Am I Asexual, Or Aromantic? - The AroAce Test

Let's help you explore your identity and uncover whether you resonate with the asexual, aromantic, or both spectra! If you're here, chances are you're curious and seeking clarity, and you've come to the perfect place. This carefully crafted quiz is tailored to provide you with invaluable insights into your potential placement along the aro or ace spectrum, guiding you towards a deeper understanding of your unique self. Get ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and let's uncover which aspects of these spectra resonate most strongly with you!

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    Do you ever feel romantic or sexual attraction toward people?
    Do you ever feel romantic or sexual attraction toward people?

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497 days ago
I always had a feeling I was Aroace because when i think about my life I wanted to be single, no kids, tubes tied, with a great friend group. But this is a good way to show prove to my family that i wasn't joking.
500 days ago
I had thought about possibly being Aroace for awhile now, as I feel uncomfortable with the idea of doing anything intimate, even though I will write it. Even though this is just a quiz on a random website I feel like it helps my thought process on it. I have had crushes before, but only small- not enough to distract me or keep me up at night.
510 days ago
I don't know what romantic feelings feel like, it's confusing, I could have had a million crushes or never liked anyone, it feels like I've never liked anyone, then there was this girl and we kissed and stuff and I thought maybe I liked her, maybe I could date her, then she got a boyfriend, and now I'm just convincing myself I probably didn't like her, I just want to date someone.
512 days ago
dude, I'm kinda sad, as dramatic as I'm being, knowing I won't ever find love or express and experience it, makes me sad.
513 days ago
Btw I am bi with a lean towards girls. There’s this one girl I rlly like… My life is a mess and I’m only 13… I have 2 types of OCD… Sorry for the rant. 😓
513 days ago
I’m pretty sure I’m asexual but I don’t know what type. I feel a little but of sexual attraction to some people but I feel like I am disgusted by🚔and could never actually do it. I’m so confused, please tell me if you think you know what type of asexual I am. I hope everyone reading this is safe and having a fantastic day 🌻
515 days ago
71% Aro ace. I don't know how to feel honestly. Someone just confessed to me- I used to have a crush on them, at least I think. I've had 'crushes' like them before. I don't actually want to date/marry/other things. I just want to be really good friends, or my emotions towards said person are magnified for some reason.

I role play a bunch- I mean its fun. I'm enjoy getting into a role play relationship, but irl doesn't hold any attraction. I can be attracted by appearances, but I just think them as pretty, not as a potential partner. Call me a creep- I think my older cuz is attractive. I myself am not attracted to him but I consider him 'hot'.

I'm pretty confused. Quizzes can only tell me so much. This was kinda a rant, but if anyone can tell me more, please do
518 days ago
My dad says that I might be Pan but I just don't think so because I am repeled by sexual and romantic things but I think I get aesthetic attraction alot and when I get like that I try to think of me and the other person kissing and sleeping with them and I don't like thinking of that so please tell me if that is aroace or not
520 days ago
I’m AroAce I mean and the test makes it even more truthful (100% AroAce) and I’m okay with that I haved one ’’crush,, a fictional character but I didn’t like him I liked only his personality so I mean I am an AroAce
520 days ago
I don't know what to do. Am I aroace? Or am I just not attracted to my current partner? Did I ever like any of my past partners? I don't know
520 days ago
Man, the problem is I’m not interested in finding love in both ways. But I still don’t know if i’m truly AroAce. Like I have these “crushes” I like to call them my moments. They have only happend 3 times. Where I think I like a person, but after like 15 seconds I don’t have a crush on them. Like I’ve never been attracted to someone where I wanted to marry sense I was five. Now let’s talk about the asexual part. I’ve never been attracted to people like that, so I’m a little different than my friends. I’ve never been interested in doing those silly little funny things with people. I mean I like reading Yaoi but I never intend to do those things (don’t judge about the Yaoi part). Anyways I mean I’ve imagined doing it but have no feelings whatsoever. I get a bit upset with myself to be honest. But I mean I could be Demisexual or like demiromatic but I’m quite confused so please could you guys give me a analysis of what you think I may be?

I may figure myself over time which is a good thing but I insist you tell me what you think. Thank you for your time.
525 days ago
I feel strangely like AroAce, but I put myself down as a Non-binary AroAce Bi. I need to know if it's okay to be all of whom I think I am. I have a couple mental issues like gender dysphoria, depression, anger issues, and adhd that prevent me from coming out or even knowing who I am, and my ptsd isn't helping becaus eI had been put down because of who I told about who I liked. I need help to understand the yes's and no's of being in the LGBTQ+ community since I am fairly new to this, haha. Around 2-3 years into the community. I'm still a young adolescence so I don't know what to do, lol
542 days ago
It sounds like you could be demisexual or demiromantic. I'm not an expert in this, so if I get this wrong, I'm sorry. It's just a suggestion. Being demisexual means you aren't really sexually attracted to someone until you make a strong emotional connection. It is the same for demiromantic except you aren't romantically attracted to them until you make a strong emotional connection. The emotional connection (imagining if you could kiss or date them) you make before if you get a crush on them suggest you could be demisexual or demiromantic. I don't think you you are aro or ace because that suggests the absence of romantic or sexual feeling completely. Hope this helps!
Happy Pride Month!!
A Partially Closeted Bisexual💗💜💙
546 days ago
i have a weird situation. i do have crushes, but i don't just see a boy and like (in a crush way) them for their looks or personality, its more like i ask myself if i could see myself dating them and then go from there. it sometimes even happens to people i don't even like, i just see if i can picture myself like kissing or dating them and i never know if they are true feelings or just from what i can picture in my brain. for example, i have a crush on this guy named Eduardo, and i really like him, but again, its because i first pictured myself dating him and then i saw that i liked him, although for him its different and i think that i might have real feelings, idk. so i don't know if i am aromantic or not. because I've never had a crush crush where i like them for who they are or their looks or whatever, but I've also never not had a crush. its more like i picture i can see myself like kissing a person and then take it from there. if anyone even understands this, then please tell me. - Rini Water
546 days ago
Happy Pride Month! -From a Partially Closeted Bisexual. (Came out to close friends who understand, but not to parents or others because I am scared of the reactions I will get.)💙💜💖🌈✌️
546 days ago
I have intense romantic and sexual attraction to fictional characters, but I feel nothing when it comes to real life people (with a few exceptions). I know I'm probably bisexual, but could I be aro or ace or do I just have high standards?
551 days ago
i feel intense sexual attraction to fictional characters, but i don't want to be in a relationship or have👮in real life... what does this mean? am i just a weird otaku? ;u;
552 days ago
I got 57% aroace. It doesn’t surprise me, but lately I’ve been questioning myself a lot😭 I have a girlfriend, and I’m a lesbian. But I’ve always hated intimacy even if it was hugging someone. And then I kissed my girlfriend and hated it lmao. So yeah, that’s why I’m questioning myself.
554 days ago
71% aroace, apparently. but like.. did i express romantic attraction to anybody or something?? haha
554 days ago
I got 100%, also happy Pride Month!