What's Your Gender Identity? Are You Cisgender, Transgender, Genderfluid Or Agender?

Are you feeling confused about your true gender? Your feelings plus societal pressures can make figuring it out pretty hard. With all the information available online, we sometimes end up confused and even think we are something we are not.
This quiz can help you determine whether you're cisgender, transgender, genderfluid or agender. Try it now... and remember, there's no "right" or "wrong" result - whatever you get is awesome, like you!

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    What's your ideal hair length?

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9 hours ago
i want a flat chest but i also feel non-binary. i don't want to undergo surgery but i would like to have a chest binder that i can use. i like the pronouns they/them but i also like she/they. help TwTundefined
10 hours ago
i got 50% enby 20% girl but I'm 11 and afab and idk wut i am cuz i like they/them but pronouns but gender are not always correlated but i want a flat chest but i love my nicknames but i hate my name and i am fine in gendered bathrooms but i haven't touched one in months and i only have girl friends but all the boys i know are jerks and i like girly clothes but i literally want to shave my head and all my friend would be incredible uncomfy with that short hair but most trans people felt off when they were small but i just feel like a trender please help TwT
11 hours ago
70%girl 30%agender, think im agender and fem but what if im a trans man in denial
I got 60% gender-fluid and 50% a gender but for gender-fluid I can agree more with it. On some days I do feel like I’m not a girl and I feel like a guy but I don’t feel like a guy when I feel like I am a gremlin who likes to enjoy the presents of others
It said I was 50% male and 50% agender, I agree with that even though I was born female- I feel nothing like a girl
I think I might be a demi girl because though I am feminine and love being feminine I look at my gender as neutral. I like being a feminine PERSON I use she/they pronouns
3 days ago
It says I’m gender
Fluid but my parents think you should be born as one and theirs only TWO genders :/undefined
4 days ago
help me i dont know what i am and i wish i did because that would make things a whole lot easier

and my parents insist im a girl so thats not making things easier
5 days ago
Same as always xd 50% agender 40% boy :-)
5 days ago
0% boy. 100% female. Take that transphobes! Ha!
6 days ago
Hey I need help
when I started questioning my gender I thought I might be demigirl, or nonbindary, but then I took this quiz and I got genderfluid, and so I started thinking about that too. Using he/him pronouns doesn't feel terrible, but I also feel comfterable with she/her and they/them.
please help meeeee
6 days ago
ha i dont have a gender im not a girl or boy or non bianys or agender or cisgender or trans anyways i fit in with boys more but ppl say i was born a girl-
7 days ago
Btw the second part was meant to be blue, not teal
7 days ago
so, I think I'm genderfluid, but I don't know for sure. can someone please help me know??? Its why I've been taking so many of these quizzes
8 days ago
I got a little of everything :D
That spoke a lot more than it should
8 days ago
yeeeeeeeeee i got boy and that's kinda exactly what i wanted

i'm afab so its a little frustrating when my parents say they're trying to help but then call me she in the same sentence-

i also need hELp choosing a name and i'm going with connor rn cuz my name is sOoOpEr feminine soooo
8 days ago
I got agender and I'm pretty sure that's how I want to identify. :) I've been questioning my identity for a while now
9 days ago
Comment 400 comrades
10 days ago
Pi$$ed off. If you’re a Christian than why are you saying bad words?
10 days ago
i got agender idk if thats right still tryna figure out my identity