Are You a Model Bisexual? Quiz

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Let’s face it: The bi role models in mainstream media just plain suck. We've got Kate Moss doing blow. Her bisexual Baby shambles ex Peter Doherty pleading guilty to heroin possession. Angelina Jolie exchanging the vial of blood for husband stealing. And now Paris Hilton, the world’s densest party girl tramp, apparently goes both ways. (Remember the hacked cell phone photos?) Famous or not, we need some new bi role models before another pseudo bi celebrity tries to surpass Anne Heche's ecstasy-fueled spaceship search, or Anna Nicole Smith's plain-old stupidity, or well, Andy Dick. Will you pass the test?

  • 1
    You’ve never collected dragons, unicorns, wizards or fairies. T/F
  • 2
    You have a piercing that’s never seen the light of day. T/F
  • 3
    You’re into designer drugs. T/F

  • 4
    You have implants of any kind (breast, pecks, calves, penis, etc.). T/F
  • 5
    You have a tattoo or envy people who do. T/F
  • 6
    You vehemently defend Scientology. T/F

  • 7
    You have been or want to be on a reality show. T/F
  • 8
    You refuse to label yourself bisexual. T/F
  • 9
    You only take members of the opposite sex to your friends’ dinner parties. T/F
  • 10
    You have a history of cutting yourself or others. T/F

  • 11
    You have never voted in your life. T/F
  • 12
    You’re a Republican. T/F
  • 13
    You’re a member of the National Rifle Association. T/F
  • 14
    Instead of breaking up with people, you just never call them back. T/F
  • 15
    You’ve never been in a monogamous relationship. T/F

Comments (7)


957 days ago
I'm straight I took this test because I'm bored
976 days ago
I’m straight up bi, my parent know, my whole school knows, and I’m only 11. I’m proud of who I am.
1012 days ago
Come on! Everyone has different views. Some people have guns for protection. Doesn’t mean they are going to kill people. I can vote next year, so what does that have to do with anything?
1176 days ago
Too young to vote! Almost, though. Just another year!
1457 days ago
Too bad I am trying to build my self esteem fellas
1654 days ago
Listen here, I'm pan and 13. So... What does it matter if I hadn't voted?! You can't label something like this just as black and white as this. You haven't accounted for other variables in people's lives. Nobody's the designer gay/bi person. Nobody's perfect for that matter either.
1724 days ago
Why is bad that I'm a republican or that I want a tattoo or that I own a gun I'm bi-curious and you just have to put up with it