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Are You Gender Fluid? Quiz

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This is a test for you if you are struggling with your gender. I am gender fluid, so, I built this test on the things that tipped me off. But the discovery process is different for everyone.:) Try my test now and see if you might be gender fluid.

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    When you look in the mirror, do you like how you look?

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53 days ago
"fem masc or androgynous??" "yes"
59 days ago
Apologies on my last comment, the emoji was a censor. I shouldnt have put that in, im sorry.
59 days ago
i go by Raine (used to go by steph bc of my ex gf) and not my birth name and i took this quiz thinking i was questioning being gender fluid and may be trans or non binary but this made me realize "oh 😍 im gender fluid" lmao thanks this helped. Also if you see this u are also probably lgbt so you should check out my spotify (Steph_In_A_Hole) :)
70 days ago
Im Trans 😂 I dont know it, maybe I am really trans, Idk I mean I’m a girl and I make that test only because it’s interesting :)
103 days ago
most of the time i go by she/they or she/her but yesterday i woke up feeling enby so idk if it was just a fluke or if im actually genderfluid. i just woke up and hated all my clothes (which are very feminine) and loved two pieces of clothing i normally hate because they are way too baggy and masculine/gender neutral. what does this mean?
159 days ago
I'm genderfluid between she/her and they/them, my reasoning is just going by she/her, my birth gender makes me feel trapped in a way, and identifying as all including, he/him doesn't feel right for me, So I feel like myself being either, they/them or she/her depending all on my mood!
281 days ago
i am gender fluid i am just doing this for fun lol
283 days ago
i mean- im trans but idk if im genderfluid or not
286 days ago
I think I'm genderfluid, but I think coming out would be really complicated.
292 days ago
Are You Genderfluid?

Congratulations! Your G-G-GENDERFLUID! Your gender can change depending on your mood! You are still loved! Welcome to the gang!:)

hmmmmmmm it does fit me...I think, I might take one more quiz (becuase the quiz before this also said I was genderfluid)
303 days ago
I'm pretty sure that I'm genderfluid! :)
322 days ago
Gender fluid!! I've took a few tests and i think i'm comfortable now :)
447 days ago
I'm genderfluid (~ ̄▽ ̄)~ gotta find out how to tell my friends without it being random- but then again, i am random...
475 days ago
480 days ago
Great quiz! I finally know what I am!