Am I Bisexual? (Females Only) - The 'What are the Signs?' Quiz 🔥

Have you ever wondered if you might be bisexual? Don't be ashamed if you have. It's SO not unusual to wonder about your sexual orientation, and it's perfectly OK to have whatever feelings you have. Take this 'Signs of bisexuality in females' quiz to get the answers you want and need now!

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    Have you ever kissed another girl?
    Have you ever kissed another girl?

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24 days ago
I feel like I’m kind of bi ahah like idk if I have crushes on girls or if I just wanna be their friend like idrc if i am but im confused ahah
51 days ago
I had always boy crush but since 6m I attracted girl's more than boys.(althought I've boy crush). I'm so confused about my sexuality 😞
61 days ago
This is in reply to the girl below me (me) I would love to get to know you! 😊
61 days ago
Hello! I am a tween and I'd love to have a girlfriend! I've never dated a girl but would love to some day! I like a girl at school but she I straight 😔 Pls reply if u want to chat with me!
63 days ago
Hello, I am a tween. Is there another tween who wants to be my girlfriend?
63 days ago
Hello, Skye. If you are OK with daring a 12 year old girl, I'll be your girlfriend. First, I'll tell you about myself. I'm 12, questioning my sexuality, and think you're cool. Write another comment with your answer.
80 days ago
Hi I’m 13. When I was twelve I dated a girl but after a bit she said to me she didn’t understand her identity so she doesn’t want to date me anymore. She wanted to be friends. I always feel like asking people out but with anxiety and ADHD, to me it is impossible. Please could someone give me advise on how to find a gf or bf?
125 days ago
Hyy am 17...this quiz didn't really help me at cause I have a crush on best friend but am afraid to tell her ((bold)
134 days ago
I’m only 10 but I took it anyway cuz I’ve been crushin on a girl and I’m a girl I got bi-curious I feel bi so yeah cuz like 2 months ago I had a crush on a boy but since then I’ve only crushed on girls so I thought I was bi/bi-curious so yeah just wanted to share my friend that is also bi I had a crush on her she just wanted to be friends but that’s totally fine btw
168 days ago
I got bisexual and I feel this quiz is accurate
178 days ago
Harley is non-binary .
182 days ago
I don't like quizzes like these. Of you're questioning none of these questions are helpful. They're basically "do you want to 🐤 a girl" "HELL YEAH" or "Umm no I'm straight?" (Then why are you taking the quiz 🐤?"
182 days ago
Bisexual. You are interested in both boys and girls. You might not be able to display your bisexuality because of your friends or family, or just not being ready - but you know the truth. Be proud.

Remember, this is just a quiz and it might be wrong. This is just to give you an idea. Only you can know your true sexuality.
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192 days ago
This is weird for me because I think I’m bi but I don’t really know. I guess I’m bi questioning. I mainly fantasise guys, but have had dreams about girls too. I think if I had a percentage it would probably be about 75% guys, 25% girls. I haven’t told my parents yet as I’m only young but I know that they should be supportive of me as my best friend is gender fluid and they took it well. I think that when/if I decide that I am definitely bisexual (probably when I have kissed people), like a couple of years, I will come out.�
192 days ago
199 days ago
My family I hang out with the most (they are really close and I don't want to lose them) are homophobic and I think I'm bi
204 days ago
I am a girl and one of my good friends is a little bit homophobic. But we talk about our crushes all the time and I currently have a crush on a boy that she knows about. But now I also have a girl crush. So when I see her again at camp, it'll be awkward only talking about him, and not her, who I might have a little more of a crush on. What do I do?
206 days ago
my friends and i were talking abt crushes at lunch time and i told them i have 2, but i didn't say their names bc one's a boy and one's a girl (yup i'm bi). so i told them what their names start with, one with a p, and one with an s, and they were all like "ooh give us more hints is HE tall?" "does HE have brown hair?" and in the back of my head i was like WHEN DID I EVER SAY THEY WERE BOTH A HE lmao
216 days ago
i’m bi lmao
229 days ago
I finally figured myself out and now I'm back where I started what the hell happened