Am I Asexual, Or Aromantic? - The AroAce Test

Let's help you explore your identity and uncover whether you resonate with the asexual, aromantic, or both spectra! If you're here, chances are you're curious and seeking clarity, and you've come to the perfect place. This carefully crafted quiz is tailored to provide you with invaluable insights into your potential placement along the aro or ace spectrum, guiding you towards a deeper understanding of your unique self. Get ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and let's uncover which aspects of these spectra resonate most strongly with you!

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    Do you ever feel romantic or sexual attraction toward people?
    Do you ever feel romantic or sexual attraction toward people?

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560 days ago
I got 100% aroace! And it’s true
561 days ago
I got 100% aroace haha-
569 days ago
I am still kinda young so I don’t know but it makes sense that I have never loved / had a crash in any way
571 days ago
I’m not really sure I guess I got 71% I.think I might be but it’s just really hard when all your friends are like shipping you with someone of the same🌻but their like your best friend and you aren’t sure at first I was like do I wanna get married to this person and the answers for me was no… but just because I’m not attracted to one person it’s hard to tell what my sexuality is I guess I’ll just have to wait and see!
574 days ago
Well, i think this test is too straighforward.Some ace people don't feel attraction at all, and some feel it occasionally, and that does not mean they're not ace. This is a spectrum, not a "either this or thay" type of thing
574 days ago
AYYY 86% haha yesssss!
577 days ago
In my opinion, i could be aro but i'm only 15 years old... I'm so young, so i don't know what i am
578 days ago
I like someone a lot, but the thing is is that I don't feel anything towards them, or anyone for that matter. This is a lot of pressure because my friends keep on telling me to ask this person out really soon.
587 days ago
The only reason i'm gonna ask out someone is not because i want to have👮with them or i think i will have feelings, but because i need someone around me. I just need someone to be here.
592 days ago
Overall, not a terrible quiz, but a lot of questions assume things about you. I wouldn't approach anyone, not necessarily because I'm not attracted to them in any way, but because interacting with humans is really difficult and I don't like it.
593 days ago
I got 100% and it makes me feel alot better because for the longest time I thought I was pan and I've taken alot of aroace test and they all 100% :)
596 days ago
I got a 100%, I’m excited for pride month
604 days ago
I got 43% both :)
606 days ago
I got 71%! It said I’m both aromantic and asexual!
613 days ago
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620 days ago
This rest lacks any sort of depth. The questions basically all just ask you, are you asexual, aromantic, both, or neither, fairly point blank
631 days ago
There's no provision for people who feel sexual or romantic attraction but don't pursue it because of insecurities or trauma. I would neeeever approach a person in a club like the question asks because I'm insecure, not because I wouldn't want to sleep with that person. The quiz translated my timidity as being asexual, which I'm not.
635 days ago
I think they should add some more questions. This time about demisexual and demiromantic. They are quite similar to aromantic and asexual. Maybe people would get confused between the four.
658 days ago
The test said that I am not ace or aro when all of my answers basically said that I feel no romantic or sexual attraction
658 days ago
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