Am I Asexual?

This quiz is for everyone questioning whether or not they might be asexual (aka, ace). Anyone who would like to do so may take this quiz - there are no restrictions or biases. Find out what you might have been wondering about for a while - try my quiz now. I hope it helps!

  • 1
    Have you ever had a crush?
  • 2
    Do you watch porn?
  • 3
    When talking about sex, has someone ever said, "Maybe if you tried it, you'd like it" or something similar?

  • 4
    Have you ever had a sexual dream about someone?

    (Said someone can be friend, cuddle-buddy, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc.)
  • 5
    Do you masturbate?
  • 6
    Are you annoyed by random sex in the media you use?

    (Media such as books, movies and TV shows are included. Porn doesn't count.)

  • 7
    Do you ever feel horny?
  • 8
    Which would you most rather do?
    Which would you most rather do?
  • 9
    Do you understand why people have sex?
  • 10
    Does the idea of sex appeal to you?

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20 minutes ago
me, a 11 year old tween girl, is asexual
4 days ago
So are you ace? Nope, you are more demisexual. You prefer to get to know a person before having💗with them. When you do get to know them, you enjoy having💗with them and tend to have fun doing so.

Aha that will explain why I don't get why people just have💗with random people (no offense 💞💞💞) and why I don't get halequin and other romance book . I thought it was because I was 'werid'...

Hmmm it's like a light bulb just went bing in my head. So a demisexual bi ... Hehehe I have finally found my beloved label
7 days ago
I am a gray ace!!
19 days ago
bruh... ace people can still enjoy🍦and have a libido. libido =/= sexual attraction y'all. and also not all ace people just "don't understand" sex, that just kinda perpetuates some 🍦 stereotypes.
37 days ago
@your name, i feel the exact same way and i am so confuesd
43 days ago
lmao it just cesors the words with hearts AHSHAHA
43 days ago
Okay so i dont think it’s important to know for me personally or to find a lable but i am not sexually attracted to anyone and find the idea of💋kinda gross. still i am 💋 like all the time but when i watch 💋its just cringe to see. also when i 💋 (which i quite enjoy lol) i cant think of any person then it just feels cringe, you knwo. i never have sexual thoughts about any person or💋dreams even tho im crushing on someone. like i dont feel sexual attraction but i still am 💋 and feel sexual pleasure. anyone can relate? lmao
81 days ago
I'm definitely ace right I'm knowing this for so long ...
85 days ago
Back then in 2015..i got my first boyfriend,he was a 🐤 guy but I always told him not to touch me because I'm still a girl and so he respect me..for 2 months no kiss,date,hug,sex or whatever..he just stare at me,walk me to my house,we chat on fb,and repeatedly said he likes me,for 2 months we literally didn't do anything because I am not I was thinking maybe I just don't like I broke up with him in the next day..2 years later I was confused by my gender..for 2 years I did not simp over a got me think maybe I'm lesbian,so I tried it with a girl,I like her,she's smart and super good at chess so I court her the next day she said yes..but when we start dating I hate that she's so clingy,she hug me!!,,she always hold my hands and I hate it!!!.she noticed I got bored so she broke up with me,and I'm so lively on my classes after she broke up with me,I feel like I can taste freedom..but after that I was thinking if I can't do it with boys not with a girl either,,then maybe I just don't like my first bf and I confused myself for not liking boys.
1 year later,here's a man flirting on me I was thinking what would I feel if I do it with him..
He took my first kiss but I feel nothing but disgust I was thinking of the millions of bacteria..I refused to see him again....
And the next day my friend is courting me I said yes immediately,I take back my words when he kiss me and touch me without holding back,I broke up with him...
I hate man,,I mean boys
I don't like it with girls also
I don't like people touch got worst now that even my mom can't hug me..
Tell me if I'm asexual or not or maybe
I was just traumatized (I got harrased 10+).
I can't stop thinking if I'm asexual or not..
I took 3 quizzes,it says I'm asexual..
90 days ago
*when I found out
90 days ago
so basically, I started crying when people want to have s€x with their crushes.
104 days ago
Hey there!
So, um, i think i am asexual lately.
I dont really like the thought of having somebody inside if me, it doesnt really appeal my ideas of a great relationship. You can habe s€x if you want to, i dont mind that, sure there are people out here who enjoy that with their partner(sometimes even not) everything okay.
Some of my friends had their "first time" already, and I think: Why do you wanna frick somebody at that young age? Don't you want to listen to music together, play videogames (I love video games!) or drink a tea together?
In fact, a great relationship in my opinion is, I don't have to be right, everyone has their own ideals and opinions:
- cuddling together
-cooking together
-listen to music together
-watching a movie together
-hug each other
-deep talk to each other
-be there for each other

You know what I mean?

Anyways, I am a big fan of cuddling, hugging, yeah, even kissing on the lips is great, but I don't desire s€sexual sexual activity, yeah, I kinda wanna avoid that.

cya, cuddler
119 days ago
I get crushes sometimes, but it's more like the ones I used to get in like early gradeschool (before puberty).
I sometimes get physically turned on, or (without being turned on) will notice someone who I think is 'cute", 'handsome', 'pretty' ... and there are some people who I just like to look at ... but no thoughts of wanting to do anything sexual or anything ... usually not even feelings (save now and then, and only a little , for a little while then they go almost as soon as they show up).

I much wrather hang out, or chill, talk about something deep, watch videos, listen to music ... pretty much anything (non addictive building) with someone I may like .... but I really prefer platonic love & affection over anything.

I went through a period where I was like nuts as a young adult & puberty was kicking me around pretty hard (thought I was losing my mind) ... but given enough time it all just sort of settled down again & it was like I got my mind & life back. I feel sain now (well as sain as you can be when you're 'not of this planet').
120 days ago
I get crushes but they’re very small like I just like the person but I don’t want to be in a relationship even when I’ve been asked out by someone I really liked I didn’t want to date him, and I still don’t want to date anyone lol it just sounds bad and wrong I feel like I could never do it but is that ace? Idk pls help
128 days ago
None of these quizzes ever get it right , arousal is completely different from attraction , although I'm sexually attracted to some fictional characters so that could be the problem qwq
130 days ago
So I am ace?? (I took a lot of tests and did a lot of research)

I just have to find out if I am omniromantic biromantic or homoromantic now, I used to think I was lesbian then homoromantic ace then omniromantic ace or biromantic ace but like am I really attracted to boys cause ik i am attracted to girls,
I am just confused, okay?
132 days ago
"So are you ace? Yep - to the max!"
Ahh, that's a relief. Guess I have to tell the world now :1
140 days ago
dayum okay so gray-ace, thats cool I guess. I like it. no wonder i get super excited about openly asexual twitch streamers like ShubbleYT and 5up. both icons I recommend
142 days ago
Yeah this feels right. It said i was ace and just didnt feel attracted to anyone sexually and that it just doesn’t appeal to me, which ive had to explain before and people really dont get it. I tried to explain it to my ex and they were super mean about it so i just dealt with what they wanted from me and was really unhappy til i broke it off.

For anyone going through that sort of situation, please talk with someone! whether that be a close friend, a discord buddy or a the💝, make sure its someone safe and accepting so you can truely express yourself without backlash. Im here too, of course, but i might not reply bc i dont come to these quizzes often lol.

Be safe, drink water and stay healthy!
144 days ago
Um so i guess I am ASEXUAL but idk rlly And i am scared to tell my parents. :(((