Am I bisexual or straight? (Quiz for girls only)

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I hope this helps you find out who you are. don't take this quiz for fun. it should be more serious.

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    You just got a new neighbor. HE is cute... you immediately:

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346 days ago
I thought I was bi or gay so I checked on this test to make sure that I was straight.
672 days ago
The quiz says I might be bi. I thought I was straight, but I have had lots of teammates who were into girls and I've done some stuff.
672 days ago
I been thinking that I was bi for about a year but I still havenโ€™t come out, does that mean Iโ€™m not. I have a crush on a girl but that could be because she is my BFF. I donโ€™t really know what to do. I am scared that when I come out I will realize Iโ€™m strait, is that weird? Will someone please respond, I need help!!!!!!!!!
674 days ago
I got asked yesterday if I was gay, and believing I am Sapphic omni enby, I said "No, well I'm not straight either", and 24 hours later here i am, getting "less likely bi, more likely gay"... thanks, brain ๐Ÿ™ƒ
697 days ago
I am only 12 but i like both girls and boys. I thinks its okay to be Bi because it means you can be or date whoever u want.
747 days ago
I got bisexual but I don't know how to deal with it I'm scared my friends and family will feel different about me.
759 days ago
@Lily GIRL THAT'S EXACTLY THE SAME AS ME. I have a boy crush but I started getting attracted to girls... I very easily accept other people, everyone else being lgbtq+ but I don't want to be one myself because it's so hard, betraying my own religion, family and friends... Do you have any tips on getting that attraction away without telling anyone I personally know that I'm going through this??
759 days ago
"Probably straight but possibly bi". Umm.... I hope I'm straight because it's forbidden by my religion, family, many of my friends. But maybe my girl attraction can be because of my teenage and my hormone change HOPEFULLY. But you girls who feel openly bi, love yourselves :) (BTW any tips on gaining my straight-ness please? Even if I wanted to, it would be unacceptable for me to be bi because of the circumstances..)
943 days ago
First test to not call me half lesbian, which surprised me.
979 days ago
came out as bi to my dog . . . i mean . . . baby steps right?
998 days ago
i'm bi im proud for it!
1014 days ago
I am bi. But I don't think I will ever see my parents again if I marry a woman because my parents are EXTREMELY homophobic
1040 days ago
Guys, umm, what does it mean when you like or only are attracted to females and non binary? I am a female that is attracted to 30%non binary, 69%female and 1% male. What does that mean? I'm not polysexual, I just know I'm not.
1040 days ago
@bisexual wolfy I'm very sorry ๐Ÿ˜ฃ๐Ÿ˜ฃ I haven't come out yet but I'm terrified that my parents will say exactly that! Please can I just say that you are very very brave. To come out in a still discriminating world, is the bravest thing. As for your parents, if you feel comfortable, say that you need to talk to them and explain, if you dont, (feel comfortable that is) act as if they know, be free and if you get a gf/bf/ partner - it's your choice- maybe say like "mum/dad Just so you know I got a. Gf/bf and told them that I'm bi ๐Ÿ˜" if not, act freely as if you've told them and they accepted you, and wait for a few years, and ask if you can get a bi or pride flag. They will realise that YOU ARE YOU. are that

L((orange))O((eorange))((yellow))V((eyellow))E is love ๐Ÿ’
1041 days ago
So im bi and I just came out to my parents but they said it was just a phase and I would grow out of it. That really hurt.
1096 days ago
Also, I guess I'm a lean bi. Leaning to girls. But I also have a male crush so I dunno...
1096 days ago
Hi angel, I read you comment. I asked my mum if she believe in this community but I'm not sure about my dad. he always laughs at gay people in movies. same with my brothers... I'm glad I have my bi friend Addison.
1096 days ago
I turned out I am bi. Yes! I have a male crush but I like girls more I think...
1106 days ago
hi angel ur comment actually helped me and I read the whole thing bc why not :)
1159 days ago
Hi everyone! I'm a bi girl who fully came into my sexuality about a year ago. I have a few things to say. First, I know it is scary to think about coming out, so take your time. There will almost never be a "perfect moment". I came out to my mom at 1 am on a random Tuesday, because that was when I got up enough courage. Second, even if you are not "out", you are still bi. Love yourself for it! We are pretty awesome. Third, if you are scared people won't accept you, that's ok too. Take your time (did I mention you should take your time?) and remember that you are pretty frickin awesome, dude! If people don't see that, it doesn't mean it isn't there. Give them the name of a nearby eye doctor, just in case. Everyone's situation is different, and there are organizations everywhere with hotlines if you need to talk to someone. Fourth, if you like both genders, but you prefer one over the other, that's called a lean. I'm bi with a lean for men. That doesn't mean I'm not bi. Fifth, do some research if bi doesn't feel like the right label for you. Like I said before, everyone is different. Sixth, wow this is long. Seventh, if you are confused, that's fine! I was in that situation for a while until I accepted myself. THAT IS THE BEST THING YOU CAN DO FOR YOURSELF! Understand and accept who you are at that time.

To anyone that survived that, thank you for reading, and I hope that I helped you in some way by sharing. I apologize for the length and any mistakes I made. I'll be dropping in and out to check on the comments, so feel free to ask me questions and correct me! Just address your questions/comments to Angel! I hope I didn't offend anyone!

Remember, you are amazing no matter what! :)