Am I Asexual, Or Aromantic? - The AroAce Test

Let's help you explore your identity and uncover whether you resonate with the asexual, aromantic, or both spectra! If you're here, chances are you're curious and seeking clarity, and you've come to the perfect place. This carefully crafted quiz is tailored to provide you with invaluable insights into your potential placement along the aro or ace spectrum, guiding you towards a deeper understanding of your unique self. Get ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and let's uncover which aspects of these spectra resonate most strongly with you!

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    Do you ever feel romantic or sexual attraction toward people?
    Do you ever feel romantic or sexual attraction toward people?

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222 days ago
I think I'm aromantic I'm not sure.
234 days ago
Is it normal to be extremely uncomfortable whenever someone asks me out/i think theyre going to? (even juat the idea of someone having a crush on me) i feel romantic feelings to people and want to be in a relationship but when it comes to acrually dating someone i feel extremely uncomfortable
239 days ago
What if I'm too afraid to tell them no and say yes out of fear?
276 days ago
So this is my situation:
I‘ve always known that I‘m probably asexual because I’ve never felt this „omg he/she‘s so handsome“ feeling that everybody is talking about and I really don‘t understand what‘s so appealing about 💑or stuff like that. But I didn‘t thought I was aromantic because I thought I had several crushes in elementary school (this was actually just my „everyone has a crush so I need to have one, too“-phase). Now that I think about it it was pretty obvious tho. I‘ve never really got all those romance movies my mom forced me to watch with her or why the hell I would want to get married or have kids or stick my tongue into someone elses mouth.
So anywaysss my best friend confessed to me around christmas. She said that she had a crush on me for a long time and that I was perfect and she wanted to be together with me, which came extremly surprising because she had a bf ar the time that she was starting to hang out with more than with me. And idk I was used to like ppl back when they said they liked me bc that‘s just how it works so I said yes and suddenly we were together. And ngl I was really happy bc she told me all those nice things that she never told me before such as your so pretty or your so funny, you know? And I just assumed that was a sign for me that I had a crush on her, too.
So then all this dating stuff happened and at first it was just going out to eat and talk about stuff casually. But then at some point it started to get all hand-holding and cuddeling and I just felt so uncomfortable at any touch to the point where I waned to cry when I thought about us cuddeling, which is super dramatic, am I right? But still I don‘t wanna feel that way and I was trying to describe that to her before because she told me our friendship wouldn‘t be over if I descided to leave her. But she doesn‘t see, to get the hint. What the hell do I do?? Do I tell her I‘m suddenly aroace and then sit next to her at school like nothing‘s happened..
Because she has those „noone really loves me or cares about me“ thoughts lately. And I really don‘t want my coming out to escalate in her having a mental breakdown and us fighting…:/

Does anyone have an advise maybe?? As fellow aromantics or asexuals
288 days ago
literally got 40% and shed no tears
290 days ago
to moe flannel: just go for what your gut says
297 days ago
Well, the first question asks me if I feel sexual or romantic attraction. I don't know what they both mean so um......
299 days ago
feels right getting 40% asexual and 40% aromatic and asexual.
311 days ago
317 days ago
Lesbian asexual and proud! ♡
318 days ago
im 60% asexual i think thats right and at the same time its not
325 days ago
I am aroace and I fewl mwiza 😌
333 days ago
Sometimes: am I aromantic
336 days ago
My answer to question two is to accept the invite and then cry violently when I get home because of how uncomfortable I feel 😍😍
340 days ago
Me trying to figure out my asexuality and demiromantic attraction: *screaming intensifies*
348 days ago
"Don’t forget that, unless you are transgender (that includes non-binary people) and/or are attracted to the same or multiple genders, then you are not part of the LGBT+ community." You can be a cis girl or guy, and be asexual or aromantic, and be apart of the lgbtq community. I dont think the person who made htis is lgbtq+
350 days ago
I am aromantic and asexual
360 days ago
i know im ace, but im still confused because i want to know if im aro? like im okay with romance but at the same time its not interesting?? ugh im so confused
368 days ago
(To fried up) I would just be straightforward to her and tell her that you turned out aroace. I hope she would understand and still be friends. Best of luck 👍
368 days ago
It says I am aroace but I’m not sure it’s completely right