Am I Bi? (Middle School Girls)

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A quiz to tell if you are bi, for middle school girls. NOTE: Do NOT use this to determine your actual sexuality.

  • 1
    How do you notice girls?
  • 2
    Have you ever thought about a specific girl?
  • 3
    What kind of girls are you friends with (if you are friends with any girls)?

  • 4
    What videos do you watch with girls in them?
  • 5
    Would you (hypothetically) kiss a girl?
  • 6
    Would you rather date a girl or boy?

  • 7
    Do you have LGBTQ or LGBTQ+ friends?
  • 8
    What would you do if a girl flirted with you?
  • 9
    What do you think you'll get?
  • 10
    What do you want to get?

  • 11
    And finally, why did you take this test?

Comments (34)


15 days ago
Every test says that im bisexual or bi...IM STILL VERY UNSURE OF WHAT OR WHO I AM!!!
Anyways i really like this website or whatever this is. They are doing a Great job.
(I support LGBTQ ofc)
253 days ago
Omg i got super straight af
302 days ago
💑hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh im straight af
465 days ago
I think i'm heterosexual and biromantic, does that make sense? Also thanks for this quiz, I was so confused about my sexual and romantic orientation (bc they are different) , but i think im a little more clear now... love uuuu
484 days ago
I got 45% I'm not ready to come out as bi
496 days ago
I got bi! Well its right rn i have an amazing girlfriend Abi but my ex is well we aren’t going to talk about him ok? Ok. Literally my whole school friend group is either bi or lesbian i don’t think there is one straight person in my friend group lol
528 days ago
Also I got bisexual 💖💖💜💙💙
528 days ago
Hi! If there’s anyone out there who needs a place to vent, please use my site! It’s called “A safe place for venting” Thank you! Just copy and paste the link.
595 days ago
i got 91 % bisexual and i want to go out with my bff
598 days ago
Hmm, it started two months ago when I developed a crush on my bestie who is a girl. Now it's all I think about. Not sure if I'm bi or not, my mom says I won't truly know until I kiss a girl and a guy, but I don't really wanna wait. I want a label but know I should wait. Any suggestions?
607 days ago
I got 55% and I might be bi but I been questioning my sexuality sence 6th grade and I'm not in 8th grade sooooo I already say I'm bi bc I always said i was a lesbian before and I feel more comfortable saying I'm bi
615 days ago
For 64% you are: You're definitely bisexual, or maybe even lesbian! From your results it shows you're pretty sure about your sexuality. You know to love and embrace your sexuality! 🏳️‍🌈
25% of 3856 quiz participants had this profile!
639 days ago
I got 45% but I’m in 6th grade and just started questioning my sexuality. I’m honestly really confused but I think I just need to start paying more attention to myself and how I think of people. I really want to get advice from people but I’m really scared to tell or ask anyone.
651 days ago
im in 5th grade and im so confused about my sexuality but my religion forbids it so i dont know what to do now.
658 days ago
@thecat for privacy, if your friends don't like you for who you are, tough. A little "Mom-wisdom" here, as my friends call it, but you need friends who love you for who you are, even if they don't necessarily agree with it. Sure, you should never go out and rob a bank; your friends probably wouldn't agree with that. But this is a little different. You definitely don't have to tell your friends.
Also, go with your heart. If you're not sure if you are bi, or lesbian, or any part of the LGBTQ+ community, just go with your heart and your mind.
-The Caged Bird
661 days ago
im in 5th grade and im so confused about my sexuality but my religion forbids it so i dont know what to do now
703 days ago
I’ve been questioning me sexuality for years and I don’t know but I still feel like if I don’t get a 100% I’m not and I feel something for women and men
709 days ago
I got 55% bi. I've taken quite a bit of other tests and most of them said I was bi but I'm not sure, I'm in 6th grade and have just started questioning my sexuality,
719 days ago
I don't know my sexuality. I think I'm bi but I'm not sure and it's driving me nuts! I also wonder what my friends would think if I came out as bi. Would they still like me? I don't know, and I'm basically having an identity crisis. Any advice?
735 days ago
So I took the test again and now it says I'm 55% bi. And I found out that I do have an LGBTQ+ friend so that's good...