Are you bisexual? (Quiz for elementary/middle schoolers)

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I am a proud bisexual male and I want to help everyone else who thinks they are too out by making this test 😁

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    Have you ever thought about/had a relationship with the same sex?

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13 days ago
Ummm.... SO guys i'm back and I told my mom and dad im bi! And they were not mad at all! My mom told me she was trans! And my dad said he was bi so..... It worked out perfectly!
13 days ago
Hey! I always knew I was Bi I just wanted to Make sure I was ACTUALLY Bi because sometimes I will get really confused and yea that's another story! Know there is one more thing to do.... TELL MY MOM AND DAD IM BI! HELP MEHHHHHHHHHHH.
17 days ago
Why waste our time (and yours) with the last question? Ridiculous. It is obvious that leaving a comment is also a waste of time because the same comments are left 6 months later...
17 days ago
For a child that has lost a parent or worse has lost both parents Question 9 would be unexpected and hurtful. Also the child would not be able to select any of the given options. Even an Option of N/A is better than the child feeling left in limbo and not being able to make a selection especially on a test of this nature. Several other questions also need more options even if, as a last resort, the "N/A" option.
33 days ago
that really helped me find out what gender i like i thought i was ga and i came out bi :)
36 days ago
Agh what is question 6? What if you don't wanna do any of the options?
39 days ago
i want to clarify that I'm a full-grown adult and i took this quiz
as if i was still 12 years old and it says i got bi.
and I am bi.

i have some advice for all y'all kids though.

if it says you're pan bi gay or something that isn't straight that is perfectly 120% okay.

you are you there's nothing wrong with that.

please call the trevor hotline if you are in danger.
40 days ago
For question nine ( about parents being homosexual) there should be an option that says they already are. I have lesbian parents, and I’m not the only one.
42 days ago
bruhh get these elementary kids outta here
yall biromantic at most
anyways im probably straight
im pretty 🌻 boycrazy but girls are hot soo idfk
44 days ago
I am in 7th grade. I took this test because I am close friends with a girl... and I feel like I might have a crush on her. I kinda think guys are cute too tho.
52 days ago
@I ain't telling u my name: honestly I thought i would get Lesbian to. I think my parents may be homophobic. But who cares what they think? You know what? Nope. I'm never telling them. Sincerely, a 5th grader to a 4th grader.
58 days ago
I mostly like girls so I rlly think I’m a lesbian🤷🏽‍♀️
71 days ago
I thought i was gonna be lesbian
yes i thought about the opposite gender
but also the same
i was little when i did that
4th grade questioning who i love and my gender
Please help me i would love help and no im not homphobic
my brother thinks this is gross >:(
74 days ago
Im bi and im just in 3 grade and im male
75 days ago
Idk what went wrong with the last comment plz don’t question it
75 days ago
I feel like I’m gay but I have a boyfriend. There’s this girl that when I’m close to her I feel like, like I’m floating on air it’s hard to explain but I’m scared that if I am gay my dad would kill me because he’s straight and my mom is straight but she would probably be a little more chill about it, but my dad would rage on me so hard and I’m just scared all together. So please help what do I do if I am gay and I need a way to tell my dad, should I just talk to my friends about it for now or should I tell him that I feel like I’m gay. Please I need help
80 days ago
My parents are homophobic and I'm way too scared to come out so I've been taking tests trying to make it come up straight but that's not working, but I just can't accept it, They call me perfect and I want to make them proud because I never do, but this just makes me even more of a disappointment, at this point I don't know what to do...
82 days ago
I am a middle schooler and I am a female and i use to date a guy before, but now i like a girl so i am definitely bi UwU
89 days ago
@〰️〰️〰️〰️ me too. Exactly the same except I'm a bit more pan. My parents may judge me I'm so scared and confused and I accidentally told them that I loved this girl. They think we R just friends but I have a crush on her but she's straight. I'm so confused and sad
100 days ago
I recently watched the Owl House and it's like something inside of me awakened. I dated a girl who was bi but she lost attraction and went to just lesbian. Even if I were in a gay relationship I feel it would only be on an emotional level, I don't really have a physical attraction to dudes like I do gals. I'm in middle school so I know I have a while to figure out my life but another problem is I'm overweight so sometimes I feel like I'm unlovable.