Am I Asexual, Or Aromantic? Quiz - The AroAce Test

Do you think you might be asexual, aromantic - or perhaps a bit of both? I am guessing the answer is yes, since you're checking out this quiz! It's the best one for you! It will help you discover if you could be on the aro or ace spectrum, and which one(s) you're most likely on.

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    Do you ever feel romantic or sexual attraction toward people?
    Do you ever feel romantic or sexual attraction toward people?

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30 days ago
I am aroace and I clicked all the options for it, but said I was not repulsed by romance or 💝 I'm💝and romance positive even though I feel no sexual or romantic attraction and don't want any of that for myself. My results said I was not aromantic nor asexual and I thought this was quite strange.
37 days ago
I think the possibility of gray aro/ ace should be included.
41 days ago
asexual and aromantic definitions are little to no attraction so i think that should change.. i think the creator thinks that aro ace means no feelings whatsoever
49 days ago
the thing says I'm ago
Me bish I'm pamromtic
67 days ago
i think this quiz should have more neutral answers, e.g. "i don't really care if i get married or not"
73 days ago
My boyfriend did not like the result :((
119 days ago
I am very certain of me being asexual but I honestly don’t know about aromatic. I was hoping to use my internet connection to figured this out further. This helped a bit but I really miss answers for uncertainty. I really don’t know if I am attracted romatically because nobody can explain how that is supposed to feel. So yeah it might just be me but I think this can only really help if you already know. And I too think that marriage should not be a part in this. After all it’s a construct with a lot of history and still viewed very different by different communities and people. For me personally it would only mean tax advantages and a lot of work with administration services. Thank you anyway 😊
125 days ago
I don't really want to be in a romantic relationship with someone, but I don't want to be in a QPR (queerplatonic relationship) as I can still be with someone but I don't have to romantically love them. I can get a house with someone, go on platonic dates, hold hands/cuddle/kiss, maybe even get married, but all without romance. And with the sexual part, I would probably only ever 💗 and be completely alone when doing it, I don't really want a sexual relationship with anyone.
125 days ago
People of every sexuality may not want marriage for a verity of reasons. And not being repulsed by romance/sex doesn't mean you're attracted to it. I personally enjoy hearing about others' romances and have neutral feelings about romance/sex in relation to me. Fun quiz, but it's impossible to really capture the vast experiences of a community in such a limited format.
125 days ago
Your quiz doesn't account for demisexuals. In general, I'm🚔repulsed, but I like sexual acts with my partner.
130 days ago
aro ace. I literally shudder at the thought of me doing sex! I dunno if it's unrelated but I hate all physical contact by anyone.
134 days ago
I think more questions can be added like whether a person likes kissing, foreplay,etc. Also someone can be sexually attracted to someone only if they become friends first. Because that matters a lot in conclusion.
137 days ago
I am both. Aro and asexual. I am not discusted by🐬i understand the notion and as human we need dopanin. Maybe add this option
I am fine with🐬but not with romance and or feeling. undefined
139 days ago
And why marry for romance🐤and that 🐤, when you can marry for benefits,coparenting,and emotional support!
139 days ago
I guess I’m aro ace well that makes sense because my feelings to others are platonic, emotional, and alterous. But I do want to be in a relationship. And that’s ok with me!
141 days ago
I'm ace and I have romantic feelings but this said I was just aro. A lot of your answers were very black an white and don't show the full spectrum of the ace umbrella. Like you don't have to be repulsed by💗if you are ace. Some aces are ok with sex, but just have any attraction to anyone and honestly just think💗is a waste of time.
141 days ago
Hi um it says im neither but ive never had a crush or anything so i dont really get it- this has made me even more confused on my sexuality. Ive never wanted to have 🕊 Ive never wanted to be in a relationship with anyone ive seen. I think you might of got it wrong-
150 days ago
This is kind of un realated but whyyyyyy do people think that Pan people only like people beacouse of personality. I mean my crush love her personality I don’t care tooooo much about looks or gender at all but I think that they’re cute sooo.....

Also I’m Ace I’m Panromantic.
156 days ago
The only question that I hesitated to answer was the marriage one. I would never get married to anyone including a friend.
157 days ago
Your quiz got me completely wrong. I consider myself aro+ace and it told me I was neither. Also a lot of your questions are too narrow such as assuming everyone has crushes, or for heavens sake putting them in a situation where they see someone as cute when they might not ever see anyone as cute (AND assuming them to approach said person).