More Gay, or More Straight? Test For Bi Men 18+

Hey, bisexual men...ever wonder if you're more gay or more straight? Then answer these fun, "Would you rather?" questions for bisexuals to determine if you’re more one way or the other. Because no bisexual is exactly right in the middle, right? Try it now!

  • 1
    Who would you rather?
    Who would you rather?
  • 2
    Who would you rather?
    Who would you rather?
  • 3
    Who would you rather?
    Who would you rather?

  • 4
    Who would you rather?
    Who would you rather?
  • 5
    Would you rather do oral...
    Would you rather do oral...
  • 6
    Who would you rather?
    Who would you rather?

  • 7
    Who would you rather?
  • 8
    Who would you rather?
  • 9
    Who would you rather?
    Who would you rather?
  • 10
    Which would you rather watch?

  • 11
    Which would you rather star in?
  • 12
    Who would you rather date?
  • 13
    Who would you rather marry?
  • 14
    Who would you rather have intercourse with?
  • 15
    Who would you rather make out with?
  • 16
    Who would you rather?

  • 17
    Would you rather...
  • 18
    Who would you rather?
  • 19
    Would you rather browse a…
    Would you rather browse a…
  • 20
    Do you fantasize more about…

  • 21
    Do your sexual dreams involve…
    Do your sexual dreams involve…
  • 22
    Who would you rather be romantic with?
  • 23
    Who would you rather?
    Who would you rather?
  • 24
    Who would you rather?
    Who would you rather?
  • 25
    Who would you rather get a sensual massage from?
  • 26
    Who would you rather give a sensual massage to?

  • 27
    Who do you get warm, fuzzy feelings for more?
  • 28
    Would you rather have…
  • 29
    Who would you rather have a threesome with?
  • 30
    Who would you rather have group sex with (more than a threesome)?

  • 31
    Who would you rather have perform oral on you?
  • 32
    Overall, who have you had more crushes on?
  • 33
    Who would you rather?
    Who would you rather?
  • 34
    Who would you rather?
    Who would you rather?
  • 35
    Who would you rather?
  • 36
    Who would you rather?
  • 37
    Would you rather...
  • 38
    Would you rather be stranded on a deserted island with:
  • 39
    Who would you rather see topless?
  • 40
    Who would you rather see bottomless...
  • 41
    Who would you rather wake up to?
  • 42
    Would you rather give a handie/feel to...
  • 43
    Would you rather be a sex slave to…
  • 44
    Would you rather watch…
  • 45
    Who would you rather mutually pleasure yourself with?
  • 46
    Who would you rather?
    Who would you rather?
  • 47
    Who would you rather see strip?
  • 48
    Would you rather have a lap dance from…
  • 49
    Which lifestyle do you prefer?
  • 50
    What do you think you really are?

Comments (44)


13 days ago
but i'm not gay...
I'm more straight
37 days ago
320 days ago i took this exact test and it came out bi.

a year prio i got the same results.

i took this quiz again today and it came out bi.

i am bi.

to be honest all 50 questions i flat out answered both or can't decide.
252 days ago
This does not explore one aspect of sexuality that is almost universally ignored - romantic relationships. I love💑with other men. I am sexually attracted to men more than women, though I do enjoy💑with women. However💑with men is just that - 💑 Nothing else. I don't want a romantic relationship with a man. I would prefer not to speak to them in a sexual encounter. I dislike the whole gay scene, and effeminacy, and things like drag queens are a real turn off.

But i have fallen in love with women. had long term relationships with them, and am happy in their company. I prefer their company to male company. I am hetero-romantic, but bi sexual. This is a difficult thing for people to get their head around. If I tell people I am bi - they just assume I'm a different type of gay person who can do it with women if I must....wrong....
357 days ago
i took this same test about a year ago.
i got bi then i got bi now.
i had to retake this test like 5 times though i lean more towards women i answered like 35 of the 50 questions the female🦄that's 70% and somehow i got bi but lean towards men like 🦄? 70% of the questions i picked women but i still got lean towards men?
so finally i answered everything women besides the questions that didn't have the neither/can't decide option. on those like 5 questions i put both.
and now it finally accurately reflected me.
im a 60/40 on the bi scale.
401 days ago
both hot guys and girls are super hot but idk who i like love most.
prob guys tho
415 days ago
417 days ago
i dint understand at all
433 days ago
ummm yeah i dont prefer either it's too hard to pick guys are hot but also 💋
anyway that's all i have for u guys bye
also to any struggling bi dudes out there its gonna be ok dw. im not even out yet bc my parents r strict jewish and religious so i think i'll tell them when i'm older . i think i will most likey marry a woman idk why i think that will happen...
498 days ago
This test is shockingly accurate It answered this 100% correct. I don't know how to tell my friends though since they are are all strictly straight.
499 days ago
Hi same person here the one 2 down from this my name is not Emily I made that up my real name is Lexi and my friends name is jade so yea
499 days ago
emily dont worry . everything will be alright. if someone does say something bad to you about your sexuality dont question yourself, question their mindset
500 days ago
Hi same person here I think one of my friends might be bi but I’m too scared to ask her and I don’t want to lose here cause she is such a great friend her name is Emma and yea so Emma if you see this don’t hate me
500 days ago
I kinda knew the answer I’m bi but how do I tell my friends and everyone I love I have a crush on a boy at school named macker and I have liked a girl one time I’m scare day friends and family will hate me 😔
518 days ago
I got bi I don’t want to tell anyone that though I feel scared I would lose all my friends 😭
541 days ago
I believe i took this test a while back.
I think I'm the nick in the comment section already but figured i "edit" it.
I am Bi i like both Male and Female.
I might also add non binary to that idk.
But i prefer women overall I've liked women my entire life and I've had like 4 girlfriends i felt love towards.
However i don't like big 🐬 I'm an🐬man myself.
So be it man be it woman be it someone who doesn't use either term I'll probably marry a woman but i could find a man...
I'm sexually and emotionally attached to women more than i am men.
547 days ago
Idk what I am But I think I’m bi and the test said I’m more gay than straight
595 days ago
I’m a girl and it said I’m gay and I love guys!?
643 days ago
god dam this took forever.
i took this test 5 times.
first it said i was bi leaning towards guys more
then it said i was half and half
finally i got it to what i believe is my true self.
i'm bi i like men and woman but i lean more towards the female 😻
at the end of the day my partner i walk though life with will be female.
701 days ago
I’m gay and whit oner
732 days ago
Said I was mainly gay which I agree fully. I belive 100%. I believe I'm 75% gay and 25% straight.