Am I Bisexual? (Females Only) - The 'What are the Signs?' Quiz 🔥

Have you ever wondered if you might be bisexual? Don't be ashamed if you have. It's SO not unusual to wonder about your sexual orientation, and it's perfectly OK to have whatever feelings you have. Take this 'Signs of bisexuality in females' quiz to get the answers you want and need now!

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    Have you ever kissed another girl?
    Have you ever kissed another girl?

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40 days ago
I know I'm Bi, but I took this quiz because sometimes I get confused
50 days ago
I did this quiz because I have been really wondering if I am really bi or not.
78 days ago
I took this quiz because i have no clue if im bi or les
101 days ago
i kissed both gender and it was a accident.
145 days ago
Idk if im bi or a lesbian. I know I like girls but but it comes to guys idkkkk
172 days ago
Hi, im 12 going on 13, and i thought this was gonna be ok, but the the😘question 'came out' (of the closet lol) and iwas really uncomfortable, could you add an 'I'm to young' choice pls? thanksundefined
209 days ago
I'm taking this quiz because Ive been questioning myself recently but I feel like this quiz didn't have answers that fit what I wanted to answer.
215 days ago
i feel im mosty bi and im 10 years old also love yourself i know what your going through. :) well get through this together.
223 days ago
@LokiForever i can totally relate my parents are the same thing i have a bi,gay, and lesbian friend when i came out to them they were so proud and excited for me but my parents on the other hand are a bit homophobic i don't know if i should come out or not though.
228 days ago
Hi @Love yourself... I know how you feel! Its totally ok to not know yet I'm a few years older then you and I still don't know. Everyone has time too figure it out. You don't need to figure it out yet take as much time as you need. I've felt straight/gay and somewhere in between. I know its scary not knowing but if you're lucky you'll have accepting friends and family who will love you no matter who you are.
Hope this helps!!!
229 days ago
Hi I’m only 9 years old and I don’t rlly know if I’m straight or gay. It’s kind of scary trying to find out who you are.People say it’s weird for young people to go on this website but I need to find out. No offence but I don’t think a website will help me. Someone pls help. Some of these comments are quite comforting 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈
234 days ago
I got bi. I have sort of homophobic parents (they either scorn the lgbtqia+ community or they joke about it inappropriately) I have partially come out to two of my close friends who are part of the community (my best friend who is trans and pan and my other friend who is gay) I'm still questioning due to my habit of being more attracted to guys and my occasional attraction to girls. Help!
248 days ago
I got bi lol. My mom isn't homophobic towards gay guys and lesbians but when it comes to bisexuals, my mom ALWAYS says "just choose one it's not that hard, it's stupid." I'll have to wait til I've moved out to come out. She'll probably despise me but whatever.
253 days ago
....I was gay because that is what my friends told me. But this quiz told me I was bi. In 12 and don't know what to do. I have come out to some of my family and my friends. But idk how to come out to my homophobic parents. I hate keeping this from them. Andi. Like this girl she is so kind and she Is but and might like me as well. Abd I just don't know what to do!

253 days ago
So I have very religious parents. And for a while I thought
260 days ago
I always think about girls...i i don't know what to do(⊙_◎)
281 days ago
It says im straight but i may be attracted to girls- help
299 days ago
ask them out i need help too i am as single as heck and i am bi how do i get cute girls to like me lol?
320 days ago
So I am bi according to this quiz. I am kinda happy that I am bi! Also I am wondering if my crush likes me. Today I was tired. We were on a bus going somewhere and she said that I could lean on her shoulder. Could that mean anything or am I just making our friendship something that it is not?

Pls help.
327 days ago
The test says I'm bi.