Transgender Quiz for Any Gender at Birth

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Do you question your identity? Do you feel uncomfortable in your body? Then this is the test for you! As a transgender person myself, I will do my best to help you figure it all out! ^^

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    Be honest: What do you think you are?
    Be honest: What do you think you are?

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879 days ago
Hi, demiboy here! This is a great quiz and I took it because I bored.
I'm afab but I've come out as a demiboy/transmasc to almost everyone! I use he/they/it. Hope everyoone else can figure out who they are :D
893 days ago
Hi I took this quiz to find out if I was trans. I am 100% trans! My name is umm... Jayden! That wasn't my birth name but I prefer it. I started cutting my hair months ago, but my parents think it's weird and unnatural. I have many dresses that my mom bought me but I hate them! So instead I wear suits for dressing up and it feels more comfortable. I request this quiz for ANYONE that is trans ftm or mtf, or if your any gender really. I hope you enjoy this my girls gals and enbie pals!
894 days ago
Hey, my name is Wren. I'm a fan and my birth name is Isabel, but I've never really felt like entirely female. I used to feel like a sense of nothing or neutralness and I've felt masculine too. Sometimes I feel only the tiniest bit of femininity that doesn't last long, but mainly neutral and/or masculine. Sometimes the amount of masculine and neutrality fluctuate but I'm usually more masculine. I feel most comfortable with he/they/it pronouns. What may I be?
897 days ago
Yes it is! I'm also questioning if I could be a demigirl or trans. I can help you if you want!
903 days ago
Hello. My name assigned at birth is Rosie, and I was born a girl with girl parts. I'm twelve, and have recently been questioning my gender identity. So, I wear boys clothes sometimes - i feel more comfortable in them - and i kind of want a pen-is. i also have broobs and i dont rlly want them, partly bc theyre annoying, and partly because i dont feel comfortable with them. I know im only twelve and its 'normal for "girls" my age to question stuff', but i really dont know. I want to use he/him pronouns, but i worry too much about what others think. I use they/them now, but my mom doesnt use them. Again, i want he/him pronouns but im too scared. I feel like i want to be a boy but i dont know if i want to be a real boy. I dont know if im trans masculine, but i might be masc leaning. is that a thing? also id love if somebody could help me thanks!
906 days ago
I’m a female at birth, but over went through a bunch of things, and now I’m positive that I’m a masc leaning agender that uses she/it/he pronouns (:
908 days ago
I'm pretty sure I'm nonbinary, cuz I HATE being called by she/her and I dont think I would like he/him, and I'm not fully sure about they/them but I feel most comfortable with nonbinary. I'm just scared because I have alot of people who dont like nonbinary people in my life. so yay for me :,)
910 days ago
⟟ recently started going by they/them
And ⟟ was originally afab (assigned female at birth) and people still call me by my “deadname” which was ruby, and ⟟ cant seem to tell them that it makes me uncomfortable and also use she/her pronouns…

My result said ⟟ was Trans, but ⟟ think I’d just be comfortable with saying I’m non binary
911 days ago
yea i think i’m trans, i’ve always hated being a female.
912 days ago
Lately I started using he/him pronouns online and I think they fit so much better :)
912 days ago
I do know that I identify as wanting the female body but when I think of my gender I don't feel like either I just know what I want my partner to see on my naked body.undefined
913 days ago
I think It's fairly certain you are trans, and you most likely know that. I wish you the best of luck with you and your gender identity!

Yep :( I don’t wanna be trans :( I just want to be a 💗 boy man it’s so unfair
My parents are transphobic
913 days ago
A. I’m comfortable with whatever they frigg you chose to call me (she/he/they/other).
B. Thanks for making the test i think it really helps some people.
913 days ago
i’ve been using she/he/they/it pronouns lately. i might stop using she/her though, it doesn’t feel right :/
914 days ago
Got bored and wanted to see if it would say I'm trans lol. She/they and a few neos btw :)
914 days ago
I’m trans
914 days ago
I don't think I'm really a trans person, but I definitely like a lot more things that typical boys seem to and have a lot of friends who are boys :b
915 days ago
He/They thats what I currently use
916 days ago
917 days ago
she/her he/him idk D: