Are you bisexual? ( sorry only girls)

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Maybe you just caught sight of a pretty girl and wanted her attention? Maybe you have just started feeling like being more than friends with the same sex? Or maybe you just seem to can't stop thinking about one particular person but also find the opposite gender attractive? If any of these apply to you ( or you just think you might be bi) take this quiz to find out your real sexuality...

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    How often do you find yourself staring at attractive women?

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122 days ago
Im pan why am I taking this?? xD
276 days ago
It's just a phase...they said.
289 days ago
By seeing all the things you've answer on this sheet it seems to me that you're either, gay or still feeling undecided. If the second thing I mentioned apply's to you I suggest talking to someone you trust about this matter.
415 days ago
It said I'm either gay or undecided and that if it the latter talk to someone I trust.
That's the best quiz result I ever got because this person knows that some people trust 100% in quizzes so by saying that it gets the person to do something better then trusting the internet.
641 days ago
I am a girl and I have no idea why I keep staring at a 15 year old girl in my form (reg group) everyday! She asks me why I stare at her and I say that I don't know. She also asks me to stop staring at her because it makes her uncomfortable so I just said OK I'm sorry. I need help. By the way, I am 13.
712 days ago
So, yeah, I think I might just be straight but idk, I sometimes wonder about girls but many of my friends are LGTB so it might just be that. It would be awesome to be attracted to girls because they are really pretty but I´ve only had crushes in guys. I guess I will know in the future
780 days ago
to all of you who are still confused:
i know how you feel and if you look at the other comments, you'd know you're not the only one. i was also very confused two years ago and still was up to two weeks ago. my advice is to give yourself time to figure it out. it can take days, weeks, even years. maybe you won't ever figure it out. it's important to accept the fact that you don't know. you will probably figure it out soon, stay safe💖
798 days ago
Okay, I took these tests because I friggin knooowww ~ and I don't friggin careee~ I WILL LET ME TURN ALL MY FRIENDS BI~
805 days ago
People say it’s just a phase...
807 days ago
these test only make me more confused
810 days ago
Hmmmmmm the results are I might be gay or unsure

But I very well do like guys and have crush on them
But I have wanted to kiss girls sometimes soooooo
I might be be but not gay for sure

I might be bi
..but leaning more towards the guys than girls
817 days ago
I'm bisexual leaning a little more toward guys
831 days ago
I don’t know if I’m bi or lesbian 😭
838 days ago
I don’t know if I am or not ugh I don’t know what to do.... someone came out at my town and they are judged by people including my two homophobic friends
840 days ago
I’ve had crushes on guys but my best friend, I think I might have a Crush on her but I’m not sure...
841 days ago
It said I was straight but another test said I was bi. i am so confused what do I do???
845 days ago
lmao I'm lesbian
845 days ago
It said I’m bi but favor boys, but I still don’t know what to think because a couple of my friends are bi and I don’t know if I got the results I did just because I want to BE bi, and if my friends weren’t then I wouldn’t be. HELP
848 days ago
i'm in middle school but i feel like i'm in love with my best friend but at the same time i have a boyfriend i am so confused.
848 days ago
it says im bi but favour boys but i actually favour girls :/