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Am I bi? A quiz for middle school girls

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I’m bisexual. In this quiz I hope to help you find out if you are bisexual, gay or anything else.

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    Which gender are you attracted to the most?

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12 days ago
I have this huge crush on a girl who does band with me. I don’t know what to do I don’t want to tell anyone bc I don’t want them to think of me differently. I don’t want timers to go around that I’m bi or lesbian. Truth is I’m kinda scared and I don’t know what to do I haven’t even told by best friends. But they think I am. Apparently they have caught be staring at her during lunch and recess and also in the gym and band and in the hallways. Like one time I tripped bc I was looking at her and not look at what was in front of me. I really like her and I’m scared to tell anyone Katniss don’t know what to do and I kinda need help.
188 days ago
I'm not bi. At least i don't think. i think im lesbian. I hope i am. I do not like guys. I'm not bi. ): also I have a crush on my best friend and they r pan and we have known each other for as long as I can remember. I think im to young to date tho. What should I do. I need advise pls.
259 days ago
says i'm pan, never really thought about liking anyone other than girls or guys (i'm a girl btw), I don't know how i feel about that. I'm not really good with emotions so i don't know if i've ever liked a guy in any of those ways, but girls make me feel something I don't normally so... I've watched yuri before and I tend to picture my self with a girl, and i've taken like 50+ of these quizzes and i've only gotten the "straight" result once (and I was kind of not thinking about the questions), I've gotten lesbian/homosexual like 70% of the time, bisexual a few times, bisexual with a preference for females lots, pan a few times, and straight once. Hmmmm (my favourite quiz is the one that gives percentages. Why? Because it always says i'm 0% straight. :)
(Pretty sure i'm just in denial, lol) I'm just glad i got to right a looong paragraph about how I'm totally gay but totally afraid of the truth. Anyway if you're having a tough time just know that I accept you, and that you are a wonderful, beautiful, funny, kind, sassy hooman that is wonderfully weird.
Love ya!
355 days ago
I think I may be BI but seriously I am not sure I have only ever had boyfriends so I am just so confused right now. I am only 11 years old so I have no idea what to do at all.
396 days ago
506 days ago
I am bi but i prefer girls more. I am also agender what do i do to tell people about this.
550 days ago
i got pan but im not into guys :
559 days ago
559 days ago
ok, so my friend came out as gay today but my older sister is friends with her too. how do i tell this girl i like her and im bi? my sister hangs out with her whenever i do i have her email but is sending an email a bad way of doing this? i found a meme that i want to come out to her with but what abt telling i like her? (also to clear things up me and her were at camp when she came out without my sister. also she told me she hat a crush on me. and the camp is over)
562 days ago
i got bi💓💜💙
565 days ago
well, i got bi and I'm scared to come out but I'm glad and i don'tc are what people say about me be proud.b
570 days ago
The test says I’m lesbian? Nah I’m bi I’ve liked boys before and some girls give me butterflies their so pretty
656 days ago
@Blue (28892) lol sounds like we're in a pretty similar situation
739 days ago
I am bi! (I already knew that lol)
740 days ago
Lol. It says Im gay LOLOL Im bi nice try. I do like girls like 70% and boys like 30% and so ya. Im in 6th grade in the pandemic i went virtual waaaaaa. But ya Im bi. and yes im closeted
761 days ago
It says im les but the others say im bi.... idk. I felt straight but I think some part of me was trying to avoid loving another girl...I watched my first yuri anime. I could watch yaoi but yuri made me a little uncomfortable. But I watched citrus and a couple of other yuri's and I actually could then picture myself with another girl. Even tiktok keeps telling me i'm bi lol. This is all very confusing. Never kissed or dated anyone and I'm 15 lol.
769 days ago
It says I’m pan. Idk, I’m gonna take a couple more ((:
793 days ago
bi prob

but idkkkkk
796 days ago
Lol I’ve taken like fifty of these they all say bi except for like five
796 days ago
@cha cha real smooth, you may be bi with a preference of girls. If you Are, me too yay