Bisexuality Quiz (Meant For Girls)

If you've been wondering about your sexuality a lot recently, like me, but can't figure out whether you're straight (because you do like guys) or gay (because you seem to like girls, too) then you might be bisexual. No judging here - feel free to say anything you want.

  • 1
    Does the idea of being with someone of the same sex revolt you in any way?
    Does the idea of being with someone of the same sex revolt you in any way?
  • 2
    What about someone of the opposite sex?
  • 3
    If there were a situation where a woman walked into the bathroom and she was pretty, what would you think?

  • 4
    Have you kissed a girl? Be honest. And if it was just for fun and/or was on a dare, that doesn't count.
  • 5
    Have you kissed a boy? If you haven't kissed just because there's never been a boy who's liked you back (depressing, but I feel your pain) then just say you have. It's easier that way.
  • 6
    Which sex have you had the most crushes on?

  • 7
    Bit of an awkward question, but have you fantasized about anyone of the same sex?
  • 8
    Do you care what people would think if you came out publicly as bi? (If so, I understand. I can't come out to my group of friends because I'd lose them all, so I'm living a lie.)
  • 9
    Has a girl ever liked you (back)?
  • 10
    Last but really not least, do YOU yourself think you're bisexual, or gay, or whatever?

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4 days ago
Just wanted to leave a quick disclaimer, since I didn't expect anything to come of this and forgot about it for two years straight - this quiz is not the de facto answer on who you are. I was a kid when I made this and didn't know 🍦. It's still kind of fun, and it can help provide questions that might help you in asking yourself without a set answer, but it's not the end-all be-all. Even I'm not comfortable calling myself bisexual anymore, I just consider myself queer.

Thanks for all the love I've gotten on this, and I'm glad it helped some of you. I hope that all of you end up living very happy lives, despite the challenges we're all facing in being queer. Keep your hopes high. Good luck, all!
18 days ago
Straight :( I’m definitely an ally tho
48 days ago
@????? dont worry bout it. You might be abrosexual, where your orientation is fluid. It takes time. Dont overthink it. I identify as omniromantic bisexual but I still dont think thats right. I've identified as straight, lesbian, pan, ace, aro and I'm still not there yet. Dont worry, I dont think thats homophobia, you're just still figuring it out. You be whatever you want to be. Be a gay marshmellow if you want. I dont care. Long as you're comfortable in your own, beautiful skin.
54 days ago
I got lesbian. Hooray for me😒
63 days ago
Ok so I just turned 13 on April 8 and I am starting to get closer to being lesbian and my friends a are very l supportive and I want to thank them and thank everyone who has showed me that there is nothing to be afraid of and you should be proud of who you are.🤗
And don't forget love is love
66 days ago
@sara well done! That must be a great relief!

I got lesbian. Is it weird that sometimes I feel so sure that I am gay but then other times I think I must be kidding myself, and that I must be straight? Is that my internalised homophobia seeping out? Or is that normal? SO many questions!
66 days ago
Sorry i don't speak english well so...
I just want to say tanks you, I came out bi 2 days ago (i alredy new i was bi) and it was actully very fun, my parents don't care and my friends had allredy doubt about that.

have a nice day ;)
74 days ago
And I also want you to know that just because someone else wants you to live the life they want you should never live your life a lie and follow your heart I love everyone of you who is apart of the pride/lbgtq because I'm there with you.
74 days ago
I'm bisexual and I prefer girls over boys And I'm scared of coming out to my family because I don't know what they would think of me
75 days ago
Im surprised I was expecting to get bi but I got gay and now that i think about it it makes sense
81 days ago
@StormHaven, this is me. You are not alone
81 days ago
I am bisexual. I used to be super homophobic, but then my best friend came out as non-binary and bi and I couldn't say "I can't be friends with you anymore". I had a boyfriend from when I was in reception until Year 5. I kinda had a crush on a girl at that point, but I was in denial (I am in secondary school now and lost touch with her) and now I am in love with a boy, and have a crush on two of my best friends, one of them more girl, and one of them that non-binary person from earlier. I have just come out as bi to the non-binary person, and they are very supportive. I'm very sorry to everyone in the LGBTQ community, and I hope you can forgive me.
111 days ago
i guess im bi... :0 :)
114 days ago
i took the test and it said im BISEXUAL i think i have a crush on this girl in my school but im not sure bc its covid and she is not in school but i smile when i see her so i think i like like her..
115 days ago
i think im realy lesbian but i like like 3 guys in my life what does that make me like I'm 90% lesbian and 10% bi
121 days ago
I'm uhhhh bi I like women OMG I 🐬 LOVE WOMEN
121 days ago
Hey @StormHaven , i understand why you will be afraid to be openly bisexual , but remember this your life , the sooner you know who you are the better because you yourself will know who you are and maybe your family wont accept it , but you can , don't be in denial for someone who doesn't want you to express yourself , no age is too soon when it come to your identity,you will grow to understand yourself more , and one day be open and different from others :)
121 days ago
@Me Hey , Lesbian Can Admire Handsome Male Actors As so as Gays Can admire female actors , it up to you to figure if it more then admiration or is sexual attraction? also you might be more interested in females or a particular gender , its fine , time will take a part in coning to your true senses , hopefully you be able to answer that question yourself.
123 days ago
I got gay. And I am gay. 100% correct.
127 days ago
Bruh I literally marked more leaning to guys but it says I'm gay. Hell nah