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Which gender an I talking about? POEMS

  • 1
    Roses are red,
    Storms are grey,
    He's kinda cute,
    Oh wait I'm ___?
  • 2
    Roses are red,
    I like guys,
    But I like girls too
    Guess what I'm ___?
  • 3
    Roses are nice,
    So is your face
    Take my friendzone
    Because I'm ___?

  • 4
    Roses are pretty,
    That's a nice holly!
    But so is that tulip
    I've ended up ___?
  • 5
    I was born a female
    But it wasn't me,
    So now I'm happy
    Because I'm ___
  • 6
    Hey there kid,
    You must be a fan
    Like I am of all
    I must be ___?

  • 7
    I said I was gay
    And then I said no
    I can change
    Because I'm____?
  • 8
    My heart beats fast
    For only women
    Because guess what?
    Screw you, I'm ___?
  • 9
    My name was Lilly
    But now I'm Jay
    That's a unisex name
    I'm _____?
  • 10
    Roses are red,
    You're just a mate,
    But I like him
    Because im____?

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857 days ago
I got 10/10! Perfect Score!
857 days ago
I got 9/10. I got "My name was Lilly
But now I'm Jay
That's a unisex name
I'm _____?" wrong.
1017 days ago
I got 9/10 i got the one where is was suposed to be poly wrong
1030 days ago
yay 9/10
i got the last one wrong
1113 days ago
I got 8/10. That's good, I guess
1243 days ago
Wow I actually got all of them right!
1305 days ago
Ah, so close. I got 5 wrong because I thought the rhyme was going for "NB"
1520 days ago
“you did well, just a couple ones u still need to learn” me: * has the last one wrong only and the right answer is “straight”*I’m not even joking
1542 days ago
Confusing but cool

I guess
1607 days ago
Perfect score ^^
(love this test♥)