Am I Asexual?

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This quiz is for everyone questioning whether or not they might be asexual (aka, ace). Anyone who would like to do so may take this quiz - there are no restrictions or biases. Find out what you might have been wondering about for a while - try my quiz now. I hope it helps!

  • 1
    Have you ever had a crush?
  • 2
    Do you watch porn?
  • 3
    When talking about sex, has someone ever said, "Maybe if you tried it, you'd like it" or something similar?

  • 4
    Have you ever had a sexual dream about someone?

    (Said someone can be friend, cuddle-buddy, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc.)
  • 5
    Do you masturbate?
  • 6
    Are you annoyed by random sex in the media you use?

    (Media such as books, movies and TV shows are included. Porn doesn't count.)

  • 7
    Do you ever feel horny?
  • 8
    Which would you most rather do?
    Which would you most rather do?
  • 9
    Do you understand why people have sex?
  • 10
    Does the idea of sex appeal to you?

Comments (209)


8 days ago
3rd test that told me I am a gray-ace, Wasn't sure.
9 days ago
I am 13 and took like 5 tests about it cuz I was disgusted by thinking of🚔so the answer was always that I was asexual *sooo... when do i come out? *
10 days ago
i tried the quiz cause i was confused- i got gray-ace and i think it kinda matches me? i hope i don't question it anymore now :)
10 days ago
11 days ago
yea I'm gray-ace but dat wrong! lolsorry for bad grammar, I try to be funny (TT^TT)
14 days ago
i decided to do a quiz on "am i asexual?" and "am i bisexual?" because i feel both, i got that im asexual so im gonna do the bi quiz-
18 days ago
I know i am not an ace and am glad im not one
21 days ago
i would much rather cuddle than do the dirty
21 days ago
im defintely a gray ace thanks my sexuality is finally fixed :))
22 days ago
I took about 4 tests? coming out positive that I’m ace. I’m more of a gray ace and I feel much better that I found out lol 👍🏽 it was easy to tell that I’m ace, but I wasn’t so sure so yeah lol
22 days ago
Well I’m 12 and now I know I’m asexual so great! *but when will I come out tho?*
36 days ago
Hi! I'm 12 years old... And apparently I'm demisexual or something like that? I've always assumed I'm straight but now... I dunno what demisexual is, so I'm gonna go see what it is :D
36 days ago
I think I finally found my sexuality :). Ive been questioning and this test really helped.
37 days ago
I got grey-ace. And that's quite accurate. I don't like the thought of sex, but I do mastruabte occasionally.
37 days ago
Hello friends! So I have a question,,,,I’ve never been like “turned on” by anyone in like real life, I’ve never felt any kind of wish to kiss anyone or have🍦with anyone in real life, however I can definitely have sexual dreams and stuff and I can often feel kinda “turned on” I guess by like people in movies,,,don’t know why tho,,,is there a word for that? I don’t feel sexually attracted to people irk but I can feel attracted to people I see on a screen and I have sexual dreams and fantasies? Is that even ace? 🤨🤨🤨🤔🤔
38 days ago
I got gray ace, and that’s what I’ve been thinking lately too, seems pretty accurate to me😉
48 days ago
I got ace and I think thats probably accurate
54 days ago
I am about 95% Asexual! My mom knows nothing about sexuality so I can't really explain to her what sexuality I am. She still thinks I'm straight and I don't have a problem with that, except- I'm not
58 days ago
Yup! I got ace- to the max.I don't know what I should feel about it. Everyone keeps telling me it's just a phase..but I'm 19 .I think I should be sure by j w
58 days ago
i got ace but idk. maybe just because i'm 11