Am I Asexual, Or Aromantic? - The AroAce Test

Let's help you explore your identity and uncover whether you resonate with the asexual, aromantic, or both spectra! If you're here, chances are you're curious and seeking clarity, and you've come to the perfect place. This carefully crafted quiz is tailored to provide you with invaluable insights into your potential placement along the aro or ace spectrum, guiding you towards a deeper understanding of your unique self. Get ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and let's uncover which aspects of these spectra resonate most strongly with you!

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    Do you ever feel romantic or sexual attraction toward people?
    Do you ever feel romantic or sexual attraction toward people?

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35 days ago
Where is the “I don’t know” button?😭 I honestly don’t have a clue if I like them or if I just find them attractive.
37 days ago
Hello, i dont know whos reading this, but i need to get this off my chest. I am a 14 year old. I have been sruggling with my identity for years. Kids in school keep pressuring me into relationships i dont want to be in, the only relationships ive been in, i've been pressured into and i dont like the person. I dont know whats wrong with me and its really making me feel sick, mentally and physically. I just want advice or websites that might help me understand why i feel this way.
44 days ago
@Blue your prolly aromantic and couldnt tell whats the difference between platonic feelings and romantic feelings. Thats a common aromantic thing to do.
44 days ago
I feel highly confused to what romantic attraction is it thought it was just hugging a person and loving to get to know them but recently found out it's more based on tje feeling than actions. Feeling confused to if I feel that or not . I know I'm definitely aesexual but I have no idea if my past crushes were real crushes because I knew I'd never get with them cause they were dating someone else also my best friend (both times) - like they were almost like characters from a book. I think I've fallen in love with the concept of finding someone that I'm now so confused to what is considered romantic attraction. Do however thoroughly enjoy their company
45 days ago
+ i also WOULD NOT actually have💑irl if i had a chance to. It makes me feel nauseous imagining having💑with a REAL person or even thinking about being in a sexual relationship with myself in it.
45 days ago
I think i am aroace. although i used to like people romantically when i was a child. Now i am 16 and i dont feel romantic attraction anymore and feel anything towards anyone besides fictional characters/celebrities.

Although, i am sure i may be aromantic, im not sure if i am asexual, because when i always crush on fictional characters, i always fantasize about them, imagine sexual scenarios with them etc. But i never imagine anything romantic at all. I can only be sexually attracted now.
50 days ago
Mai you're probably ageosexual,which means someone who might like the idea of it but doesn't want to actually experience it
52 days ago
I'm very sorry, but everythink the test asks ist "do you feel romantic or sexuell atraction towards others?" Well: NO, but how should someone answer this when they don't even know what that is?
72 days ago
I'm not sure how I feel about thi test. I know I'm not aromantic; I do get strong doki doki feelings about people. I do however, not get sexually *attracted* to anyone. I can never look at a person and imagine 💑 I don't imagine people naked or go into a situation with a desire for 💑 On the other hand, I know I get 💑 and turned on. I like the idea of sex, but never has another person made me want to have💑with them.
75 days ago
60% both…but with the fluidity in reality = aroaceflux 💜💚

Bye babys and have a nice day 😎✌️

(Ps: for me Most of the answers would have been "I don't know bro” 🤣🥲…but i think it’s fine like this result, no?)

(If someone thinks like me or has something to tell me about it tells me pleaseeee)
95 days ago
The question about someone you have a crush on that asks you out doesn't really have an appropriate answer for me - I don't feel crushes.
96 days ago
I got 70% on both. I honestly never really felt comfortable using labels tbh, and I always hate when people ask me what my sexuality is. I'm unsure if aroace is for me. The reason I think this is bc I'm a closed transman. I sometimes wonder if I actually did come out as a guy, would I feel attrition? Is the reason why I can't feel romantic/sexual love due to me not being open to myself? I'm also unsure bc whenever I would have "crushes" it would usually be 3 days max. oh well.
99 days ago
I've been asked out a few times. Felt vastly uncomfortable.
99 days ago
I got 50% on both. Aromantic and Asexual..
102 days ago
Well, I know I’m Asexual, but I’m starting to think I might actually be AroAce. I might just say I’m asexual because it’s easier...
106 days ago
Huh why is my name like that?
106 days ago
It's pretty sad that I label myself as aroace because it's not that I am one but I can't just picture having a great life with someone I like or someone that likes me.
111 days ago
I'm a demi aesexual or greysexual
114 days ago
i think im greysexual...
141 days ago
I think I'm aromantic I'm not sure.