Transgender Quiz for Any Gender at Birth

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Do you question your identity? Do you feel uncomfortable in your body? Then this is the test for you! As a transgender person myself, I will do my best to help you figure it all out! ^^

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    Be honest: What do you think you are?
    Be honest: What do you think you are?

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816 days ago
She/her/they/them pronouns for me. I identify as a nonbinary transgender person. I don't fit into a box and I'm proud
824 days ago
honestly with pronouns i would rather be called my name but she is ok
831 days ago
They/he/them/him - I don't vibe with she/ her
852 days ago
I like it/it's/itself a lot but I also feel comfortable with he/him/his, she/her/hers I've been called for basically my whole life but I'm getting tired of it.
852 days ago
Hi I feel uncomfortable being a girl as In I don't fit in with the girls and are comfortable around boy and prefer to shop in the men's seccsion idk how to spell . And am not always comfortable with my chest and rather not have it but being called he/him fells wrong but so dose all other pronouns for all genders help plz also I would change my name to rain or Alex if I could
854 days ago
idk what to do my parents say that they want to help me but i don't really fell it that way .
855 days ago
Hello! My real name is Cristina but I think I prefer a gender neutral masc name? I’m super confuse and I really need help! I’ve identified as something else but my friend feels like ‘they’re losing a friend’. I’m AFAB and i think I’m a Demiboy :/
855 days ago
This is confusing I was assigned a female at birth and I feel comfortable being a female on the outside but I feel more comfortable using he/him pronouns and going by the name Will but I still identify as a female.🤷‍♀️
856 days ago
Hello, i'm Redd and i am so incredibly confused. I have felt like a boy for almost my whole life but I don't experience all that much dysphoria. It's less dysphoria about specific parts of my body and more about the general fact that im a female. Even though I want to be a boy so badly im afraid im just tricking myself into believing a lie. I guess all i gotta do is experiment :/
857 days ago
Hi I’m Baster I’m a bisexual nonbinary but it’s probably not the most accurate label for me but I’ll figure it out sometime. I use he/they pronouns and I’m very confused about my gender but I’m definitely not cis
857 days ago
I’m experimenting with he/they pronouns and my deadname is actually Olivia
858 days ago
i think my life would have been better if i was female bc i was never able to expres many emotions
861 days ago
Any pronouns are fine
862 days ago
Hi I’m 11 and afab and I like he/him pronouns and i am questioning my gender but if I were to be Trans I’d be scared just in case I’d regret I’m probably overthinking but I don’t know what to do
863 days ago
I use it/its/itself pronouns!!
867 days ago
And when I see the bathrooms, I want to go the boys but the boys are there. And Im Turkish.. Please don't hate me..
867 days ago
Hi I am Defne But I love someones calling me boys names. Im going to middle school and Im eleven. I feel like a boy but my family doesnt let me to feel like this and I have no friends to talk. My one friend is not answering me and second one is homophobic and maybe transphobic. Wanna talk?
869 days ago
Hey, I'm tequnicly non-binary but lately started wondering if I may be Trans or demiboy. Still trying to figure it out but best of luck to everyone.
874 days ago
My name is a boy and girl name so i dont have to change :)
878 days ago
Hi my birth name is Maria Jose, I took this quiz because i was starting to question my gender and it turns out I'm trans ftm and I've been thinking about changing my name to Harper or MJ but I'm honestly a little nervous about this because my dad is a bit against the LGBTQ+ community and my mom likes it when I wear feminine cloths and says that i should wear feminine cloths because I'm a girl but it doesn't feel right. I hope everyone here figures out what gender suits them.