Gender Identity Quiz - Are You Genderfluid, Cisgender Or?🏳️‍⚧️

Are you feeling confused about your true gender? Your feelings plus societal pressures can make figuring it out pretty hard. With all the information available online, we sometimes end up confused and even think we are something we are not.

This quiz can help you determine whether you're cisgender, transgender, genderfluid or agender.
Try it now ... and remember, there's no "right" or "wrong" result - whatever you get is awesome, like you!

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3 days ago
100% agender. Fits I guess. i was born afab but i didnt want to be anything.
5 days ago
also my birth name is ricardo and i hate it!!!
5 days ago
i am gender fluid and pansexual and the test identified me as 80% gender fluid, 10% girl and 10% agender. my life has always been difficult with having homophobic parents but to all of the kids my age (16) who are still questioning: you are loved
5 days ago
60% agender. I guess it fits. I was born AFAB but never felt confortable living as a girl. I thought I was a trans boy for some time since I'd rather be born male but at the same time I'm deadly afraid of medical procedures + I've realized it's not that I really wanted to be a boy. Being male just sounded like the lesser of 2 evils. I mostly look/dress androgynous and don't really care about what pronouns people use for me. I'm just doing me. I still experience some gender dysphoria, though.
12 days ago
I’m just more confused now 😭😭😭
14 days ago
I think that the toilet question should be there. I’d love to go to the men’s restroom, but its just not socially acceptable as an afab
18 days ago
nvm i took it again and looked at the questions properly now im 100% boy
18 days ago
i took this test for fun but now its annoying me im assigned birth male and am now it said im only 80% boy and 20% ageneder i wish if i was 100% boy
22 days ago
Okay I was born a girl and went to genderfluid for a while but never came out to anyone, and now im trans however I've been thinking really really hard and it turns out, I might not be. I'm not particularly uncomfortable with being a girl and they/them pronouns interest me. However I'm trans and I'm not coming out again.
29 days ago
50% agender
20% boy
20% gender fluid
10% girl

I've gone from cis female to gender fluid to trans to non binary to trans demiboy, to Bigender (boy and non binary), and now I'm in questioning again- help-
33 days ago
I thought I was genderfluid, but I guess it didn't really click together, I don't quite understand agender though and I think I'm more of a both between agender and genderfluid, I think I'm going to stick with genderfluid as They/She for now, maybe it will change
35 days ago
I’m glad that this quiz finally told me what I really felt, I know no one should tell me who I really am and I kept labeling myself as trans all along but thinking I’m genderfluid just confused myself, so I got to know that I’m actually agender. Turns out there’s a term for it as to how I feel
40 days ago
I'm just coming out at age 57!! It's exciting but I'm just unsure of so much.
I just want to put on some panties n makeup n live!!!
40 days ago
80% genderfluid Yay but i thougt i was agender:,)
46 days ago
question 3 is kinda bad
it should be "what bathroom do you WANT to use" not necessarily which one i do use bc my school is SUPER homaphobic and transphobic soooo yea
51 days ago
Why you don't add pronouns it/it's:___/
54 days ago
oof i'm gender fluid and 75% of the time i'm a demiboy the other percentege is random mostly agender.
56 days ago
Can you not switch between they/them, she/her, and he/him😭
60 days ago
60 days ago
Bro how did i get 50% a girl☠️☠️☠️