he/him and they work. I would suggest making a test with neopronouns for people. 👍
216 days ago
221 days ago
Deep down I know what I am, I just can’t admit it to myself.
259 days ago
Im a demigirl but afraid to come out to my family and friends idk what to do
259 days ago
Im not trans but im not totally female either so idk. maybe demigirl?
264 days ago
So, I'm trans, ftm and I love it. Can't transition much but for what I have done I'm very happy
285 days ago
i identify as gay and a furry
291 days ago
My pronouns are he/him but I feel a strong connection to She/her
310 days ago
“ You answered every question with the most transgender-related things, either you are the embodiment of no self-doubt or a troll.”
starts sweating
311 days ago
I use any pronouns, but I prefer he, they
314 days ago
I took this on my school chromebook so people can stop misgendering me (they can check our history)
331 days ago
@ No name You don't have to transition your body you can just use different pronouns and dress different that is what I suggest
331 days ago
I think It's fairly certain you are trans, and you most likely know that. I wish you the best of luck with you and your gender identity!

my 💑 uncle just had to tell my I wasn't Mx I was Ms when my beautiful mother told him what it meant.
331 days ago
oh god its been two years since i questioned myself to be trans but now ive got a gf and i wont know how to tell her oh oh no.
397 days ago
O krap my fam is going to kill me because thay are veary chrishtion and that does not end well and if I thought it coudent get eny worse I'm a youtuber. Bye the way like and subscribe!
397 days ago
My pronounces are he,she,there
411 days ago
I use he/xe pronouns
412 days ago
I am so confused. My assigned gender at birth is female, but I like dating girls more than boys, and I also like masculine clothes, masculine names and etc. Plus, I just don’t like people calling me ‘pretty’ or other feminine adjectives that describe me. I like when people mistakenly call me mr or he/him, yet I do not feel that I am born into the wrong body and I do not plan to do any surgery, so does this mean that I am cis? I wonder is this more of a gender expression thing than a gender identity thing. Any advice?