What do you know about Asexuality?

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How much do you know about Asexuality? Take this quiz, whether you are trying to see if your asexual or just interested in it!

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    Asexuality is a spectrum.
  • 2
    All asexuals feel no sexual attraction no matter what they are on the spectrum, if there is one.
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    In “A” in LGBTQIA+ stands for Asexual or/and Aromantic

  • 4
    There are three different kinds of Asexuality. (Not meaning the spectrum)
  • 5
    About 10% of the population, at this time, identifies as Asexual
  • 6
    The Asexual flag has 5 colors, black, gray/grey, white, purple, and pink

  • 7
    Only teens and young adults identify as Asexual.
  • 8
    People who identify as Asexual has has a bad experience.
  • 9
    Asexuals just hasn’t found the right person yet.
  • 10
    Asexuals are at risk of “corrective rape”.

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178 days ago
I got nine out of ten questions correct and I’m asexual!
230 days ago
Oh hi beautiful Xeno Kallum said Kallum in a sexy voice is Kallum talking to you? Ask Xeno Kallum yeah babe Said Kallum😘☪love Xeno Chester 😘🕎
340 days ago
my bf is asexual and refuses to do anything that will most likely end up with💝because he thinks it's gross and is fine with kissing andholding hands but cross that line and he's pissed off
362 days ago
It 😍how people say that im too young go know
468 days ago
It's typical for an asexual to have all questions right lmao
511 days ago
Huh, getting everything right seems logical to me, an asexual :O
653 days ago
wow 10/10 huh, i'm doing my correct researches lol
694 days ago
I'm a demiromantic graysexual so l guess it makes sense.
886 days ago
9/10 I'm not asexual but one of my friends is
918 days ago
For people who are confused about "there are 3 types of asexuality" I think op is talking about microlabels, which are labels used to kinda further subdivide the community. E.g. Both Akoisexual and Aegosexual are microlabels.
With microlabels, people often use asexual, demisexual, and graysexual as a main label to compliment that micro label.
977 days ago
Actually the 4th question is wrong. There are more than three kinds of asexuality

Also 10/10 yay (exept for that one)
1012 days ago
I too want to know what I got wrong so I can educate myself.
1026 days ago
9/10, wonder what I answered wrong