Am I Bisexual? The Bi Quiz (For Females) 👭

This is a bi test created to help girls who are wondering whether they are bisexual. Although these questions may not give you an absolute answer (only you can do that), they can definitely tell you if there is a POSSIBILITY you're bisexual. This quiz can also tell you whether you're a "sexual bisexual" (i.e., willing to sleep with girls, but not into having a full-on relationship with one).
After all, this is your journey to take and if it cannot be labelled, it isn't any less than beautiful.
So, go for it and find out in this signs of bisexuality in females quiz.

  • 1
    Would you feel the same excitement if a hot girl - or any girl - asked you out, instead of a boy?
    Would you feel the same excitement if a hot girl - or any girl - asked you out, instead of a boy?
  • 2
    Which sex do you have more sexual fantasizes about?
    Which sex do you have more sexual fantasizes about?
  • 3
    Does it melt your heart knowing a girl could actually love you?

  • 4
    If you have a crush on a girl, do you think about her just as much as you would a guy crush?
  • 5
    Even if your religion forbids it & your parents disapprove, do you still find yourself being unable to stop thinking about girls?
  • 6
    Say you get butterflies when you see Harry Styles, Justin Timberlake, Zac Efron or any attractive male artist really. Would you still get butterflies from female celebrities, too?

  • 7
    Can you see yourself going as far as marrying & spending the rest of your life with another girl?
  • 8
    Let's say there were a million hot guys wanting to talk to you, but also one nice, sweet, funny girl. If she's your type, would you ignore the guys and talk to her instead?
  • 9
    If you had a girl best friend, and ended up liking her, but all she talks about is boys, would you get jealous or even mad?
  • 10
    Does making another girl feel loved & taking care of her give you happiness?

Comments (399)


3 days ago
I literally have a boyfriend and I can’t stop having these random sexual thoughts about this one girl. I love this boy so 💗 much, but then again really want to, if not need to, experiment with this girl to see if I really am bi…but then it would either be classed as cheating, or i have to leave him for her…what happens if I don’t even like her and now I’ve lost him? It’s so 💗 man🥲
5 days ago
I don't even know if I'm into guys and now I gotta know if I like girls as much as I like guys? Bro I probably do or I'm not into anyone at all.
Also this quiz is like oh you know you at least hetero but do you might be a little into girls?
I personally think this test sucked, I wasn't happy with any of the questions.
6 days ago nervous I'm mostly straight married a man have children but lately I have been wondering if I'm not also sexually attracted to girls but its against everything I believe in. I'm a strong Christian and not homophobic but never really thought about it before. I'm so scared and not sure what to really do.
7 days ago
I am bi. All I think about is girls. It turns my on and makes me so wet. I want to be with a girl so much. I 🌻 to female🌻.
12 days ago
I think I am bisexuality,the questions refer to girls but why not both boys and girls coz I really wanna know if I'm bisexual
14 days ago
I am 60% bi, and can't stop thinking about a girl. The only problem now is my parents that disapprove the lgbt community
19 days ago
This is a terrible quiz. Many of the questions refer to feeling romantically about women which bisexuals can feel however, it is not a condition of bisexuality. It’s aromantic erasure too
20 days ago
I am really sure I am bi all of like twenty tests I have taken say I am bi to am in love with my female friend, and I look at girls and think they are hot, but idk if I am like forcing to be bi but I have questioned my sexuality before idk what to do or think I am sure I am bi but like ARGH
22 days ago
100% lol
22 days ago
I'm 90% bisexual nice test ❤️🌸
24 days ago
i dated a senior girl when i was in a junior and gosh it feels so good but now im not rushing to date because i want my first future boo will be good and i can't wait to know her so where are you boo 😊
24 days ago
i am 70% bi and im proud of it. i knew it already when im starting taking this test and im not wrong so im starting to wait my future boo.
29 days ago
I can find a girl or a guy attractive and I've never been jealous of pretty girls, instead i kinda just simp for them, so that's why I think I'm bi but then again I can't picture being in a relationship or marrying a woman.. just casual things like a crush or an innocent relationship but nothing past that. And also I'm a christian and my mom wouldn't want me to be bi or anything related and I've talked about it with her and how i like boys and girls but she says I'm confused. That's all lol.
31 days ago
@Dontcare u will find the perfect person. Your tomorrow.
I am 60% bi. Be proud of who u r everyone 🚔x
32 days ago
I like being with girls and Boys but never had a bf or a gf but I really want one and dont now how to get on im not even in love with someone!
32 days ago
So I'm 50% bi IT'S FORBIDDEN BY MY RELIGION. Girls, I beg you, if there's a way I can get this out of me, please tell me and let me know what I can do as soon as possible. I am NOT against homosexuality as I do ship others and have many friends that are part of the community but I don't want to be one myself. :(
32 days ago
I got a small crush on my bestie and we have been cuddeling together and she likes it. Even if she is talking about other guys she wont let another girl give me a hickie beacuse she says that she wants me for herself, she is also very overprotective over me and I really do like her but i dont know if she likes me back. HELP
33 days ago
I got 100% i have a big crush on my bestie and i wanna ask her out someone helppp
34 days ago
got 80% and i knew there was something gay about me
34 days ago
I got 75% and I think this is true